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The Incubus System Chapter 376. The Chairwoman and The Warning I

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The Incubus System Chapter 376. The Chairwoman and The Warning I

After leaving Peace Blossom Square, we parted ways with Emma, Tiffany and Olivia. Celia and I chose to return on foot since she wanted to buy her 'necessities' at the mini convenience store on the way home. It was already 06.31 PM when we arrived.

"Thank you for today, brother," said Celia as we entered the house.

"Are you feeling better" I asked. My hand locked the door since Celia was busy hugging her doll. The doll was about half of her body so it was enough to keep her hands full.

She answered me with a nod accompanied by a short humming sound. But I knew it was just a short escape.

"I want to spend more time with you. So... Can I sleep with you tonight" I asked.

She lifted her head to look at me.

"Only two of us"

I nodded in reply.

"What about the others" she asked.

"They can sleep in my room," I said.

A smile started to appear on Celia's face.

"Just come to my room once you finish your Ritual."


Without a warning, Celia dropped her doll and hugged me tightly. Her head was on my chest.

"I'll be waiting for you, brother," she whispered. She ended it with a kiss on my cheek before she grabbed her doll again and jogged up the stairs. It was a simple thing, but it was enough to make me smile.

I looked at Celia who was getting away from my sight before I asked Foxy to come out of her hiding place.

"Foxy, I know you're there."

- Puff!

In an instant, Foxy who was standing near the sofa revealed herself.

"Welcome home, master," she greeted politely.

I turned to her.

"Why didn't you tell me you were back" On my way home, I asked Foxy to check Mrs Clea's house via Telepathy. Since I wanted to give her my little warning, I had to make sure, no one else was there. Besides that, I also had to make sure the furniture and the CCTV's position since I didn't want to make a single piece of evidence.

"I don't want to bother you. Besides, Celia---" Her words stopped there. But from her sad look, I understood her meaning.

"Just forget it for now. Tell me what did you see" I asked, deciding to concentrate on my plan.

"She is working alone in her office. Alan's also there, sleeping on the sofa. Their locations are facing each other. There's only one CCTV in that room. In the left corner near the sofa where Alan is," she said in detail. That was enough for me since I could still clearly remember the room.

"Is there anyone besides them" I made sure.

"I've searched the entire house and found no one, but them." Then he remembered something.

"Oh! Also, Alan is in his humanoid form," added Foxy.

"I see. Thank you, Foxy. You can join the others. We will perform our Ritual around 09.00 PM," I instructed. Luna and Yuffy had left early for their night hunt as usual. Tonight, I was planning to do the ritual with only the three of them since I was sure Ivy and Maria were busy getting their business done.

"Okay." After that, she used her hiding skill again and went upstairs. As usual, she always went out through the window rather than the door to avoid suspicion.

While I activated my Demonic Form and snapped my fingers to change my clothes to my usual black suit. As always a mask covered my face. I took a couple of breaths since I had to do all this fast.

Feeling ready, I opened my portal to Mrs Clea's room.

[The portal has opened! ]

Quickly, I ran into it. As soon as I came out of the portal, I flicked my finger on the CCTV which was right above me. Since I opened my portal on the CCTV's blind spot, it shouldn't have recorded me.

'Hell Thunder 25%.'

[You have struck a CCTV for 45 damage.]

The CCTV emitted light smoke and was broken in an instant. Mrs Clea and Alan were shocked by my sudden presence. Alan was about to turn to his original form but I used my skill on him.

'Dark Bound!'

My dark aura enveloped his body and bound it.

[A Silver Eagle has been successfully bound!]

At the same time, Mrs Clea who got up from her chair across from me took out her Holy Orbs. As dozens of her white Orbs appeared around her, I used my Shadow barrier.

[Shadow Barrier has been activated!]

[Time remaining: 03:57]

"I just want to talk," I said without further ado before she threw me with her orbs. Indeed, I could use my Demonic Spike to counter it. But I wanted to show my good intentions, so I chose my barrier. Well, as long as it wasn't her Judgment skill, my barrier could block her attack. Still, those orbs were enough to destroy this place and make others aware of what was happening. So if she attacked me, I had no choice but to cancel this meeting and give her a short warning.

Alan's screeching sound rang out by my side. He struggled desperately to free himself. Since I found it a little annoying, I pointed my hand at him and used my other skill.


[Your skill has succeeded!]

[A Silver Eagle is in your Silence skill effect.]

Indeed it was a bit harsh for him. But his sound would disturb our conversation.

While Mrs Clea who was standing behind her desk looked at me in displeasure. Luckily, she decided to hold her attack.

"What do you want" she said in displeasure. Her eyes focused on me.

"Like I said. I want to talk," I repeated.

"If you just want to talk, release my familiar." Her request sounded like an order.

I glanced at Alan before I returned my gaze to her.

"He'll stay like that until our conversation is over." A smirk appeared on my lips.

"Besides I need an assurance so you won't call your friends or do anything stupid during our conversation, "I said since I only wanted this to be just between me and her.

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