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The Incubus System Chapter 378. Between The Demon Hunter's Son and The Great Demon

Mrs Clea and Ruby's PoV

Silence filled the room. Mrs Clea's eyes kept on her laptop screen, staring at the smile on her ex-boyfriend's face. The same smile as his son, Ethan. It was the reason why she looked at Ethan with a melancholy look sometimes.

As the seconds passed, Mrs Clea's mind drifted back to the past. When her responsibility was not this heavy. When Renart was still by her side. She felt like she wanted to go back to those good times but she knew she couldn't. She closed her eyes as a faint smile appeared on her lips.

'I wish... I can see you again even if it's only in a dream...'

Her wish was answered by something else. A pop up accompanied by a sound came from the computer on the side of her laptop. She opened her eyes and shifted her gaze on her computer screen. Her sight immediately caught Ruby who was already standing in front of her house in worry.

"Clea, may I come in" Ruby's voice came from the speakers that connected to the intercom.

Without answering, Mrs Clea pressed a button under her desk. The front door opened automatically and the lasers at the entrance turned off. Quickly, Ruby entered the house and went to Mrs Clea's study.

"What happened Why did the CCTV suddenly die" Ruby said without further ado. Her worry was clear from both her face and voice. It was the headquarters who informed and asked her to make sure Mrs Clea was okay.

Ruby's eyes swept around the room, to detect anything wrong there. But the furniture and the clean room showed that nothing had happened.

But instead of telling what happened to Ruby, Mrs Clea chose to keep it a secret. If the senators found out, they could have taken that simple conversation as something else.

"Really" Her gaze shifted to the CCTV in the room, pretending not to know about it.

"Looks like it broke for no reason. I'll replace it," she said casually.

"Are you sure" Ruby confirmed. It sounded strange if the new CCTV was broken for no reason.

"It doesn't seem right," she added.

Upon Ruby's suspicion, Mrs Clea decided to divert the conversation and warn her of what was to come.

"Don't worry about unnecessary things. Most importantly, we should concentrate more on our hunt and overcome large scale attacks more quickly. I don't want that great demon to keep trampling on us."

Ruby sat on the sofa in annoyance.

"I know. But what about Nathan He keeps doing what he wants." His crazy acts drove her crazy. Seeing Ruby's anger, Alan decided to go over to her and sat on the back of the sofa. He greeted her by pecking her hair as usual. But since Ruby wasn't in the mood to play around, she gave him a death glare. So he immediately stopped it.

"He is under the Senate's authority, I can't do anything either," said Mrs Clea regretfully.

"Are you going to let him do what he wants You've heard of his crazy plan right" Ruby reminded her. Anger overtook her heart as soon as she could recall that terrifying plan. Nathan planned to force Ethan to become a Demon Hunter. Yes, only Ethan. Because based on the blood sample, Ethan's blood matched the association's strongest vaccine. They got the data from the hospital. When Ethan got sick one year ago, the doctor suggested a blood check-up, just to make sure he was okay.

To make sure they didn't waste the vaccine, the Senate planned to brainwash him, make him hate demons and tell the truth about his father's death. They expected Ethan to be their strongest weapon against the demon. The Senate's weapon to be precise. Since they would do as far as erase his emotions and his memory. So all he thought and wanted was to eliminate the demons. The Senate believed Ethan could lure the great demon since they found a few drops of Ethan's blood in the Nighthallow City course office (The place where Ethan died). It was on the wall and they almost missed it since the mysterious person's blood almost covered it. But of course, they didn't tell the police since they were planning to do something after discovering this fact.

At first, they didn't understand why it was there. But after seeing what happened, they assumed Ethan was there when the massacre happened and he survived because the great demon saved him. And based on Ethan's attitude that didn't show any trauma, they assumed what the great demon did to Ethan was the same as what he did to the other victims. That was why Ethan didn't say anything. Still, they believed Ethan was the first witness of the great demon's appearance. Just like his father who was the first witness of the first large scale attack. So the senators believed that the great demon had been watching him all this time. It was also the reason why Elenna yelled at Ethan yesterday. Perhaps, Elenna also knew there was something different about him.

Unfortunately, they knew Elenna was a busybody reporter. And they were not interested in dealing with such a person. Mainly, because she owned a network company.

Ruby looked down sadly. She didn't understand why Ethan had to go through all this misfortune.

"I do want him to be a demon hunter. But not like this... I want him to remain himself. Not a heartless person who just wants to kill demons..."

"Do you think I'll let them I won't let them hurt Ethan again," said Mrs Clea. Her seriousness was clear from the tone of her voice. She had said her refusal without hesitation, but Nathan didn't seem happy about it. So Mrs Clea was sure he would report it to the senators.

"But what about the senators" Ruby asked. She knew it was easy to say it but hard to do.

In an instant, Mrs Clea's expression turned gloomy.

"I'll think of a way out of this..." Unfortunately, the only way out that came to her mind was the great demon.

Note: Puriel pic is on glossary.

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