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The Incubus System Chapter 379. An Invitation

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The Incubus System Chapter 379. An Invitation

Ethan's PoV

06.20 PM

As I stepped out of my portal, my empty living room entered my view.

[The portal has closed!]

The portal behind me closed, yet I didn't move from my position. I just stood in the middle of that empty room. The only thing I did was deactivate my Demonic Form.

Even though I said everything harshly. I knew Mrs Clea was in a difficult situation. On one hand, she had to protect humans. On the other hand, she had to protect her subordinates from the senators' careless actions. Crazy actions to be exact. I knew the best solution for this was, I had to take over the association as soon as possible. But with my current strength and power, I was not sure I could control the association or the human world (The Senate and Kingdom of Serpent Rock) that easily.

Nathan, the Holy Missile and Puriel proved that this world was not as simple as it seemed. There were so many things I didn't know. It could be that the association still had more strong people, stronger than Nathan or another stronger secret weapon, more than the Holy Missile. Or maybe... More powerful vaccine. So, I couldn't act recklessly. Because, once I raised the war flag on the association, I had to get things done quickly. I didn't want this problem to affect the human world, especially putting my partners and all my friends in danger.

Before, I even had a pretty sadistic idea. I thought of using my Mind Corruption to read Mrs Clea's head. That way, I could get all the senators' information, the demon hunters and their secret weapons. I could use that information to hunt down the senators silently and turn them into my slaves one by one. It was a reckless one, but also the easiest way to take over the association.

But then, Ivy said High Succubus/Incubus' Manipulation skill could only be used within a certain range. It would break automatically if the victim was too far from the caster. The same with my Devil's Puppet, that skill also had a maximum range even though its range was much further away than my Manipulation skill. The thing was, I was not sure it could reach overseas. If the distance between me and my slaves was too far, the system would break it without notice. According to Ivy, the only way to expand the skill limit was I had to raise my class. This was also one of the reasons why I wanted to claim my position as soon as I could.

On the other hand, according to Emma, Mrs Clea also did not know the senators' identities. She never met them in person, but only communicated using a certain technology at the association's headquarters, without showing their faces. They even used manipulated voices to cover up their gender. To be sure they all had great power, such as heads of state or kings. But again, Emma once said that sometimes those in power in a country were not the same as what we saw in plain sight. Some of them were just puppets. The real rulers controlled them behind the scenes. For sure, I believed one of them was the Kingdom of Serpent Rock. Unfortunately, the kingdom of Serpent Rock could as far as create a barrier that could nullify the demon influence. So everything was not that simple. What I could do was keep an eye out for their movements and wait for my chance. Once I claimed my position, I would start executing my plan.

Not only power, I also needed more information to execute my plan. My only informant was Emma, also Larry, since he sometimes slipped out a word or two about the association. But that was not enough. I knew I needed more people to help me take over that greatest organization of mankind. So I planned to bring Ruby, Tiffany and Mrs Clea to my side. Also, Theo, since he was my father's disciple, though I was not sure about that.

As for Nathan, he was a stranger to me and I had a lot of questions about him. His presence was too sudden and his movements were different from other demon hunters who chose to stay low. He was careless and a little crazy. How he attacked me in public and gave warnings to the civilians without Mrs Clea's permission, indicating he has the support of a higher authority. Not to mention his strength.

As I was lost in my thoughts,

Mia connected to me via Telepathy.

[You are connected with Mia.]

'Good evening, Damian, I mean Ethan,' she said.

I chuckled since her greeting was too formal for a telepathic kind of talk.

'We talk via Telepathy, you can call me either way,' I said as I walked over to the sofa.

'I'm not used to this yet, you know. Anyway, you're leaving tomorrow right At what time'

'Maybe around noon.' Before, Camila said she would send her car to pick me and Celia up.

'Then I will come with you.'

I furrowed my brows.

'Aren't you working'

'I applied for leave tomorrow, so my boss asked me to work overtime today.'

A slight smile appeared on my lips.

'You don't have to go that far for me.'

'What are you talking about You're my partner, of course, I have to deliver you. It's just…' She paused a second before continuing in a calmer tone.

'Please meet me during my mating period. I don't want to sleep with other men like I used to.' Her request sounded like a plea.

'I will...' Her mating period was about a week. So as long as I could come back with that time, it should be fine. As for the cramp, she said she would use a painkiller to hold it.

'Demon attacks are getting worse lately. Should I pick you up tonight' I continued.

'It's fine. My boss has assigned his chauffeur to drop me off tonight.'

'Don't forget to eat your dinner, okay' I reminded her.

'Do not worry. I've had my dinner. Love you, Ethan. Bye.'

[You have disconnected with Mia.]

A second after the announcement disappeared from me, Olivia connected to me.

[You are connected with Olivia.]

'Ethan, I'm home now. Can you come to my house now' she said without further ado.

'Where should I show up' I asked.

'My mom's room.'


[You have disconnected with Olivia.]

After standing up from my seat, I opened my portal again and entered it. I was quite curious as to what she wanted to do since she didn't say why she suddenly wanted to meet me in private. But based on the destination, I could already guess what.

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