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The Incubus System Chapter 382. Oyakodon Sandwich III

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The Incubus System Chapter 382. Oyakodon Sandwich III

I moved my tail back and forth, thrusting Olivia's wet pussy roughly as if it was my cock that ** her. I could feel her warm wall warping around my tail. Her tightness and her delicate flesh hugged my tail dearly while her mouth was busy with my cock. She sucked and licked it as if it was her favorite food. With this position, it made her feel like she was having sex with two men even though she wasn't.

In contrast to Olivia, with the stimulation from her breast and her pussy, moans kept coming out of Camila's mouth. My head moved from side to side, kissing her breasts in turn. My tongue licked them and toyed with her nipples. While my fingers moved wildly, pressing and stimulating her inner wall. She even spread her legs wider so I could play with her pussy more easily.

"Ohhh!" Her loud moan indicated that I had found her sweet spot. She raised her head high. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her hand squeezed my hair upon it. Her moans made my fingers movements even rougher.

With their moans and everything they did to my body, my mating urge was on the top of my head. I bet they also felt the same as I didn't feel their bitter feelings from their touch anymore. All I saw and felt was how they enjoyed all my touch and movement. But instead of executing them one by one, I decided to execute them at the same time.

A plopping sound rang out as soon as I distanced my mouth from Camila's breast, showing some faint red marks around it, especially on her nipples. My wet fingers moved away from her pussy. I turned to Olivia.

"Olivia, come here. I'm gonna ** both of you."

Hearing my order, Olivia released my cock from her mouth, went up and hugged me from behind. While Camila lowered her body. She folded one of her legs and put her pussy in front of my cock. Likewise with Olivia.

Since my body was in their midst, I could feel their body temperature and their sweat.

In one movement, I pushed my hard cock into Camila's pussy. At the same time, I pushed my tail once again into Olivia's, roughly.

"Ohhh--- Ohhhh--- Ethan... Ethan!" Their loud moans sounded like a beautiful lewd orchestra to me. Their bodies jolted at the same time. Their hands hugged me tightly. While I grunted as the pleasure that came from my cock and tail filled my body.

My waist moved to thrust my cock deeper into Camila's. While my tail pierced Olivia's pussy mercilessly. Our bodies shook violently. The squeaking sound from the bed showed how fierce we were. Our ragged breath mixed with our moans sounded throughout the room. Our bodies and minds climbed together in the ecstasy of pleasure. Since we had done a lot of foreplay, in a few minutes we were at our limit.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

After the three of us cum together, they released their arms. Their bodies lay limply on the bed, especially Camila. She was quickly fast asleep since I just **ed her with my Demonic Erection lv 3. As soon as I pulled my cock, my cum dripped from Camila's pussy. While Olivia's cum dripped from her pussy when I pulled my tail from her.

My gaze fell on Olivia's pussy. Somehow there was a strange feeling in my heart since it wasn't my semen dripping from it.

She lowered her leg to cover her pussy with a flushed face.

"Stop it. It's embarrassing."

Without warning, I brought my body closer to her and pinned her hands on the side of her head.

"Ethan" she said.

"Mind for the second round" I asked with a smirk.

"S-Second round" she repeated in a stammering voice.

"Um-hum," I hummed. At the same time, I used my Demonic Erection once again.

'Demonic Erection lv 3'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

She gasped as soon as she realized my cock was getting bigger again. Even though she didn't see it directly, it touched her inner thigh. Quickly, I rubbed it on her wet entrance.

"E-Ethan, I---"

"Shhhh..." I interrupted her.

"Relax your muscles, I will make you cum again." Without further ado, I pushed it into her pussy. It was a rough push. She jolted and was about to scream, but I overlapped her lips with mine, leaving a mumbled moan out of her mouth. Her hand grabbed mine hard. Her body stiffened in response.

Once again, my waist moved to push my cock deeper, shaking her body violently. My tail traced her thighs and breasts. Even though I wanted to do double penetration on her, I decided to hold it since I knew it was too much for her unprepared body.

Over time her body weakened as she surrendered herself to me. I broke my kiss. A groan came out of my mouth as soon as I shot my cum into her.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

"You've done well," I whispered to Olivia who was looking at me lazily. My kiss fell on her once again to soothe her. This time was a gentle one.

I distanced myself, letting her body lay limp on the bed and her drowsiness overtook her. Then I pulled my cock. As my eyes stared at my cum pouring out of her pussy, a satisfied smile formed from my lips. It was weird since there was discontent before I took out my semen in her.

Am I that possessive now

Descending from the bed, I deactivated my Demonic Form. My eyes fell on Olivia and Camila who were fast asleep on the bed. Their naked bodies were drenched in sweat. I took a blanket to cover them. Another kiss landed on their foreheads.

"Good night, Olivia, Camila," I whispered. A faint smile on my lips. I was quite happy, even though it started with a bitter one, I was able to end it with a wild experience.

Then I opened my portal to my house and walked into it.

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