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The Incubus System Chapter 383. I Stole Your Heart I

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The Incubus System Chapter 383. I Stole Your Heart I

After that bitter wild sex experience, as usual, I did my ritual with my servants in some random places and showed myself in several countries before I returned to hit the bathroom.

The time showed 09.42 PM when I got out of the bathroom and walked to Celia's room. It was a bit early for my sleep schedule but I wanted to spend more time with her.

I threw a few knocks on the door before I opened it.

"Celia," I said as soon as I entered her room. The light was still on so the first thing I did was check her desk. And I was right, she was sitting in front of it.

"Come in." She turned to me, exposing her laptop which was still on the desk. I just bought it last week. Although I didn't know if her studies needed it or not, I decided to buy her one.

I walked over to her and sat beside her. My eyes fell on an article with a video on her laptop screen.

"Is that me" I said in surprise. Damian to be exact, but not as the great demon.

"Yeah. Looks like you're quite famous now. Some reporters are hunting for your photos around Ledred, especially the Sea Devil Club," she said with a cringe. Her eyes returned to the screen. She clicked another article about me, showing at least 10 other news related to me. Then she clicked one of the titles which caught our attention.

"Prince of Ledred: Host or Gigolo"

We read the article before playing the video. The news simply was about my questionable status. Since they never saw me serving other women besides Pearl and behaved more like a host than a gigolo. In addition, there were many other gossips, mostly dominated by random guesses of my origin.

Some guessed that my previous profession was a new model, but because of a fatal mistake, I had to leave the modeling world. There was also a guess that said I was an ordinary person who underwent plastic surgery to get my current look. Even two beauty clinics claimed I always took their most expensive treatment. Some said I come from a remote village and try to be a model, so this was my first step to spread my name.

While another news said I only served high-end women.

'Seriously Why don't they ask me directly' I complained internally with a cringe. Well, I guessed most of them were paparazzi. After all, most gigolos and prostitutes avoided the media in case they wanted to quit that profession one day. So I couldn't blame them either.

"Did your friends tell you" I guessed. Celia rarely checked on gossip sites so that was all I can think of.

"Yeah. They were shocked when they stumbled upon your news. So they asked for my clarification."

"And" I asked her to continue.

"I straightened a few things. Like... You've never had plastic surgery and your profession is more like a host. That's why you don't sleep with just any woman."

"Are they mocking you" I guessed again.

"Nah. But they do hope you will leave your profession one day," she said.

"Well... They don't know what happened. So don't blame them," she added with a shrug.

"I understand. After all, this is a sign that they care about you," I said with a smile.

She answered me with another smile and turned off her laptop.

"Brother... Ever since you turned into Incubus, you've been having sex non-stop. It's different from before. Like... Today. You've had sex 3 times. Don't you feel---"

Before she finished her words, I interrupted her.

"5 times." It made her turn to me in surprise.

"I also did a threesome with Camila and Olivia," I explained. And this was much less than before. Usually, I had sex 5 times a day just for my ritual. I hadn't counted if I did it with my partners. Also, most of the time, I cum more than once. Sometimes two to three times.

"That much" asked Celia in surprise.

"Yes. It's normal for me." Well, my craziest sex experience was that Dom game. I didn't know how much I cum just in a night. But it was definitely a memorable night for me.

"You know... Sometimes I'm kinda confused. How can you not be tired at all Are you sucking your sex partner's energy or something" she asked curiously.

I chuckled.

"Incubus is a lust demon. We simply turn our sex activity to our demonic energy. It's kinda similar to how a lamp turns electricity into light." I got this explanation from Ivy. She also said since I was an incubus I wouldn't die even if I didn't eat. But I would die if I didn't have sex. The difference was since my brain was used to my human life, I could still feel hungry and want to eat human food.

"So... you didn't steal anything from your sex partners" she made sure.

I took a deep breath as I turned my gaze to the front. A humming sound came out of my mouth.

"I did steal something from them." I finally opened my voice.

Celia turned to me.

"What did you steal" she asked seriously.

I returned my gaze to her and gave her an annoying smile.

"Their hearts."

"What's with that cringe joke," she complained with the pout.

"I'm not lying ya know. Besides, I also stole yours," I said, sticking my tongue at her.


"And your virginity," I added. Even though what I said was a fact, I said it in an annoying tone.

"Don't say it out loud," she protested. Her hand took the huge doll on the side of her laptop and swung it at me.

But I quickly stood up from my seat to dodge.

"You missed," I teased, sticking my tongue once again.

Immediately, she got up from her chair to chase after me. Her hands swung the big bear to hit me. With such a big doll and her speed, of course, none of those landed on me. I climbed into bed, ran to the door, dodged to the side and went behind her to pinch her cheek. Every now and then I stuck my tongue to make fun of her.

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