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The Incubus System Chapter 385. Unspeakable Goodbye I

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The Incubus System Chapter 385. Unspeakable Goodbye I

The next day. It was already 10.21 AM, I had finished my breakfast and sat on the sofa. Meanwhile, Celia checked her luggage to make sure nothing was left behind and my servants were busy cleaning the house. As for Puriel, last night, instead of chatting, she only hugged me silently and tried to negotiate with me, asking me to cancel my intention to the dark dimension. She even went as far as to say she would help me to remove my angelic seal. Which meant... She agreed to have sex with me. Unfortunately, I knew she wouldn't be able to do it until she came out of that crystal.

My gaze was fixed on my screen as I checked my system, ignoring some Specters flying around me.

[Name: Damian Lucio]

[Age: 19]

[Level 63]

[Exp: 38.36%]

[Race: Demon-High Incubus]

[Title: Death Bringer]

[HP: 1550/1550]

[DP: 684/700]

[STR: 100] [VIT: 155 ]

[AGI: 60] [LUK: 50 ]

[INT: 175] [WIS: 70 ]

Unused points - 20

[Partners - 7]

[Camila Creststream - Human (35)]

[Mia Ashelis - Hybrid-beast (24)]

[Pearl Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Celia Strongheart - Human (18)]

[Diamond Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Olivia Creststream - Human (18)]

[Emma Lunaspark - Elf (18)]

[Servants - 5]

[Foxy - Fox Demon (118)]

[Yuffy - Dark Elf (210)]

[Luna - Hybrid-beast Cat (202)]

[Ivy - Succubus (215) ]

[Maria - Dark Priestess (209) ]

As before I decided to raise my VIT.

'Add VIT by 20 points.'

[VIT: 155] => [VIT: 175]


[Charm Lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Telekinesis lv 5 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Mind Corruption lv 5 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Dark Bound lv 3 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Shadow Barrier lv 4 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Dark Healing Lv 5 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Demonic Energy Lv 5 (Requires 15 DP)]

[Demonic Erection Lv 3 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Manipulation Lv 3 (Requires 8 DP)]

[Observation Lv 5 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Dispel lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Demonic Claw lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Devil Space lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Hell Thunder lv 3 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Vision lv 1 (Passive)]

[Portal lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Dark Energy lv 1.]

[Demonic Spike lv 5 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Demon's Rule lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Demon's Contract lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Wrath Kill lv 5 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Devil's Puppet lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Puppet Break lv 1 (Requires 2 DP)]

[Master's Blessing lv 1 ]

[Shadow Ritual lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Energy Protection lv 3 (Passive)]

[HP Recovery lv 3 (Passive)]

[Energy Siphon lv 3 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Silence lv 3 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Unused skill points - 4 ]

'Raise Shadow Barrier skill by 1 point.'

[Shadow Barrier lv max (Requires 5 DP) - Create a magic barrier from your DP. 100% effective against common type skills. 50-80% effective against high type skills. Cannot be used for epic skills. Time limit 5 minutes. ]

'Raise Deflection skill by 3 points.'

[Deflection lv 3 (Requires 5 DP) - The skill used by demons to reflect enemy's magic attacks. 60% chance to reflect on the enemy's single magic attack for enemies that are half your level or below (Common skill). 30% rate of success for the enemies 5 levels above or below you (common skill). Reflect chance is reduced by half for High-level skills Cannot block Epic attacks.]

Then I closed my screen, stood up from my seat and turned to Yuffy who was standing in the middle of the room.

"Yuffy, please tell Celia I'm going to meet Ruby for a moment."

"I thought you were going to leave without telling her." Luna's voice came from the kitchen. Since they had nothing to do, Luna and Foxy decided to help the Specters clean up the kitchen.

"I just wanted to give this to her." I took a paper bag containing fruits from the table and raised it. Those were some fresh apples and berries from my refrigerator. Since it didn't last long, I decided to give it to Ruby as a thank you for trying to protect me from Nathan. I wouldn't say it directly though.

Without waiting for their answer, I went to the front door.

"Later." I decided to walk to enjoy the sunshine since I wouldn't be able to see it in the next few months.

I was about to walk out of my yard when Mrs Clea's voice came.

"Good morning, Ethan," she greeted. While Alan, who was in his humanoid form, ran up to me.


In reflex, I levered down my body and opened my arms to greet him.

"Hey, big kid!" I smiled. Once he was in my arms, in one swoop, I carried him.

"Mommy just bought me a ball. Let's go play together!" he said cheerfully.

"Alan, Ethan wants to go somewhere else. Don't disturb him," she said in a calm tone.

Alan replied Mrs Clea with a pout before he turned to me.

"Is that true, brother"

"Yes. I wanted to deliver this to someone, so I can't play with you." I showed him my paper bag and it quickly took his attention.

He scrambled down. As soon as his feet landed on the ground, his hands reached for the paper bag. His eyes tried to peek into it.

"Is it a toy" he said curiously.

I opened the bag to show him its contents.

"They're fruits, Alan."

"Alan, come here. Don't bother him anymore, okay" Mrs Clea extended her hand.

But Alan ignored her.

"Oh, it's blueberries!" he said as he spotted a box of it.

I took it and gave it to him.


Without hesitation, he took it and smiled happily.

"For me"

"Yeah," I said.

"Thank you, brother!" he said with an innocent grin. His hands wrapped around the blueberry box as if it was a precious item.

"Ethan, if it's for someone else, you don't have to give it," Mrs Clea said politely.

"It's fine. I bet Ruby wouldn't mind sharing it with Alan."

Mrs Clea was a bit surprised.

"It's for Ruby" Well, she knew Ruby was my stalker and I didn't like her presence. So it was kinda weird if I suddenly gave her something.

"Yes. Celia bought too many fruits yesterday. I don't think we can eat all of them so I thought to give some to her," I reasoned.

"I see," she replied. Even though I caught a trace of doubt on her face, I knew she couldn't ask any further.

"I need to go now. Later." Then I walked past her.

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