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The Incubus System Chapter 388. Unspeakable Goodbye IV

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The Incubus System Chapter 388. Unspeakable Goodbye IV

"Hello Celia, Ethan," greeted Mia as we got into the car. Her long tail took up a lot of space to the point she had to set back her seat. Luckily, this wasn't a sedan but a universal type of car. So we still had a lot of space.

"Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. Celia took too long to pack her things," I said. Which was answered with a poke from Celia's elbow and a pout.

Mia giggled.

"It's fine. This way the lady next door thinks I'm the one who left, not you." She meant Mrs Clea. Well, sooner or later I was sure Mrs Clea would find out. At least not now.

As our car started moving, we spent our time chatting, mostly with small talk. Yet from their expressions, their eyes that kept glancing at me and their hands that gripped mine tightly, I knew how they felt. It didn't take a word to say it but I could feel it.

It was a short journey. At least for us. We arrived at Creststream's Mansion at 12.51 PM and were greeted by my other partners. All of them were well-dressed. A smile graced their lips yet I could catch their sadness even though they tried to cover it up.

After dropping Celia's belongings in the living room and dismissing the other people from the house, Camila invited me to have lunch together. There wasn't a single maid or servant there since Luna would open the portal here. So my servants could use their Demonic form.

I took advantage to ask a few things before I left them. Like how Miranda, the companies, their plans during the holiday and demon hunter stuff. Since they had handled everything well, it put my mind at ease.

Time passed and the plates in front of us were empty but our conversation went on. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried to distract them by bringing out another topic, it all ended in vain. Laughter and giggles came out of their mouths but I knew it wasn't a genuine one. Somehow it made my heart ache. I knew they were trying to cover up their sadness and pretend to be strong so I could leave them in peace. I should appreciate their hard work, yet... This bitter feeling kept stirring inside of me.

"Ethan, do you want to say a few things before you go " said Emma out of the blue. Despite her smile, her eyes filled with tears.

Her voice brought their attention to me. I looked at them. People who gave me strength and helped me with many things. They changed my life, taught me that love can be expressed in many languages, in many acts, in many forms. But most important of all was... Acceptance.

Despite the demon's bad reputation and my appearance, they were able to accept my identity and were willing to become my loyal partners. It was more than anything I could ask for.

"I can only say... I am grateful that fate has brought me together with all of you. Thankful that you are willing to accept me as I am no matter how messed up I was when I met you." My eyes turned to Diamond.

"A poor student." Then I shifted on Pearl.

"A newbie gigolo." I shifted again to Emma.

"A pathetic loser (Ethan refers to his first encounter with Emma at the crossroads when he just lost his father)." I kept moving my gaze from one partner to another as I said who I was when I first met them.

"An unreliable brother (Celia). A perverted gigolo (Camila). A coward (Olivia) or troublesome neighbour (Mia). Thank you for coming into my life..." I said from the bottom of my heart.

"But if I can be selfish and ask you, for one more thing, I don't want you to be sad. This is just a temporary goodbye. I will return to you guys soon..." I continued.

After that, neither of them raised their voices. Some of them lowered their heads. Some bit their lower lip, holding back the emotions that were almost bubbling up inside of them.

My servants also couldn't say anything since they knew our contact was not just sex. Sex satisfaction was easy to replace. With other people. With aphrodisiacs. With a sex toy or dildo. But the emotion when we did it with our beloved one, didn't.

"You know... I wish I could be stronger and come with you," Emma said in a stammering voice. Her hands were on her thighs, gripping her mini dress.

"It's okay, Emma. Your comrades need you. The human world needs you and I need you to keep an eye on the association," I reminded her. I had already told her Ruby's strange attitude.

"I understand..." she replied.

"Ethan..." This time, it was Pearl who made me turn to her.

"Remember, you still have a contract with me and my sister. You have to fulfill it..." she reminded.

"Please return soon, Ethan," Diamond explained Pearl's words.

I answered with a nod.

"Your Highness..." We turned to the source of the voice and Luna showed her bell which gave off a dense dark aura.

"It's time," she continued.

I glanced at the clock.

02.00 PM

"Let's go..." I stood up from my seat as I activated my Demonic Form. My feet were just about to walk towards Luna but Celia who was sitting next to me suddenly hugged me from behind.

"Don't forget... You promised to bring me to the theme park," she whispered.

Which was followed by Mia's voice.

"Please come back soon, Ethan," she said in a stammering voice.

Then Camila.

"We'll be waiting for you." Olivia, who was standing by her side, only looked at me and gripped her mother's hand.

"I will," I said. Without a word, Celia released her hug and I continued my steps.

We approached a door and Luna attached the black orb from her bell to it. Magically, the door absorbed the orb and turned the oak coloured door into a black one. An ornament of a pair of bat wings in front of it. The door should be connected to the living room, yet as soon as Luna opened it. What was behind the door looked like the interior of an elevator, as well as its width. Four young crimson-haired boys with friendly faces came out from there. All of them were around their 20s, wearing a simple t-shirt with jeans. A backpack on their backs. I bet it was filled with their ration packs.

"Guys, we are here!" said one of them. Quickly, they came out of there and greeted me.

"Good afternoon, Your Highness," they lowered their heads politely.

Despite their faces and appearances, the weakest of them was level 50. Well, Yuffy and the others also had the same appearance as them.

"Show me your mark of Servant," I said without further ado. And they showed it. Two of them on their shoulders. The other two were on the abs and arm.

"Thank you. Please protect my beloved one," I said.

"We understand, Your Highness." After that answer, my servants and I entered the elevator.

I looked out of the elevator, staring at my partners' sad faces. Yet they still tried to give their best smile as my farewell. But their smile slowly disappeared and was replaced by tears as the door in front of me closed.

As the elevator moved down, I closed my eyes and clenched my fists.

'I promise... I will return to the human world as the demon lord. Please wait for me... '

1st Saga. The Demon Prince Among The Humans - End.

The 2nd Saga will start next week.

Note: The door in the human world will return to its original state once Luna closes the door.

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