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The Incubus System Chapter 390. Father and Son I

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The Incubus System Chapter 390. Father and Son I

He replied to me with an arrogant smirk.

"You shouldn't talk when fighting." Again, he turned into a dark aura and appeared in front of me. His claws were ready to tear me apart.

'Shadow Barrier!'

[Shadow Barrier has been activated!]

[Time remaining: 04:57]

My barrier appeared in front of me. But even with the skill, I glid backwards to make sure I didn't take any impact.

With just one hit, my barrier crumbled into pieces.

[Your barrier has been broken!]

I stopped once I was out of his range.

"Is this a test" I guessed. He and Lilieth were desperately looking forward to a child to take over his throne, so I wasn't sure he wanted to kill me. Still... Those previous attacks said different things. His attack didn't feel like a joke or a test. One clean hit was enough to kill me.

"A test" He laughed maniacally before he stopped and replaced it with an evil grin.

"Very funny. I should show how serious I am."

He flicked his wings, flying as fast as lightning at me. My eyes couldn't even catch or follow his movements. I only realized it when he was in front of me. He raised his claws, ready to split my body in half.

Reflexively, I ducked down to dodge. Another violent wind came from the attack and it was enough to send me to the ground. Luckily, I managed to land on my feet. Both my hands were on the ground to withstand the impact's pressure. Stealing a bit of time, I glanced to the side and saw my generals passed out outside this battle arena. At least I wanted to make sure they were safe.

"Pay your attention to your enemy, Damian!" Lord Damon's voice brought my attention back to my battle. Again, he was already by my side. His claws were ready to crack my head.

Swiftly, I jumped backwards and flicked my wings to dodge. His claw hit the ground and created a huge crack on the floor. The wind threw my body once again. This time, it was stronger than before. My wings were trying to balance my body. I crossed my arms in front of me to protect myself. But it didn't work. I felt like a fly in the wind.


[You have taken 151 physical damage.]

My back hit the wall, hard. Another crack was behind me. The pain spread out from my back to all over my body but I ignored it and went back to my feet.

'Demonic Spike!' My fifty black lances appeared and slid at him.

He laughed evilly.

"Too naive." He also used his Demonic Spike. But instead of fifty, his lances were twice mine. Of course, he was a demon lord. I was sure his skills were much higher than mine. My heart was pounding in agitation and my brain was telling me that I couldn't beat him. He was the demon king! My father! The owner of my power. How could I defeat him

My lances and his collided. The explosion created thick smoke and shook the room violently. I extended my hand, using my Telekinesis to control the rest of his lances and throw it at him. But he simply used his barrier.

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. 'Demonic Spike!'

As my spikes launched, I used my Wrath Kill and lunged at him.

With a condescending gaze, he used the same skill. Another hundred black lances swoop down on me. But instead of deflecting it with my black lances, I used my claws to brush it off. Some of my lances collided with his. As soon as he almost entered my Wrath Kill's range, I snatched two of my lances to extend my reach and swung them with all my might.

But a loud clashing sound accompanied by a strong wind told me that my attack failed.

A big black death scythe restrained my attack. Its dark aura showed it was no ordinary weapon. I could see the blade reflecting me as a skeleton there as if it was reflecting my death.

Accompanied by his mocking laughter, he brushed off my lances. It made one of them slip out of my grip. Then he swung his death scythe again.

I tried to restrain it with my lance. But my lance broke when his scythe hit it. The impact even threw my body although I didn't get a direct hit. A dense force smacked my body as if a huge iron ball hit me.

"Ack!" Pain spread through my body as my back hit a pillar. A large crack appeared behind me.

[You have taken 291 physical damage.]

Panting, I quickly got back on my feet and gritted my teeth. He hadn't landed a clean hit on me yet it was enough to give me a fatal wound. How far our strength was Did he ask me to come just to tell me he doesn't need my help Or was he trying to tell me that my power was nothing compared to a demon lord Then why didn't he teach me to be stronger Wasn't my current strength was around an elite soldier

He looked at me with a condescending gaze.

"You are too weak for the dark dimension, Damian. You don't belong here."

"Did you ask me to come just to beat me" I asked straight to the point. My dark aura covered my wound and healed it as I used my Dark Healing.

[Dark Healing has been used.]

[Your HP has restored 500 points.]

"Not really. You have the guts to infiltrate the dark dimension without my permission. I thought you were strong enough. But I was wrong," he scoffed.

"So I thought I should teach my naughty brat a lesson so he knows his place."

"Naughty brat" I repeated with a frown. I couldn't believe he said that to me. I came here to help him, yet he called me a naughty brat

I decided to waste my vacation when I should be able to have fun with my partners at the beach and see them in bikinis. Yet... rather than teach me the ropes, he belittled me. He asked me to come to show how weak I was and made me return to the human world willingly.

Somehow I could hear something snap in my head. When I was a human, I could deal with this kind of mockery, but not anymore... My pride, demonic instinct and the current me rejected this insult.

'I must defeat him...' Those words echoed in my head. There was an urge that pushed me to prove myself.

'But how'

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