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The Incubus System Chapter 392. Father and Son III

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The Incubus System Chapter 392. Father and Son III

It was my turn to smirk. Still, I knew this didn't mean I could win easily. His death scythe was heavier than I expected. Moreover, I could feel that the weapon was absorbing my energy little by little. But the announcement in front of me explained everything.

[You have successfully snatched a demon lord's weapon! ]

[Soul Reaper has been equipped]

[STR 100% ]

[INT 100% ]

[STR: 100 180 100 ]

[INT: 175 175 ]

[Insufficient level! ]

[Warning! Your DP will decrease by 1 point per second. ]

On the positive side, the side effect was better than I thought. At least I could use the weapon for a while. After all, the power boost was more than worth it. But I bet it was because I had the same power as him, so the weapon recognized me as him.

He held out his hand to me.

"Give it back," he demanded in a cold voice. I could catch his irritation in his tone. Being fooled by his brat surely disturbed his pride and dignity. This simple thing somehow made me happy.

"Why don't you take it yourself" I challenged him. Once again, I lunged at him as I recast my Demonic Spike.

"Foolish!" This time he stretched out his hand and used his Telekinesis, stopping my spikes right in front of him.

At the same time, I flicked my wings upwards to get out of his range. My hands lifted the scythe to my side. Using the weapon and my body weight, I swung the scythe at him. My killing intent was clear. By all means, I didn't hesitate to split his body into two even though I guessed it was impossible.

He was shocked by it. He couldn't even hide it from his face. But then, he disappeared from in front of me even though I didn't blink. My attack only split the black smoke.

A movement behind me made me realize his presence. I didn't have time to counter it. So instead of turning around, I used my Shadow Barrier to protect my back.

[Shadow Barrier has been activated!]

[Time remaining: 04:57]

And my decision was right. As I turned around, my barrier broke and I could see Lord Damon's bone wings had turned into dozens of skeleton hands that stormed towards me. The tips of their fingers were sharp and it was enough to shred their victim into pieces.

[Your barrier has been broken! ]

As soon as my barrier shattered, those hands rushed at me. I swung the scythe and crushed all of it in one movement. The bones shattered and turned to ashes but he could regenerate them easily.

Sensing he was at disadvantage, he glid backwards to dodge my next attack and used his Demonic Spike.

His black lances launched at me. Since I already had this weapon, I threw it and used my Telekinesis on it.

The scythe spun like a huge windmill and destroyed all of his spikes before it could reach me. At the same time, I cast my Demonic Spike to attack him,

After I managed to destroy all of them, I grabbed the scythe and charged to attack him along with my black lances.

"Do you think you can beat me with that" he hissed. His dark aura covered his wings rapidly and turned them black.

I swung my scythe and my black lances slid at him like a pack of hungry wolves rushing for their prey. But in one swing from his wings, he broke all my lances with his dark aura. Meanwhile, he blocked the scythe with his bare hand. It was his high-level Demonic Claw that could make him withstand it. I knew it since even though it had the same shape, it looked a lot thicker and stronger than mine.

Since this didn't work, I had to think of a way to immobile him. Moreover, I didn't have much time. My breath was panting and sweat soaked my body. My muscles screamed since I had been using this weapon for too long. I had to move fast or this weapon would turn my DP to zero.

Without waiting for his response, I pretended to be surprised and retreated in a panic, as if I was planning to run. As per my plan, he chased after me and reached out his hand to choke me.

My panic expression turned into a grin.

'Gotcha! Telekinesis!' An invisible power stormed at him and pushed him away. But it wasn't enough to throw him. But at least, it was enough to slow him down and limit his movement. As my Telekinesis immobilized him and his annoying skeleton wings, I swung the scythe once again. I was sure this time I could beat him. At least I could give him a fatal blow. I would make him acknowledge me.

Unfortunately, I could feel another movement from behind me even though he was still in front of me.

'Shadow Barrier!'

[Shadow Barrier has been activated!]

[Time remaining: 04:57]

Another barrier appeared to protect my back. While my eyes locked on Lord Damon. I didn't know who it was. For sure, I didn't want to lose my only chance.

As the scythe nearly split him in two, my barrier broke which was followed by a hug from behind me.

"Damian, stop it." A woman's gentle voice came from behind me and I recognized her immediately. Lilieth. Her embrace gave me a strange sensation amid this fierce battle. Like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Still, I didn't budge.

In front of me, more hands appeared from his wings. It stopped the blade and grabbed my body.

"I've seen enough," he said with a satisfied smile.

I tried to dodge or use my other skills but I couldn't.

'I can't move!'

His hand reached out to me. While I could only stare at him. As the power that came out of his palm rushed at me, I felt dizzy and drowsiness overtook me.

[You are in a high level sleeping spell ]

I gasped.

'Damn it... Dispel!'

[Skill has failed! ]

My body felt weak to the point I didn't have the strength to hold the scythe anymore. It slipped from my grip and fell. The next thing I heard was the sound of a weapon hitting the ground and darkness devouring my consciousness. Surprisingly, my body didn't fall but still floated in the mid-air even though I couldn't move my wings anymore, as if something was holding me.

Lilieth tightened her embrace.

"It's okay, Damian. I'm here..." Lilieth's whisper was the only thing I could hear before I lost my consciousness.

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