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The Incubus System Chapter 393. You Dont Even Flinch ?!

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The Incubus System Chapter 393. You Don't Even Flinch !

The repetitive motion that shook my body disturbed my sleep. But due to my drowsiness, I refused to open my eyes.

'Stop it... Let me sleep a bit longer...' I thought.

But then, my ears could pick up on erotic moans and clashing flesh sounds. I also noticed the movement coming from my waist.

I forced myself to open my eyes and fought my drowsiness. Slowly, I moved my head from side to side.

"Ngghhh..." I grunted.

Slowly, the sight of a luxurious bed canopy began to clear in my eyes. My back could feel how the soft bed was. Both sides of my bed were half covered with a curtain.

My brows creased and my eyes glanced around in confusion, looking at the unfamiliar sight around me. A large and luxurious room dominated in white and beige color. Gold and crystal ornaments adorned every corner of the room. Sparkling crystal chandeliers hung on the ceiling. The soft and luxurious red carpet covered the floor. On the other side, shelves filled with books with a big desk. While on the other side, a sex chair with a lot of dildos. But more than that, I realized Lilieth was busy riding my hips. My dick to be exact.

My eyes fell on her nice ripe breast which jiggled up and down following her movements. Her seductive expression and sweat dripping from her nice body made my brain wake up faster.

"Lilieth... Where am I What happened" I said in a low voice. My head hurt. I felt like I just woke up from a hangover. I hadn't even gotten my full awareness yet. Yet my dick was fully awake and ready to spit out my seed.

"You're awake," she said in a sweet voice.

Instead of answering me with a proper answer, her lips descended onto mine. Her tongue went into my mouth and explored it out. Her hands were pinned mine on both sides of my head. I didn't give a ** anymore since my naked body still felt weak so I simply accepted all her movements and tried to gather my thoughts.

Faintly, I could remember my servants who passed out when I fought Lord Damon. Besides based on what had happened and what Lord Damon said, my first guess should be correct. He just wanted to test me. Still, I barely could say that it was a test since his attack wasn't a joke. His killing intent was too real for me and his power could kill me.

"Where are the others" I whispered after she broke her kiss. Even though I held my groans, I knew it was a matter of time for me to cum.

"They're resting in another room," said Lilieth. Her ragged breath sounded between her words.

"What about---" But she overlapped my lips before I could finish my sentence.

Then her kiss went down my neck.

"Just concentrate on this. You spent your DP too much," she whispered. And she was right. My DP was almost below 10% just because of that single battle. My skills didn't take up much of it but that death scythe was something else.

I wanted to move with her but somehow I didn't have the energy to do it. So yeah, I was gonna lay down like an obedient lazy bum and enjoy all her services. Being a sub once in a while wasn't bad either.

"I'm coming..." I declared in a ragged breath. Her pussy was too delicious. After all, my previous battle made my body demand some sex. It was kinda an instinct to refill my Demonic Power.

"Uhh..." I grunted and closed my eyes in pleasure as I shot my hot liquid in her.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Level up! ]

[You are now Level 64.]

[Congratulations! You just completed your first battle with a demon lord!]

[You get 5 bonus stat points.]

[You have 10 unused stat points.]

[You have 1 unused skill point.]

I breathed a sigh of relief. A satisfied smile on my lips. My eyes fell on Lilieth who was smiling naughtily. Rather than being satisfied out of pleasure, she was satisfied after seeing me better.

"That's a good one." A surge of energy filled my body and my stamina returned even though my mind was still a bit cloudy.

"Do you want me to clean your cum" she offered. She licked her lips as if my cum was her favorite juice.

"Don't leave a drop," I said.

"Don't worry. I won't waste my boy's semen." Then she crawled down and buried her head in my crotch. Her tongue licked my limp cock and cleaned my semen. I could say she was an expert since her every movement, either it was from her tongue or her fingers, was able to revive my mating urge.

Still, her words reminded me of something important.

'Oh right... She's my mom.' I couldn't think straight before since I still felt dizzy.

"Are you done yet" A male voice that came from behind the curtain made my blood freeze. It even dispersed all my drowsiness in an instant. I quickly sat down and turned to the source of the voice. My hand opened the curtain.

My heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw Lord Damon sitting on the chair leisurely. From his eyes, he didn't look angry or anything, just bored.

I glanced at Lilieth who was still busy with my cock before returning my gaze to him.

'Wait, he saw his wife **ed me, played with my dick and did nothing' I screamed internally even though I knew the reason. I didn't know how to respond to him so I could only make a weird expression on my face.

"Hmm" he hummed as he noticed my strange expression. A smirk appeared on his lips.

"What's the matter Do you still want to fight me" he challenged.

'Right now, your fricking wife is licking my **ing dick! And you don't even flinch' I screamed internally. But since I couldn't say it bluntly, I decided to say something else.

"Why are you testing me" It was a serious question.

He chuckled.

"I hate burdens. If you want to help me I have to make sure you're qualified for it." I didn't know it was a mockery or a compliment.

"Don't worry I won't be a burden to you," I confirmed.

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