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The Incubus System Chapter 394. Abnormal House Tour I

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The Incubus System Chapter 394. Abnormal House Tour I

He seemed satisfied with my answer despite the annoying smirk on his lips.

"Are you afraid of me now" he asked. He just showed his power clearly, so I should be.

"Isn't that a question for you" I replied with the same annoying smirk. I had to be proud of myself since, despite our level difference, I almost landed a fatal blow on him.

"Afraid" he repeated in a condescending tone before he chuckled.

"It was just a child's play for me. But you did surprise me. I never thought you would go as far as trying to kill me. It exceeded my expectations," he admitted.

"Didn't you also do the same You didn't even lower your strength one bit," I reminded him. My smirk faded.

This time, he laughed.

"I didn't even use 1/3 of my power." Another annoying smirk on his lips.

"If you can't face me in that state. That means you're not ready to join the battle. I'll return you to the human world without hesitation. But since you were able to take my weapon and deal some damage to me, that's good enough."

'1/3' It surprised me since I thought it was his full power.

The tingling feeling from beneath me stopped which was followed by a kiss that landed on my cheek.

“Actually, that's more than enough. Besides, he hasn't activated his Demonic Aura yet,” Lilieth reminded Lord Damon.

"He hasn't" he frowned in disbelief.

"You tested him as soon as he entered the hall, remember And we haven't explained anything about that," said Lilieth.

"That explains why he was so slow."

'He's so irresponsible... ' I remembered he also didn't know I hadn't been able to use Demon's Clothes before.

"So can I activate it now"

“Sure. This is the Demon World. You don't need to cover up your aura anymore,” said Lilieth. Her hand caressed my cheek gently. But rather than a woman's lust or love for a man, it felt like a mother's touch.

"Will they detect me because of it" I made sure since I didn't want this to mess up my plans.

"As long as I have not bestowed you with my surname, no one will know you are my son," he clarified.


'Demonic Aura activated.'

In an instant, I felt a dark aura emitted from my body and it changed the atmosphere around me as if I could feel them with my Demonic Power.

[Demonic Aura has been activated]

[STR, AGI, INT 50%]

My pupils moved from side to side, looking at the entire room. I could feel my senses much sharper now.

"How do you feel" asked Lilieth.

"This is crazy..." I shifted my gaze on my palms and moved my index finger a bit. My eyes could catch where the movement was going before I even did it. As if I could predict it.

A smile began to develop on my lips. I lowered my hands and turned to Lilieth.

"I should be able to fight better with this." I couldn't hide my excitement over this.

Lilieth replied to me with a gentle smile. While Lord Damon replied to me with something else.

"You shouldn't be happy just yet. You still have to learn a lot of things," he warned. I knew he was right but his words irritated me.

I decided to ignore Lord Damon's words.

"Oh, right. Since I will be staying here for a while, can I get a room A guest room is fine." Well, I bet their guest room was far better than my real room.

She giggled.

"This is your room, Damian. We prepared it for you."

A grin appeared on my face.

"Really" I said excitedly. This room was three times bigger than my room and much nicer.

"Yes. We heard you like reading so your father prepared a lot of books about the dark dimension," she said, pointing at the rows of bookshelves on one side of the room with her gaze.

"And some dildos so you can play with your servants better." She pointed to the other side with her gaze. She looked proud of all these preparations.

I held my cringe.

'What kind of parent gives their child dildos' They were so different from my human parents. I remembered my dad grounded me for a week just because he caught me watching a porn video 3 years ago.

Anyway, that explained the two sides of this room. One side of this room made everyone think the owner was a bookworm. But the other side made it look like it belonged to a pervert. Especially, since my sight caught some vibrators, ball gags, a nine tail whip and a spanker. This made me feel like a perverted nerd.

"There is a laptop in the drawer. You can use it to search for any information. But you can only get certain information from me," Lord Damon added.

I smiled in gratitude.

"Thank you." Although I felt a bit awkward with Lord Damon, I was surprised he cared about me.

"Don't mention it. I just want to make sure you are useful to me. I told you, I hate burdens," he replied in an arrogant tone.

My smile faded again.

'On second thought, he's still annoying,' I thought.

"Can you show me around"

"Sure," he answered.

In excitement, I got up from my bed and snapped my fingers. My dark aura covered my body and formed my clothes. A simple shirt and trousers. Likewise with Lilieth.

But when my feet just hit the ground, Lord Damon snapped his fingers. Darkness devoured us. I felt like my body was being dragged away by a tremendous force. In a blink, the scenery around me changed.

I looked around me in confusion, staring at the luxurious corridor. Several paintings hang on the wall. An abstract statue was at the end.

"This is the corridor in front of your room," said Lord Damon. He pointed to one side of the corridor with his chin. "That's the way to my room." Then he shifted on the other side. "And that's to the entertainment room."

'Did he just use his teleportation' I guessed from how calm Lord Damon and Lilieth were. I just opened my mouth to ask.

"Can I---"

But before I could finish my sentence, a force pulled my body again. This time he didn't even snap his fingers.

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