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The Incubus System Chapter 395. Abnormal House Tour II

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The Incubus System Chapter 395. Abnormal House Tour II

In a blink, he teleported us elsewhere.

"This is the entertainment room. Where I'm usually playing with your mom," Lord Damon explained.

I cast my gaze around the room which was dominated by the same color as the corridor. The difference was the dim purple lights around it provide their own ambience. As for the 'entertainment', he was not referred to the Home Theater or the billiards table since the room was similar to the Sea Devil club VIP room. BD** tools, X pole, sex chair and a weird looking chair I didn't know what it was for. I also saw a **ing machine with a dildo, some weird tentacles in a huge lava tube wriggled around and a minibar.

'This is the next level of entertainment,' I thought.

"I don't mind if you use it," added Lord Damon casually.

Although I was happy with it, I couldn't hold my cringe as I felt something was wrong with this family. At least for my human sense. What kind of father would let his son play in this forbidden playground.

Lilieth approached Lord Damon sassily and hugged him affectionately.

"Mmm~ You know... I don't mind another rough play. I really enjoyed your last play~" she said in a seductive voice and ended it with a long passionate kiss.

"Um---" Somehow I wanted to remind that she just licked my dick with that mouth. But I decided to hold my tongue since I didn't want to cause any trouble.

'They are the rulers of this world. Just act like a good boy, Ethan,' I reminded myself.

Since their kiss was getting hotter by every second, I decided to give them some room and planned to go back to my room.

"I will check---"

Again, before I finished my sentence, the scenery around me changed. A dining table with a modern elegant design was in the middle of the room. A row of glass doors on one side and another bar was on the other. All of it with the same color as before.

"This is the dining room. I've asked the maids to prepare our dinner. We'll start at 07.00 PM," said Lord Damon as he broke the kiss.

Okay, two questions immediately popped into my head. First, how could I tell the difference between AM and PM in this sunless world The second was, what kind of food did they mean

"But it's not a human's body pa---"

He teleported us before I could say anything.

"Living room or family room. Or whatever you call it since I've never had guests here." It was a typical family living room with a sofa, coffee table, carpet and TV. There was nothing special about it so rather than looking at my surroundings, I gave him a flat stare.

He frowned upon it.

"Why are you making such a face"

"Can you show me around in a normal way" I said bluntly. Indeed I asked him to show me this place, but I thought we would go on a normal home tour. Not moved from room to room in this way.

"This is the normal way." His unchanged expression showed how serious he was.

"No, it isn't," I retorted.

"I think he meant normal for humans," Lilieth explained to Lord Damon.

"Pfffttt--- You want me to act like a human" He held his chuckle and asked in disbelief.

"Why should I demean myself"

He nonchalantly teleported us again. This time we were in the outdoor pool which was filled with dark red liquid. From the smell, I was sure it was not an ordinary liquid. A small jacuzzi tub similar to Pearl's, a garden with the glass fences around us and an arena with four black crystals at the end. From its shape, I guessed it was a battle arena.

"This is outdoor. Wine pool and jacuzzi. You can use it whenever you want." His gaze pointed at what he meant.

I didn't answer, instead, I approached the glass fence. As I looked around, I just realized we were on the rooftop of the twin towers with a glass bridge that united them.

The sea of twinkling light below me. My sight could catch the city's border which was made of high stone walls.

The breeze brushed my face and hair. Although similar, the wind was different from the human world. I could feel the atmosphere around me slightly heavier than the human world and something similar when I was inside my Devil Space as if the world was covered in a huge devil space.

'I will be the ruler of this place one day' I thought in disbelief. A poor powerless student who ended up becoming a future demon King sounded more bull** than anything, but here I was...

Slowly, I closed my eyes and raised my chin a bit, enjoying the night breeze. A smile grew on my face.

'I have to be stronger... I want to be stronger...' I thought.

But a second later, my smile disappeared as I couldn't feel the ground beneath my feet. I snapped my eyes in shock and flicked my wings to prevent my body from falling. My heart was beating fast.

This time, I was not on the rooftop, but in the mid-air. Above a park with a huge Lord Damon statue in the center to be exact. It was the Park I saw earlier. The twin towers were far behind me. At this height, I could see all of Park's activities more clearly. The demons walked leisurely in their true forms and carried out activities like humans.

But instead of paying attention to all that, my attention was on something else. I turned to Lord Damon who was not far from me before he said a word.

"Seriously! Do you have to do that!" I protested. I bet he just wanted to take his revenge since I ignored him before.

He replied to me with a frown.

"Do what"

"Stop teleporting me around without a warning. I almost fell. Do you want to kill me" I said all my annoyance.

Rather than answering me, Lord Damon and Lilieth laughed. Which, I could only reply with a flat stare.

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