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The Incubus System Chapter 396. Abnormal House Tour III

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The Incubus System Chapter 396. Abnormal House Tour III

"Oh sweetie, you're funny. You have wings," Lilieth tried to calm me down.

"You aren't a baby. There's no way you will die from this," Lord Damon added in a condescending tone.

'Shit... Am I the only weirdo here Or is this common thing for demons' I thought. Yeah, I knew this was the dark dimension and they were demons. So there was a huge difference between Demon and human's parenting. Likewise with the law and the rules. But I just got here, at least I hoped they would be taking it slow.

“Joke aside. I brought you here to show you our national park, Hell Sanctuary,” he said as he shifted his gaze to the Park below us. So did I.

"There are four types of public pools. Lava, slime, dark miasma, ice. Also some battle arenas. It's usually crowded with demons on weekends. Some are for fighting around or 'sunbathing'. It's a famous place so I thought you should know about it."

My sight immediately caught what he meant. Modern pools filled with what he said and several large arenas protected by large domes. Surprisingly, as terrible as it sounded, the demons seemed to be enjoying themselves. Some jogged around, some soaking in those terrifying pools, some fighting each other and some sunbathing... Yes, sunbathing!

I cringed.

"There's no sun here. Why are they sunbathing"

"We have a moon," said Lilieth, her gaze fixed on the red moon shining beautifully above Park.

"Actually we call it moonbathing. I call it sunbathing since I thought you didn't understand that," said Lord Damon.

"Ah, I see...." I turned to the red moon. It felt a little weird since I couldn't feel any warmth from it. So I kinda wondered why they did it. I mean, they couldn't tan their skin with it. Or did the moon also have UV radiation

"Why are they moonbathing---"

Again he teleported us. In a blink, we were back in my room.

"That's it for now. I will give you two puppets to serve you. But remember they are only maids, don't ** them. They will break into pieces since they weren't made for that," said Lord Damon, ignoring my annoyed gaze. His attitude was the opposite of my father's.

"You use puppets for maids I mean why don't you hire them normally" Based on my Devil puppet skill, I concluded that he meant slaves.

They laughed.

"I mean, at least that's normal for humans," I added quickly.

"Don't worry. They are literally puppets," said Lilieth.

"Only demons who have the Mark of Servant can enter this place. Others can only access up to the 98th floor. So we use puppets as our maids," she explained.

"Tania already told you about how we lost you the first time right It was our maid who told Letos about Lilieth's pregnancy. So we decided to restrict the access," Lord Damon said firmly. I could see the anger in his eyes and the sadness in Lilieth's eyes when he said that.

"But, this is an open place. What if they flew to get here" I asked. Some demons had wings, so even if the towers were sky-high, they should still be able to reach them.

"There's a barrier that protects this place. Although you can feel the wind and get in and out of this place easily, other demons can't. The others also can't see what we are doing since the barrier creates a layer of illusions for them," said Lord Damon.

"I see. So simply as long as I do everything here, they won't know about me, " I confirmed.

"Yes. All staff, servants and maids who serve the 99th floor have also made a contract with me or Lilieth," he confirmed.

"Why did you also make those 2 Imps your servant" I was kinda surprised since the Imps were low-level demons. Their level was even lower than Foxy's when I first found her.

"They are my messenger just like Kir. Something similar to pets," he explained.

"Pets" I repeated in confusion. Okay, looked like I had to learn a lot about the dark dimension before I carried out my plan.

"Yes. Something like loyal dogs for humans, the difference is that they have intelligence," he said.

"So... You only use them to send messages" I guessed in doubt since I was not sure about it. I meant, they had laptops and something similar to the Internet. Also had a command center. Why did he need a messenger If he only used it once in a while, why didn't ask one of his servants to do it Was it because they were small and cute

"I will show you what I mean." He noticed my confusion.

He teleported us to the outdoors again.

"Kir," said Lord Damon.

Among the trees, Kir came out of something similar to a drey squirrel. Swiftly, he jumped between the branches before he flew at us.

"Yes, Youw Majesty" he said with his cute toddler typical voice. Then he turned to me.

"Your Highness, we meet again."

"Explain what are you," said Lord Damon, pointing at me with his gaze.

Kir turned to me.

"Sow, we are simply a low-level demon who has given ouw loyalty to the king in exchange for power."

"Isn't that the same as servants" I asked with a frown.

Kir shook his head from side to side.

"When youw turn a human into your servant. Even if they turn into a demon, their strength is still the same as before. The difference is that they can train themselves and hone their demonic skills. So they will become stronger over time. That also applies to demons. But we are different. We get instant power from His Majesty which boosts up our strength quickly. In exchange, we can't commit any offense. One violation will turn us to ashes."

That sounded scary. Even scarier than my Devil Puppet skill. The only difference was that they still have their will and consciousness. But what was the point if they still had to do what their master wanted

Catching my still clear confusion, finally, Lord Damon decided to explain in another way.

"Just show him your fighting form."

"Okay~," Kir said cutely. But what I saw next wasn't anything cute.

Note: Foxy three tails form is on glossary.

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