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The Incubus System Chapter 399. Power Comparison II

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The Incubus System Chapter 399. Power Comparison II

"Can you tell me more about it What is it And what's its power" I asked.

"His weapon is one of a kind. No one owns it but him. It is a shape-shifting weapon and has no true form, but only a magic orb that will leave its master after he dies. The weapon will take on a form and give his master the power he wants when he touches it for the first time. His mother used it as a whip before. While Letos uses it as poisoned claws. No matter how strong his enemies are, they only have 10 seconds after one scratch. Its name is Deathraze," Lord Damon explained. The look in his eyes that fixed on me showed how serious he was.

'Okay... A weapon that can kill in one scratch is bad news.' If I didn't have sufficient level and proper preparation, I would die for sure. But at least I knew, I had to rely on my speed to deal with it since my VIT wouldn't be of much use for it.

"That's why no one has been able to overthrow him for a thousand years even though many lust demons hate him," he continued. Then he exhaled a long breath.

"Well... I can't judge him. A lot of demons also hate me. But at least I didn't kill off my loyal subject recklessly."

That triggered my curiosity about the reason why they failed to kill Letos.

"Is that weapon the reason why you failed to execute him"

I could catch Lord Damon, Lilieth and the four Generals' anger upon that question.

"That coward... He sacrificed his first wife to cover up his crime," Lord Damon hissed.

"We thought it was Letos who led his troops, but it turned out it was his first wife who replaced him. It was his favorite wife. So instead of killing her, we decided to catch and read her mind. But he killed her before we could do it," said Lilieth.

"You should see how her expression was when Letos dumped and betrayed her. She was the most loyal woman among his wife. It was her who fed him when he was an exile. If it weren't for her, he would have died long ago. Yet he killed her like nothing," Andrew added. Trace of sadness was evident in his tone.

"He even destroyed her soul. I can't summon or feel her presence after her death. It was really terrible," Sarael said with the same anger.

I turned to Sarael in surprise.

"You can call upon the dead's soul" I asked in disbelief. If he could do it, then... Maybe I could ask him to summon my human father's spirit.

He noticed my intentions from my gaze.

"Only the new one. I can't communicate with the old soul," he said.

"I see..." There was a trace of disappointment in my tone even though I tried to cover it up.

"Then how does he destroy his soul Does his weapon allow him to do so" I decided to divert this conversation. I knew Lord Damon was watching me and what I said was a bit rude for him.

"It wasn't his weapon that killed her. But he broke his contract with his succubus. That simple thing was enough to kill her in an instant and destroy her soul," Lilieth explained.

"His wife means his partner, right Does it mean that my partner will die if I cancel my Demon's Rule" My panic was clearly audible from the tone of my voice.

Lilieth shook her head from side to side.

"He is quite strict on all his wives. So he puts a special spell that makes them submit to him. Only an Incubus Lord can have it. Some say it is a blessing. Some say it is a curse."

"Since he threw all the blame on his wife and considers this a rebellion, I can't do anything. He even executed his entire assault squad without mercy. No one survived. Then he licked my boots as usual. Disgusting," Lord Damon added.

'Sacrificing his beloved one for the sake of ambition. That sounds awful...' I thought.

"What level is he" I decided to compare us.

"Around 170," replied Lord Damon.

'Damn... His level is twice mine. I will die for sure if I meet him face to face.'

"And the others Like the Gargoyle King and the Spider Queen" I asked.

"They are in the Royal demon class. Lv 120," Lord Damon said.

"What about their weapons or skills Is there something similar to that Deathraze" I asked.

"Nothing. But they have some talents that you need to be aware of. The Glob King has massive HP points. The Spider Queen likes to put her traps everywhere and The Gargoyle King's brute strength above the rest."

"What's my maximum level" I asked as my brain calculated my stats and what skills I could use to beat them. Since I was a high Incubus, I guessed I was in the rare demon class, but I was not sure about my position. Ivy and the others said my strength was around elite soldiers but Lilieth said I was General.

“You can reach lv 100 max with your current status,” said Lilieth.

I tapped my index finger under my lips and was deep in thought.

"Level 100... That's not enough... I need something to break through it," I muttered. But to break through that level I had to become a Royal Demon. Which meant... Lord Damon must bestow his surname to me. But if he did, all the demons would know me and I couldn't execute my plan. Not to mention I had to find a way to level up quickly. The time was running, it was either me who did my move first or them.

"I can help you with that," said Lord Damon. It seemed he realized what was on my mind.

"If you want to give me your surname, I have to refuse it. At least not now. I know I'm too weak." I shifted my gaze down in sadness.

"I don't deserve that," I said in a much calmer tone.

He chuckled.

"That's not what I meant. I mean, I can help you to break through your current state without announcing your identity to the others."

"Really" I said in surprise.

"But you have to maximize your level first. Then we will rematch to measure your power. If you win, I will tell you how," he challenged.

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