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The Incubus System Chapter 400. Power Comparison III

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The Incubus System Chapter 400. Power Comparison III

"Deal," I accepted without hesitation.

A grin appeared on his face.

"Good. I'm glad you're acting like a real demon." Then his grin faded as he squinted his eyes at me.

"But first I wanted to ask you. What's your plan" he made a bullseye guess.

"Secret agent," I said without hesitation. "Since no one knows my identity. I want to infiltrate their territory and make them destroy each other. That way we can destroy them from within." An evil smirk appeared on my lips.

"That's too dangerous. You're not strong enough and just arrived at this place. You still have a lot to learn," Lilieth's refusal was clear from her tone.

I turned to her.

"That's why I have to raise my level quickly. As for the rules and law, I can learn them from books and laptops in my room. Or even read some demons' minds," I replied in a calm tone. Previously, I had thought about reading my servants' minds to get information about the dark dimension, but I didn't know where to start. On the other hand, receiving too much unrelated information could break my mind and drown me in insanity.

I never expected them to take my advice so easily and as Lilieth said, I admitted this was dangerous. But I couldn't waste it, while I knew I could use it to backstab them.

"So your original plan was to infiltrate their place and kill them Are you tired of living" concluded Lord Damon. I could catch his anger from his tone. But I could understand that since it did sound like a suicide plan. And I had to admit--- Yeah, he was kinda right.

"Don't worry. I'm not that stupid as to fight the demon lords face to face. I did plan to infiltrate their territory, but I just wanted to make them turn against each other. I planned to borrow Letos' name, pretend to be his assistant and mess around in his allies' territories. That way the others will think Letos wants to take their territory while everyone else's attention is on you," I explained.

"Did you think you could outwit them that easily" he scoffed.

"I wasn't. Now I am." My words made them frown so I continued my explanation.

"As you said, Letos has gone as far as sacrificing his first wife to cover up his crimes. You know it, I'm sure his allies know it too. Now think again, if he could do that to his wife, why couldn't he do that to his subordinates” Even if it was a failure, at least it created another advantage for us. Letos would definitely deny that I was his subordinate. But after that incident, his allies wouldn't believe him that easily.

Of course, I had to do this secretly, as if I was carrying out a secret task from Letos, before I let them detect my movements. I also didn't plan to expose myself clearly and let them play detective with my silhouette and the little evidence I left at the scene.

"I still don't agree. Your strength is not enough for that. The power gap is too high. One wrong step and you will die," said Lilieth. Her gaze showed how serious she was. Yet she and the others couldn't deny that it was a great idea. And it was only I who could do it.

Unfortunately, I had to admit what she said was also true. To be honest, I didn't expect our power gap to be that high. And I had to admit I had overestimated myself.

"I know. For now, I will concentrate on increasing my strength first. So do you guys know where I can train myself Or any suggestions on how I can increase my strength quickly"

"Bringing him with us for some certain missions might be a good idea, nya. Besides, Lilieth doesn't have to worry about his safety," Kitty said. According to Ivy, the demon generals sometimes had to clear some areas from 'bandits' and rebels. Although the idea was good, unfortunately, I couldn't do it.

"But that would expose his identity. If he wants to be a secret agent, he has to train in secret," said Tania, as if she could read my mind.

"Then practicing in the battle arena is the solution. We just need to give him a suitable opponent," Andrew suggested.

"But we are all busy right now and so are all of our squad members. All he can do is train with his servants," Sarael added.

"I appreciate your suggestions, but is there another way I've tried this method in the human world before and it didn't work well." The system only gave me a little EXP since it detected they were my servants and knew it was just practice, not a real battle. So I only tried it once. A 3-hour straight practice only gave me 1% EXP. That was completely not worth it.

After that, the room was filled with silence for a while before Lord Damon broke it.

"Are you serious about this" he said out of the blue.

"I am. I've come here. What makes you think I'm not serious" I asked with a frown.

"Are you ready to crush your flesh and break bones" he made sure.

"I am ready." Indeed it sounded intimidating, but I couldn't turn back anymore.

He took a deep breath and stared at me in silence for a moment before he turned his gaze to the hologram.

"Andrew, show him The Torture Abyss."

The atmosphere turned tense in an instant as they turned their gazes to him.

"Are you sure, Your Majesty" Andrew confirmed. While the others also said the same thing.

"But that place is only for the exile," said Tania.

"Why that hell, nya They'll kill him if they find out his identity," Kitty said worriedly.

The only one who gave a different reaction was only Sarael. He chuckled.

"Like father, like son," he muttered. But Tania stopped his chuckle by poking him with her elbow. He quickly pressed his lips but his smirk was still clear.

"My Lord," said Lilieth. The others immediately shut their mouths. "That place is too dangerous. It's even worse than sending him into enemy territory," she said firmly.

"Just show it to him and let him make up his mind after he sees it." Lord Damon turned to Lilieth and smirked.

"Who knew he would chicken out and decide to train here like a good boy" That was a clear insult to me. But from how the others reacted, I guessed the place was indeed that bad.

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