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The Incubus System Chapter 401. Power Comparison IV

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The Incubus System Chapter 401. Power Comparison IV

Without waiting for Lilieth's response, Lord Damon returned his gaze to the hologram. While I was expecting for the worse.

"Andrew," he ordered.

This time without a word, Andrew pressed the remote and the hologram showed another thing. A lot of information with a terrifying landscape. It was even worse than The Deadly Swamp. What I saw was barren red-black soil, rocks and mist in the dark. The water looked like disgusting slime that reminded me of the Imp's vomit.

Torture Abyss was not a battle arena. But something similar to demon prison or something worse than that. That place was filled with uncontrollable demons. They always destroyed the environment or whatever they found and couldn't coexist with other demons. Those demons lived by instinct to kill, destroy and nothing could stop them. That was why Lord Damon made this place for them. A place that could isolate them from the outside world.

The place itself was in a gigantic hole surrounded by high mountains. Those acted as a barrier and fortress. Either to keep the demons out or keep out intruders. The dark miasma that radiated from the mountains created a special barrier to prevent them from escaping from there.

"Why don't you kill them" I asked in curiosity. It was definitely easier than catching them one by one and putting them in there.

"I didn't have much choice when the war happened. They were numerous and breed like insects. So what I can do is make them retreat and lock them in one place," he replied. He flicked his finger, instructing Andrew to switch the next one. And Andrew did his order.

My eyes fell on the hologram that explained the tier and type of demon that was there.

First tier = Malevolent Forest.

Demon type = Common and rare class

Level = 30-60

Status = Low intelligence

Second Tier = Lunatic Ravine

Demon type = Common, rare and epic class

Level = 50-80

Status = Low intelligence

Third Tier = Dreadful Burial Grounds

Demon type = Rare and epic class

Level = 70-100

Status = Middle intelligence

This place was indeed going to be a harsh training ground for me and I had to take it seriously since I could die in this place. On the bright side, since their max level was 100, I could practice how to fight the demon lords there. On second thought, that was also bad news for me. Moreover, Lord Damon had no data regarding the population in these places.

"They are all heartless demons. Some have quite high intelligence. They can pretend to be weak to eat you. Don't ever spare their lives. You will regret it for sure," he warned.


Then he glared at me.

"No matter how cute, beautiful or helpless they are. All of them were born to kill. Don't even think about making them your servant either. They will only bring disaster," he warned me again. His gaze showed how serious he was.

"I understand," I said even though my confusion was clear from my face.

"My Lord, he's not strong enough for that," Lilieth tried to bargain.

Once again, Lord Damon sighed.

"He is the one who asks for it."

Upon his answer, she turned to me. I could see the disappointment on her face.


I glanced at her. Her request to cancel this harsh training was clear. But I turned my gaze to the hologram.

"Sorry, Lilieth," I said apologetically.

Her disappointment was evident on her face. She returned her gaze to Lord Damon.

"There must be another way other than this," she argued.

"We all know. Only in this place, he can catch up that much power gap in a short time. Those demons are numerous and will not disturb the dark dimension even if they are extinct. We can even suppress them and create a balanced population in that place," he explained.

"Don't worry, Lilieth. I won't take what I can't chew," I reassured her.

"Anything can happen on the battlefield. I and the other four generals won't even put our feet in there. If anything goes wrong, you will die before you fight your real enemy," she warned me.

"I know but I've made up my mind," I replied.

Lilieth turned to me and Lord Damon alternately.

"Both of you..." She wanted to throw out her complaint but she couldn't since she already knew our answer.

Sarael exhaled a long breath and leaned on his chair.

"Like I said. Like father, like son. The difference is, one grew up in the human world and the other enjoyed his power as the Demon King from the start," he said in a nonchalant tone.

"Sarael," Tania scolded him with a frown. And Sarael answered her by raising both of his hands, indicating that he would not continue this anymore.

Ignoring Lilieth's complaint, Lord Damon continued our conversation.

"I don't want to take the risk of letting you in and out with your portal. So I'll give you something so you can get in and out easily. It can also detect the user's HP points and teleport him once his HP is too low or takes too much damage. Also, it'll teleport you at a certain time limit." Then he turned to Lilieth.

"So you don't have to worry about him."

Still, from her expression, I knew she disagreed with him.

"Deal," I said. I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

"Your Majesty, we also want to go to the abyss with His Highness," said Yuffy out of the blue.

"I can't allow that. I only have one magic device," he confirmed.

"But... It's unfair to us. We don't want to sit around while His Highness takes a harsh training," said Luna.

"I'll prepare a training ground for you. But maybe not as extreme as his. Besides, I'm sure he'll need all of you to replenish his Demonic Power at least once every hour." Lord Damon turned to Yuffy.

"Especially you Yuffy. As I said, this training will break his bones and crush his body. There is a high chance that he will be seriously injured every time he returns."

"That bad" said Foxy in shock. It spontaneously came out of her mouth. But then she bent her head down in fear since she just remembered she was talking to the king.

"Yes. That bad," he confirmed.

"Can you show us what's in there" I asked curiously.


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