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The Incubus System Chapter 403. Mom

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The Incubus System Chapter 403. Mom…

"Okay. That's it for now." Lord Damon closed the meeting. The hologram disappeared and the light turned on. He tapped my shoulder and looked at me.

"You'll leave tomorrow morning. Make sure to check out the books on the list on your desk tonight. I will see you at dinner." Then he stood up from his chair and left. Likewise with the other four generals. While Lilieth didn't move from her chair. From her expression, I could tell many things were going through her head. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to comfort her, I knew the only thing she wanted.

Foxy came over to me.

"Master, should we check around" she said in excitement.

I knew this wasn't the right time, but I was also quite curious about it.

"Let's go."

"I will be your guide," said Maria as she stood up from her chair.

"I'll come with you," said Luna. Which was followed by the others.

I stood up from my chair and turned to Lilieth.

"Lilieth," I called her. But she didn't answer or turn at me.

"See you at dinner," I said in a gloomy tone, allowing her to calm herself.

I was about to turn around and take a step, but Lilieth suddenly appeared next to me and grabbed my wrist.

"Come with me." Before I could answer her, she teleported us back to my room. But instead of standing, my back landed on my bed.

"Why" She was on top of me. Her hands were on either side of my head.

"Why do you want to go to Torture Abyss" she asked again before I answered. Her anger was clear from the look in her eyes.

I sighed.

"I already said I wanted to catch up to my level."

"Why don't you take it slow Why are you so thirsty for power"

"Lilieth, I don't want to be a burden. I already said I want to join this battle and I mean it... And I need more strength to win it," I explained.

"I didn't turn you for this." Her voice was getting higher.

"I know. But this is my choice." I also raised my voice. There was an undeniable irritation in my heart since she kept treating me like a child.

"But you don't have to go that far!" she said in anger.

"You forbade me to do this because you think I'm weak, right!" Finally, my emotions exploded.

She was silent for a moment and took a couple of breaths to regain her calmness. So did I. There was a feeling of guilt inside me since I knew she was worried about me.

"A thousand years ago I had to watch my ex-husband slaughter my family and taint my wedding gown with their blood. And you... A few years ago I also lost you. It was too painful for me. I don't want to lose my beloved one again," she said in a much calmer tone.

"Lilieth... Desperate times call for desperate measures. I told you I wouldn't take something I can't chew," I said in a calm tone.

"Damian... No, Ethan. Lord Damon and I can still take care of this matter without your help. You don't have to." Her voice sounded like a plea.

But I knew what she said was a lie.

"The crack is getting worse. The demon lords already know this and are taking advantage of it. So are the other demons. It's only a matter of time. If you could fix it, I'm sure you would have done it long ago."

"This is our problem. We should be the ones who are fighting for this. Not you," she tried to bargain.

"Why I'm an adult. Why don't you believe me You said I would inherit the throne someday. But why didn't you let me do something for this world" There was a clear trace of disappointment in my tone of voice.

"Ethan... You are still a boy to us. Little baby for me. Which mother would let her child go to a dangerous place" she said in a trembling voice. Her emotions were clear from the tone of her voice.

Her words left me speechless. Indeed compared to the dark dimension, the human world was the same as a playground. The humans even thought of me as the great demon in just one month. But it gave me even more reason to pursue my power gap.

"Then... Let this baby grow stronger. I don't want to be in your cradle forever. I don't want to be your burden ... Let me be stronger... Mom..." I whispered. Somehow her gaze gave me a melancholy feeling. I knew she was scared since she was already lost me once. I also didn't want to lose my life again. But hiding was not the way out.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

"What did you call me" she said in a trembling voice.

I put my palm on her cheek gently. My eyes were on her.

"Mom..." I whispered again. It's been a long time since I called someone 'mom'. My heart trembled at an extraordinary longing. How could a foreign woman... A demon, care for me more than my own mother, the woman who gave birth to and raised me from childhood.

"I'm not a weak baby anymore. I'm a big boy now. Believe me. I can endure this. I will become a demon who deserves to be the ruler of this world," I reassured her. A soft smile on my lips.

Her eyes trembled with emotion.

"I know... I know... It's just. It's too soon. For you... For me... I thought you need at least some time to adjust yourself to your new identity and new skills. I thought you will be busy finding some women and having fun with them. Not forcing yourself to join the battle prematurely..."

"I did. That's why I want to do this... Because of them. Me. You... Their victory means the end of us. The end of everything. I don't want it... So, please. Let me protect it," I whispered.

"I will allow it... But that doesn't mean I agree," she said in a heavy heart. Then her body came down to me. Her hands hugged me tightly. I could hear her heart beating fast, smell her nice scent and feel her warmth.

"Just promise me. You have to come back if you find anything unusual there."

"I promise..."

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