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The Incubus System Chapter 405. Do You Like It Mommy? II

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The Incubus System Chapter 405. Do You Like It, Mommy II

I twisted my wrists, trying to free them from her grip but I couldn't. I bet it would leave clear marks on those later. My eyes fell on Lilieth who was sitting on my hips. Her face was right in front of me. Excitement was evident in her eyes.

'Shit! I've opened Pandora's box!' I thought in a panic. Previously, I just wanted to tease her. I didn't think the effect could be this bad.

"Lilieth---" I was about to ask her to let me go, but she interrupted me.

"Mommy," she said. She smiled seductively.

"You should call me Mommy." Rather than a request, her voice sounded like seduction. "Otherwise..." She leaned closer to me.

"I will punish you."

"I was jok--- Ngghhh!" I gritted my teeth and jolted. Her lubricant dripping on the tip of my cock made my body tremble in tremendous stimulation. I could even feel my cock was fully awake just because of that. It was weird since I had never felt that way. At least my body was never this sensitive before. After all, how could I get so aroused with just a drop of liquid from her pussy

I struggled, trying to free myself with all my might. My eyes saw her in lust and thirst. I felt like a tied up beast in front of its own food. But she was too strong. Well, according to previous information, she should be around lv 120, so my strength was nothing compared to hers.

"What was that" I asked in a hunting breath. I never felt this when I had sex with her before. I knew she had done something that aroused my desire to the point I wanted to ** her, pronto.

She laughed at my reaction.

"It's my sweet juice, Ethan. A juice that will drown you in pleasure."

"Sweet juice You mean your lubricant" I repeated in a ragged breath. My mixed feelings kept stirring inside me. On the one hand, I hated this hopeless state and my Demonic instincts refused to be tamed. I wanted to dominate her but my body said something else. It screamed for her and my head was filled with dirty things I wanted to do to her. I even could imagine the pleasure if my cock was in her hole. This lust was different from the one that drowned me when I was in my Incubus Rage or my Shadow Ritual.

"Yes." She came close to my ear once again.

"Would you like to try it" Her entrance went down and rubbed the tip of my cock. I could feel her liquid dripping down my cock and her throbbing warm flesh calling out to me.

I jolted in pleasure. My eyes widened for the same reason.

"Aahh... hah---hah..." A groan came out of my mouth even though I tried to hold it in. My cock twitched calling of her. I wanted it. But she just let me taste it a bit before she pulled it away with a mischievous smile. Now, I knew where my sadistic side came from.

Desperately, I tried to free myself, but it was no use. All I could do was stare at her in an urgent breath.

"You want it, right Call me Mommy, Ethan. And I will satisfy you~" she seduced.

My body wanted it so badly yet obeying someone in this condition somehow disturbed my Demonic pride.

"I don't like this," I said. Even with my fierce gaze, my expression said otherwise. So was my body calling her name.

Her disappointment was clear in her expression. A frown on her forehead.

"You naughty little boy," she whispered. Her hips were down on me. I could feel the tip of my cock going into her tasty pussy. Her liquid wet my glans and it was enough to make all my nerves tense up. The excitement and pleasure were fired through my body. My body asked her for more.

"Khhhh...!" I held my groan desperately as I raised my hips to insert it deeper, but she pulled it again.

I leaned my head onto the bed in frustration and looked at her weakly. She was a Succubus, the queen of the dark dimension who had served the demon king for many years. Not only her level but her sex experiences were also way above me.

"Oh my~ Give up already" she teased.

Even with my condition, I refused to give up. At least I wanted to tell her that I wasn't completely in her control.

My eyes glanced down and realized her legs were wide open. Somehow her position gave me an idea. Since she was used to having sex with Lord Damon, I would take advantage of the only demonic feature he didn't have.

'Well, I think Lord Damon is right. I do act like a naughty brat sometimes,' I thought.

Her face down to me. Her smirk on her face.

"C'mon call me Mommy, Ethan~" she purred again.

I turned my face to the inside in displeasure. My tail released hers and moved away. As if I was mad at her despite my cock standing up straight like a pillar.

"Ethan Are you mad at me" she started to worry.

I didn't answer. Instead, secretly, I rolled my tail like a dildo and got close to her crotch.

"Ethan" she called me again. Her worries were getting clearer.

This time I responded by pushing my tail into her pussy in one rough movement.

"Ah!" she yelped and jolted in shock, didn't think I would ** her with my tail. Well, Lord Damon didn't have a tail so he couldn't do it. Besides, I could imagine how that arrogant demon lord played and dominated her all the way.

A loud groan came out of my mouth. The pleasure filled my body. My tail's sensitivity rose drastically to the point I could imagine what was going on in there. Her tightness and tender flesh were amazing. It massaged and clamped my tail perfectly. Not to mention her lubricant... Yes, that lubricant was another level. I bet it was sort of my Demonic Erection skill since Ivy didn't have it.

Another innocent grin on my face as I returned my gaze to her.

"Do you like it, Mommy" Then my grin turned into an arrogant one.

"I can show you what I can do with my hands tied," I challenged in a ragged breath.

She was speechless for a while before a seductive smile blossomed on her lips.

"You... You are naughty Lil boy~"

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