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The Incubus System Chapter 406. Do You Like It Mommy? III

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The Incubus System Chapter 406. Do You Like It, Mommy III

"Yes. I'm naughty. But I'm not a boy," I replied with the same smile. Without waiting for a reply, I moved my tail back and forth, **ing her roughly. Since it was my tail, I could touch her deepest part easily. It was **ing delicious. Especially since her juice covered my tail.

"Ohhh... Oh --- Ahhhh~," she moaned. Her body jolted in pleasure and all her nerves tensed. Her flushed face showed how much she enjoyed it. It aroused me even more.

This time I was the one who laughed.

"Is it good to be **ed by your own son Now, release me, I will give you my dick instead of my tail," I demanded in a ragged breath. Although **ing her with my tail gave a similar sensation as doing it with my cock, I didn't want to spend it outside and I knew doing it with my cock was far more delicious than this.

"Uhhh... Ohh--- Ethan..." She was about to answer me but I **ed her even rougher.

"Don't talk back. Unless you let me go!" I hissed. I already said what she wanted, so she had to keep her promise. The difference was I didn't say in the way she wanted. Instead of whining like a Lil boy, I spoke like a naughty brat who didn't want to obey his mother. It was a bit funny since I was a crybaby in the past.

Instead of letting me go, she responded to me with more moans and ragged breaths. So I pulled my tail from her pussy and pushed it back in one rough push.

"Uaaahhh--- Ohh-- Ohhh... !" It gave her extreme pleasure. I could even feel her inner wall biting my tail.

"C'mon you want my cum, right" I said impatiently between my ragged breaths. Upon my words, her grips weakened.

Without wasting a chance, I pushed her to the side, reversing our position. I restrained her hands, showing my dominance over her. I also pulled my tail from her pussy.

"Let's do something more interesting." I grinned mischievously.

'Demonic Erection lv 3'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

I pushed my cock into her pussy as my Demonic Erection was on. Despite my cock size, I could put everything in one push due to her liquid. I could feel rough friction on my entire cock. It was an amazing sensation. Not only that, her flesh was crazily delicious and warmer than before.

At the same time, I put my tail into her ass. Her double tightness hit my body. I lifted my head in the mid-air as a loud groan came out of my mouth. I didn't expect it would be more than I could imagine.

"Ughhh! Oh **...!" I felt like I was drowning in an ecstasy of pleasure. My body shuddered upon it. Even though I was an Incubus, I almost couldn't contain my cum. So instead of moving, I stopped before I continued my movement.

Just like me, I knew she enjoyed it. Her eyes turned upside down. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue sticking out of it. Her blushing face and tense body were enough to show how pleasure drowned her.

As I moved my waist and my tail, my lips went down to hers. We kissed and laughed like a mad couple. Our bodies rolled from side to side trying to dominate each other. Our hands traced each other's bodies.

I squeezed her breast, played with her nipples and slapped her ass in the middle of the play without pausing my movement.

"C'mon. Clamp me," I demanded between my crazy laughs. Somehow I started to realize she could manipulate her pussy size.

"Fine, I will give you the greatest pleasure~," she purred.

In an instant, I could feel her inner wall clamped to me like crazy. She was tighter than when I did with Foxy the first time. Not to mention she did it to my two sensitive parts.

"Oh! Yes... Yes... Fuck yes!" This was a sensation I had never felt before. Usually, a man would loosen up her virgin partner's pussy first before he entered it. But this play was otherwise. It felt like she turned into a virgin in the middle of the play.

Impatiently, I moved my body. My hands hugged her tightly before I moved like crazy. Not a word came out of my mouth other than a groan. My mind was lost in so much pleasure to the point I couldn't hear her moan anymore. What I knew was moving my waist like crazy and enjoying all of this.

"Shit!" I spat out all my seed in her, regardless of whether she came with me or not. It wasn't that I didn't want to do it, but it was because of the pleasure.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP!]

I released my arms and pulled myself away. My eyes looked at her. Her body lay weakly in front of me with a satisfied smile on her face.

Slowly, I pulled my cock and my tail from her. A surge of pride emerged from me as soon as I saw my thick liquid coming out of her pussy. It wet her entrance, thighs and the bedsheet. Rather than being satisfied, it reminded me of how I bathed my woman in Pearl's cum bath play. Somehow I wanted to do the same thing to her, spread my liquid on her body and make her body reek with my cum.

Our eyes met each other. Without a word, we laughed again. As if that were enough to say how we enjoyed our previous sex play.

She sat down and stuck her tongue to lick my lips. I did the same thing in response, clashing the tip of our tongue outside our mouths. A string of saliva connected our tips.

"Do you want some more" she asked. Her eyes glinted in excitement. The tip of her index finger dabbed my white liquid from her pussy, brought it to her mouth and sucked it with a seductive gaze.

"As I said, I need a lot of snacks so I can't say no," I said with a smirk. Without waiting for her answer, I used my Demonic Erection as I pounced her impatiently.

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