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The Incubus System Chapter 408. Protection of the Demon King

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"Is this the device you mean" I asked without taking my eyes off the armor.

He walked over to me and stopped by my side. His gaze was on that armor.

"Yes. That should be enough to make sure you're alive and get you out of there without causing any trouble."

I stole a glance at him. Although he kept trolling me around, I didn't expect that behind his arrogant attitude, he prepared so many things for me. From books, laptops, dildos to this armor.

"Tell me, have you been there before" I asked curiously. I knew he created that place, but who knew he had never been there after he threw those demons.

"A couple of times. But that's a thousand years ago. When Erebus hasn't caused any trouble yet," he replied.

"Do you think I can survive this training" I asked bluntly.

But he didn't answer me.

"Is that a no" I asked again in a calm tone. Even though he didn't say anything, I already knew the answer after seeing Lilieth's reaction. After all, every fight, even the easiest battle was a life and death gamble for everyone. Not to mention this place was the hellish one.

"I believe you will survive this, Damian," he said. Somehow I caught a bit of melancholic feeling and concern in his tone.

Unconsciously, a smile appeared on my lips. Those were simple words that made me happy.

But then a smug smile replaced it as he turned his gaze to me.

"Well, but if you die there, it means you don't deserve to be the demon king," he said in a casual tone.

My smile faded and my flat stare took its place.

'Nope, he's still annoying,' I thought. I returned my gaze to the armor.

"Don't worry. I will make it. As I said before, I'm not interested in dying twice."

"Good." He turned to one of the succubi there. She had hair and a face similar to Ivy's. What distinguished her, she looked around 30 years old.

"Irien, open the tube."

"Yes, Your Majesty, " she answered him. As our eyes met, I nodded and smiled to greet her since I guessed she was Ivy's mother. She replied by lowering her head slightly before carrying out Lord Damon's orders.

The tube split in half in the center and opened to opposite sides. The Dark aura that came out of the tube burst out like smoke coming out of a chimney. Surprisingly, the armor was still floating in the middle of there.

"Now take it. Let's see whether the armor fits you or not. " He pointed at it with his chin.

"Okay." As I approached the armor, my brain tried to figure out how to put it on. I never saw real armor before let alone understand how to wear it.

I stopped in front of the tube and reached out my hand to grab the armor. Suddenly, an announcement appeared in front of me.

[Do you want to take the Protection of the Demon King]


Well, that was good news since it meant I didn't have to wear the armor manually. On the other hand, from the name, I knew it was Lord Damon himself who made it.

'If he cares about me, he should just say so. Why does he make annoying statements every time he shows his concern'

Without hesitation, I chose yes.

The armor turned into a dark aura that flowed over me and enveloped my body. It was something similar to my Demon's Clothes.

[Protection of the Demon King has been equipped]

[Emergency Teleportation will activate if the user's HP and DP points are below 20%]

I was stunned by it. The description alone is enough to explain how much his will protect me. Not only that, despite the heavy and thick looking armor, I couldn't feel its weight and could move easily.

"That's a little too big," he said. His eyes were on me.

I just noticed it upon his words.

"I think it's not a big deal. It doesn't bother my movements at all," I said. I moved my hands and my body to prove it.

"No, we still have to fix this. It may not bring any problems right now, but who knows later." Upon what he said, Irien approached me. A magic device that looked like a barcode scanner in her hand. She simply pressed the button there and moved the scanner from my head to toe. The blue light that created a hologram layer followed. A second later, my body measurements, the armor and my 3D model were already on the big screen near us.

"Make sure it's ready by tomorrow morning," said Lord Damon.

"Yes, Your Majesty," answered Irien.

Then he turned to me.

"Put it back."

I just did the same thing before. The armor turned into a dark aura and returned to its place.

"Can I ask you a couple of things" I said as I lowered my hand.

"Say it."

"It's kinda personal. So I don't think I can say it here." We did talk a lot in the meeting, but all of it was about the dark dimension. I knew he needed me to continue his duties as the king. But after all the preparation, I felt like I wanted to know more about him.

"Fine. But before... " He pointed at Myra with his chin.

"Would you like to say a thing or two to her"

I turned to Myra and stared at her for a moment. She looked busy typing in front of a computer with a tired face. Her lips trembled, and so did her hands. Her hair was messy. She looked like she hadn't slept in days. Although I felt sorry for her, what she had done was unforgivable.

"No thanks," I said coldly, returning my gaze to Lord Damon.

"Are you sure Her body has reached its limit and we almost fried her brain. So I decided to turn her into undead tomorrow, since we still need her brain. It will still work, but she won't have any emotions or feel pain anymore. So ..." An evil smile appeared on his lips.

"If you want to torture her, this is your only chance."

"Appreciate it. But no thanks." I cast my gaze on her again.

"She already got what she deserves," I said coldly. I knew torturing her would only dig up my old wound. Since I wanted to concentrate on my training, I had no interest in wasting my time on a rotten human like her.

Without a word, darkness engulfed me once again as Lord Damon teleported us.

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