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The Incubus System Chapter 411. Between Father and Son III

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The Incubus System Chapter 411. Between Father and Son III

"What makes you so confident" he asked.

I gave him a smug smile.

"Instinct." Then I remembered something.

"No. I will be stronger than you. I should be able to break through your level if I manage to break my angelic seal," I said confidently even though it was just my guess.

He chuckled upon my statement.

"Balancing two opposing forces is not easy. After all, how do you break your angelic seal"

"I've found the way from an angel in the human world. She is Erebus' aunt. Gabrielle's sister."

He rolled his eyes to the side. His annoyed expression was clear as soon as I mentioned her.

"All angels claimed they are sisters and brothers," he said in a cynical tone. Then he returned his gaze to me.

"So, which sister do you mean"

"Puriel Crystallight. Have you ever heard of her" I was not sure about that, but she was a high angel. So who knew

He placed his fist in front of his lips and hummed.

“Puriel, Puriel, Puriel,” he repeated and deep in thought before he remembered something and turned to me with a frown.

"Is she the angel's babysitter Some kind of nanny" he guessed as he lowered his hand.

"Yes. That's her." I remembered her duty was to take care of the newborn angels. I never thought Puriel was that famous.

"Isn't she too childish and innocent" he scoffed as he refilled his glass and drank it nonchalantly.

"You shouldn't say that," I tried to defend her.

"It's a fact," he scoffed again.

Well, I couldn't say anything since what he said was right. It was even obvious from the first time we met. But I could understand her since she had been trapped in the crystal for too long and her previous duty was taking care of babies and children. So yeah... She was kinda innocent and childish. But it created her own charm.

'Wait, wait, wait! Does that mean I have no problem with anyone as long as I can have sex Have I degenerated that low' I thought in panic.

"So, why is she in the human world" he asked in a condescending tone.

"It was Gabrielle who asked her to save Erebus from her other sisters. She planned to take him to the light dimension and raise him as an angel. Unfortunately, reality said otherwise," I explained.

He was silent for a moment. Once again his arrogant expression faded. His eyes were staring at the distance.

"Too bad..." he muttered. A trace of regret mixed with sadness was in his tone.

"If she managed to take him, maybe I wouldn't have to kill him." A long tiring breath followed before he turned to me.

"Anyway, that doesn't answer my question. Erebus is dead, why is she still there. Besides, why didn't I detect her presence before"

"Oh, about that..."I was a bit reluctant to say it since I was sure he would insult Puriel even more. Still, I had to say it since he needed to know about this.

"Actually, after the battle between the angels and your father---"

Suddenly he interrupted me,

"Your grandfather," he fixed me

"Uhm, yeah. My--- My grandpa." There was a strange feeling when I called someone else my grandpa.

"She's trapped in the crystal due to the battle impact."

He was stunned for a second before he let out a burst of mocking laughter.

"She's trapped in a crystal That's so stupid!" he said between his laughs. Then he laughed even louder.

'I knew it...'

"She just wanted to protect herself," I tried to defend her once again. But I was not sure, it would work.

After a while, he sighed and swallowed the rest of his laughter.

"Haaa... True. I remember how bad my father was when he came back. Those angels kicked his ass like no tomorrow," he said in a casual tone.

'And you don't seem to care about that,' I thought. I could only make weird expressions since I didn't know how I should respond.

Well, even though he looked nonchalant, the fact that he came to the human world to pick up Erebus in order to fulfill his promise to his father was something else. Another question popped into my head.

"Do you feel guilty after killing your brother"

"Yes," he admitted, followed by another long breath.

"I hate him. But after all, he is my brother. On the other hand, he is too dangerous. He must be exterminated."

His response intrigued me.

"What about me Are you going to annihilate me too if I do the same"

My question made him turn to me. My blood froze in a second as soon as I saw his gaze.

"Try it. I'll kill you for sure," he threatened and I could tell he was serious.

Although I felt a tremendous killing intent, I tried to swallow it.

"May I know why" I suddenly turned polite upon that frightening stare.

"We shouldn't disturb the balance. What belongs in the darkness must remain in the darkness. What is bathed in the light must not try to take over the darkness. That is the main rule of the three worlds," he explained.

I had heard that from my servants but what I wanted to know was the reason.

"What if someone broke it"

“The border between the three worlds will be destroyed. The worlds of humans, demons and angels will become one. A great war between the three worlds will rage. Everyone will become the victim. In the end, this world is not much different from that Torture Abyss. A huge battle royale arena with no winners," he explained.

"Anyway, you have found good stuff. Puriel is a high angel but not as strong as the others. So you should be able to kill her and take her power easily. I wonder why a high angel like her can be so weak," he scoffed. He looked calmer now.

"So, when are you going to kill her" he said in a casual tone as if killing someone was normal. But thinking again, I had killed a lot of other demons, so I couldn't complain.

"Oh about that, I didn't plan to kill her."

He frowned in confusion.

"What Why" Then he remembered something and clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Please don't say it's because human morality stuff," he said straight to the point.

"She said since I'm an incubus I could use a more peaceful method. By having sex with her," I explained. Although I couldn't deny what he said was one of my main reasons, to me, having sex with someone sounded more fun.

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