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The Incubus System 45 Chapter 44. Two Lust Demons. 18

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After I released my tail, the tip of my tail caressed her neck, down to her breast, circling between it. My tail raised her ripe breast alternately, making it jiggling in front of me. Then slowly I swiped it into the middle and played with her hardened tip.

Meanwhile, her tail tickled me from my face down to my neck, chest and abs. Our eyes looked at each other with an alluring gaze. A mischievous smile graced our faces.

Satisfied playing with her breast, my tail slipped and stroked between her thighs briefly, before stroking in front of her entrance. The liquid from her heat was dripping, wetting my tail.

A naughty giggle came out of her mouth.

"Ethan ... You naughty boy ..." she said in a teasing voice. Her tail moved down, stroking my half awakened cock from bottom to the top gently. The tickling sensation from my lower part raised my urge for mating.

"I'm not a boy ..." I whispered in a sweet voice as I stroked her entrance once more and swayed my tail behind her.


I slapped her butt with the tip of my tail.

"Ahhh ...!" She moaned in surprise. But a second later a naughty smirk blossomed on her face, her tail twisting with my tail and she lowered her hips slowly. Her wet heat rubbed my cock, moistening it with her lubricant, teasing and tickling the tip. I know she is playing with me but I can't wait any longer since my hunger is already on the top of my head. My hand pushed her, pinned her hands and placed it on my abs. Quickly, my hand grabbed her waist and pulled at me, thrusting my cock into her heat. But just when the tip of my cock got into it, I used my Demonic Erection skill as I continued to pull her. My cock suddenly enlarged and rubbed against her inner wall roughly.

"Anghhhhhh!" she moaned loudly. Her body jerked in pleasure.

"Ahahaha --- tastes good, right" My waist shook her body impatiently, while my hands held hers, making sure it remained on top of my abs, pressed her breast tightly, making her twin peaks more stand out.

"It feels - ha ... -hah- so good ..." A naughty smile developed on her lips, her eyes glinted in excitement like mine and her waist moved in tune with me.

Our eyes are locked together once more as our breath got heavier, our minds sank into pleasure. Every thrust that I do is always accompanied by her push, making me able to satisfy her innermost. While every friction shot more pleasure all over my body.

Slowly, our hunting breath is replaced by a slight chuckle which gradually turns into evil laughter which grew louder and louder. Likewise, our loud banging flesh could be heard clearly. But, who cares Isn't there only us in this devil space

She flinched.

"Agghh... I think I'm gonna cum - hah ..."

"Agggh --- Agghh --- Agghhh --- Aghhh --- Cumming --- Anghhh!" both of us moaned loudly as our hot liquids mixed together in hers.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

A breath of relief came out of my mouth, I couldn't say I was satisfied but at least I was able to suppress and control my desire. I just moved away and pulled my cock from her, she spoke again.

"Are you already done" she said in a mocking tone. A naughty smile adorned her face.

My hand grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.

"Are you mocking me" I said in a displeased tone.

She raised her chin in arrogance and a sly smile adorned her face.

"You have just gained access to your demonic form, you better not suppress it or you will not be able to control your desire in the future ."

A breath accompanied by a short evil chuckle came out of my mouth followed by another chuckle. I didn't expect she could find this out.

'Demonic Erection.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

"Then let's continue."

"Good." Without hesitation, she pushed me and slid my cock into her heat once more.

"Ugghhhh ...." I grunted. She shook her waist impatiently, a mischievous smile adorned her face as her eyes observed my expression as if to show her dominance over me. But no ... I refused to be demeaned like that, my demonic instinct didn't let me be under the other's domination. I rolled to the side, reversing our position, snatching her control of me and shaking my waist wildly.

"Don't you dare ... - hah-hah -... Underestimate me!"

"Nghhh!" she grunted, restraining my movements and smiling slyly.

"I also want ahh ... - huh - to say the same thing." She got up and pushed me in the opposite direction without releasing my cock, her waist moving back and forth, shaking, heating it with every friction with her heat.

"Ahh ... hhhhaahhh ..." A moan came out of my mouth. It feels so good, it's more difficult for me to hold it. I pushed her back to the other side and took over her control and restrained her hand tightly. My waist movement is getting rougher and faster as we are close to the climax.

"Aanggghh !!!" We moaned loudly as our pleasure reached the top of our heads.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Level Up!]

[You are now Level 20.]

[You have 43 unused stat points.]

[You have 8 unused skill points.]

[You have earned a new title: Crazy Demon. Three times in a row with your own kind. VIT 5 WIS 5]

A breath came out of my mouth, I could felt the wild beast inside me was satisfied. I pulled my cock and released my tail.

"Do you feel better" she asked. Her hair turned into a tight outfit that covered her body.

"Yes," I replied simply. My hand pulled my trousers and zipper. I stood up and moved my black wings, my eyes observing at each of its movements.

"Do you want to try it" she asked as she stood up.

"Of course." I turned my gaze to the sky and jumped as I moved my wings, brought my body up, through the windless night sky since I was still in the devil space. My wings continued to move, my eyes looked at a scene I had never seen before, the small city lights that looked like fireflies, while the moon and stars felt so close to me. I stopped in mid-air and looked down, small houses and buildings under my feet as if they were just toys. It felt strange because even my feet didn't touch the ground but I could 'stand' properly without any support. Then I turned my gaze into my palm.

"Demon ..." I murmured. I never thought I, who nearly become demons' meal a few days ago, I, who was a poor college student ... Suddenly able to get this power after reviving again as a demon.

'With this, I can kill the demons who killed my father ...'

"Thinking of world domination" teased Lilieth who suddenly flew to my side.

"I'm not interested in that," I replied. I realized that taking over the world is not impossible with my current power. All I need to do is raise my level and use it to manipulate higher-ups. But I'm not interested in that, I don't want to ruin the world I have now.

"Then what do you think" she asked curiously.

My gaze returned to the scene before me as a bitter smile developed on my lips.

"My father ..."

She frowned in confusion.

"Your father"

I answered with a nod. But a second later Emma's words about today's numbers in her demon compass crossed my mind.

"Do you know what happened a year ago" I'm sure that incident had something to do with the crack, so she should know something.

"What are you talking about"

"When the first crack happened outside Ironshade town, there was a demon hunter who fought alone there. Do you know about the incident" I took that conclusion because according to Emma's story it had never happened before.

"Outside Ironshade town" She paused and deep in thought, trying to remember it.

"Ah! I remember there was a man fighting there. But that crack was the third one not the first."

'That crack is the third' I didn't know there was another crack that happened before that.

"He is my father. Were you also there at the time Do you know what happened there" I asked eagerly.

"He is your father" A second later a smirk formed on her face.

"I see ... No wonder both of you look the same."

"We are the same" I said in confusion. Although my father's and my hair colour are the same, but my father's posture is much better than mine. While many people say my face looks more like my mother's.

She approached me, her hand holding the side of my face, her eyes staring at me deeply.

"The look in your eyes when I first met you was the same as your father. The eyes of those who never give up and struggle to live."

I grabbed her hand and looked at her in emotion.

"If you were there then, why didn't you turn him into a demon like me ! Why didn't you save him! " My disappointment was heard clearly from my voice.

"It's not that I don't want to but I can't." She pulled her hand from my grip.

"That day is the same as today. I fought three Vengeful Imps and their army alone. Although they were not high-level demons, their cannibal abilities made it difficult for me to defeat them. On the third crack, a man suddenly entered my devil space and he fought the Imp army alone. I saw him fighting desperately, but I couldn't help him because I was busy taking care of their leader. After I defeated their leader, it was too late to help him, I need to admit he was strong because even though he was human, he could defeat the Imp army alone. "

"My father defeated them alone" I asked in disbelief. Even though I've become a demon, I had a hard time fighting with them earlier.

Lilieth smiled.

"Yes, he is a brave man who died honourably. You should be proud of him."

"I know ..." I can imagine what the imps did to my father from the wounds on his body, but hearing his struggle was not in vain made my sadness lighter.

Suddenly she looked the other way with a serious expression.

"Some humans have entered my devil space."

I could guess it was the demon hunter association reinforcement.

"Those are the demon hunters. We have to get out of here."

She nodded and we glided quickly to the building's rooftop. My hands grabbed my t-shirt and wore it.

"Ethan, with this you have more power compared to your old self. Now you can help me to fix the crack with your dark energy."

"I will definitely help you," I answered without hesitation. This crack problem is more severe than I thought. Previously I thought that only low-level demons could get away to this world but I was wrong.

"Very well." She raised his hand and clenched it.

"Devil Space Deactivated."

Suddenly the sky above us broke like glass and uncovered the real sky. All the damage caused by our previous battle suddenly disappeared as if nothing had happened. The sound and strong gusts of wind swept across my face, ruffling my hair.

She swung her hand and a portal formed in front of her.

"Since our business is finished. I will excuse myself."

"Thank you for your help."

"Good night, Ethan." She entered the portal and disappeared from my sight.

I jumped down from the roof to a dark alley near me.

'Demonic Form deactivated!'

[You have deactivated your Demonic Form.]

A second later, a dark aura covered my body, my wings, horns and tail turned into the dark aura and disappeared, and the colour of my eyes returned to normal.

'Dark Healing.'

[Dark Healing has been used.]

[Your HP has restored 100 points.]

I checked my body and found there were still some wounds on it. Finally I used my Dark Healing skill once again.

'Dark Healing.'

[Dark Healing has been used.]

[Your HP has restored 100 points.]

After examining my body once more to make sure I was back to Damian and there were no wounds left on my body, I stepped out of the alley.-

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