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The Incubus System 51 Chapter 50. Can I Touch You? 18

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"Shall we move to another place" Even though this place is quiet but this is an open place, at least I want to minimize the chances of getting caught.

"But where My classes will start in half an hour." Her face was still red in embarrassment.

"I know a place." My hand grabbed her hand and pulled her toward a desolate toilet. After I got my first daily quest, I walked around the college looking for a safe quiet place to turn into Damian and this is one of it.

We walked into a stall and both of us dropped our bags. Unlike her shy attitude earlier, because this room was closed she immediately hugged me and kissed me, spilling what she wanted to do to me all this time. Her tongue entered and moved clumsily inside my mouth before I could say anything to her.

Her breasts pressed against my chest, allowing both of us to feel each other's heartbeats.

My hands that were on her waist moved up into her t-shirt, opening her bra hook. Slowly one of my hands shifted from her back to her breast while the other hugged her waist.

"Mppphhh ..." a muffled moan came out of her mouth as my hand squeezed her soft mound and played with her tip with my fingers. A few seconds later I could feel her body starting to tremble as her heart was beating even faster.

I released my kiss and took my hand off her breast.

"Olivia" I said worriedly.

"Why did you stop" But despite her words, I could see traces of her fear on her face. I was quite surprised because Olivia is always fierce and never shows her fear to anyone but today she shows it just because I touched her.

"You're shaking."

"I'm just a little cold ..." she lied. From her words it seemed like she didn't want me to stop, but if I continued it I was afraid that her trauma would worsen so I changed my ways.

"I'll warm you," I said as I took both of her hands and placed them on either side of my hot face. Slowly I lowered it to my neck, my chest, my abs and in front of my zipper. My eyes remained fixed on her and instead of a mischievous smile, I gave her a gentle smile.

Slowly I made her hand touch my cock which was still half-hard from the outside. Her trembling hand rubbed it slowly.

"It's okay ... You are the one who touches me. You have control over me," I tried to calm her down. From her reaction I could tell she had never done it before, letting her take control of me would only make her confused. Whereas because of her fear, I couldn't place myself as a dominant either, it would only worsen her fear. That's why I have to calm her down, so I played my dominant and submissive roles simultaneously.

As her hand rubbed and touched my cock, her trembling was getting less and less while my face was getting flushed and my cock was getting tense.

"Do you want to see it" My jeans was getting tighter.


She paused for a moment in doubt .


I moved her hand to lower my zipper, took off my jeans and underwear. Her hand started shaking again when I made her touch my cock directly. While I held back my mating desire that started to burn my body, but I know I have to be patient.

I made her grasp my cock and shook it as I slipped her other hand into my sweater and t-shirt, feeling her hand that slightly callused from her martial arts training.

"You can touch me as you like. I'm completely under your control ..." I said once again. As her hands got used to me, I released my grip and positioned myself completely submissive.

"Ngghh ..." A soft moan came out of my mouth, as her awkward touch started to turn bolder. Her hand moved, exploring my body while the other shook my cock harder. My breathing was getting heavier, my face was getting redder but I held myself and didn't touch her.

"Kiss me ..." I pleaded.

She came over to me and we kissed. Our tongues clashed with each other and this time her tongue movements got better as she got used to it.

"Can I touch you" I asked after we broke our kiss.

"Yes ..." Then she kissed me again, her tongue moved even bolder than before.

After getting her permission my hand slipped inside her t-shirt and touched her breast, resuming my play.

"Mpphhh," she moaned softly. My other hand touched her, explored her body, stimulated it until I could feel her tense muscles more relaxed.

"Olivia ... I can't stand anymore," I whispered in a ragged breath. My cock is fully awake and my load is full. My patience has almost reached my limit ...

My hands moved to open her zipper slowly, but she held it.

"You don't want it" I asked.

"Let me do it ..." Her hands took off her jeans and panties. She came closer and rubbed my cock at her entrance, her eyes staring at me, watching every change in my expression and her hands pinned mine against the wall. Different from the first time, she has more courage now since I have shown my obedience earlier.

Her liquid dripped from her heat, soaking my hard rock cock, stimulating it with every friction.

"Please ... Let me in ... I can't stand anymore." It was more difficult for me to hold myself, my body screamed for intercourse, my mind began to sink into my desire even I was afraid I would mess up everything.

She ignored me.

"Ah ...- hah-hah- Olivia ..." I called out her name once again, showing that I was really at my limit.

She pushed me to the closet. Slowly she spread her legs and slid my cock into her heat. I flinched and bit my lips. My hands hugged her body tightly.

"Ughhhh ---..." A sense of pleasure immediately spreads through my body. The friction that surrounds my cock is extraordinarily delicious, her inner wall is so narrow and warm. Moreover, she kept pushing her through her resistance without a pause, making me feel everything in one push.

"Nggghhhh ..." Just like me she bit her lip, held back her moan and took a quick breath when all of mine had entered.

After she got used to it, her waist moved slowly back and forth in stiffness.

"Olivia, I'll do it."

She shook her head and kept trying to move her waist.

I released my hug and clamped her face with both my hands.

"Please ... I really can't take it anymore ..." I pleaded once again. I know she's never done this before, I don't want her to push herself any more than this.

She stopped.

"Am I that bad"

"No, it's your first time. I don't want you to push yourself."

"Alright ..." she sulked.

"Tell me if I'm too rough."I held both her round buttocks, stood without releasing my cock, lifted her legs and warped it around my waist. While she tightened her hug.

Without further ado, I rammed her body against the wall as my waist moved back and forth. I kissed her, licked her neck as I lost my patience. The sound of clashing flesh echoed throughout the room mixed with our muffled moans as we bit our lips, holding back our voices.

Our bodies were completely lost in pleasure. She didn't even say anything even though my waist movement was getting rough.

After a few minutes, she tightened her grip.

"Ngh ... Ethan ..." she called my name, holding back her moan.

I understood what she wanted and sped up my pace.

"Ungghhh," Our grunt came out from our mouth as we cum together.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Congratulations! You have completed your daily quest!]

[You have gained EXP! ]

[You have earned a new title: Tsundere Tamer. I love you, stupid! INT 2.]

[Congratulations! You have got a partner!]

[Olivia Creststream - Human (18)]

[Love Meter 5/10 - Dear heart, why him ]

She took a quick breath and I gave her a kiss on her lips.

"Do you like it"

"Yes ..." she said, hugging me tightly.

After a while, I released my grip and about to lower her but she was still clinging on me like a koala.


"Let me be like this for a while ..." she whispered.

I sighed at her spoiled act. "Fine." My hands hugged her once again.


Olivia's PoV

Olivia could feel her and Ethan's heart beating in sync. His warmth and softness warmer her, calming her chaotic mind. She didn't think she could do this with him this soon considering she hates men because of how her father treats her mother, but Ethan changes her mind. Although at first, she was attracted by his small kindness, but after she spent time with him for a few days, her feelings grew stronger.

His kindness slowly changed her thoughts that all men are the same as her father. His gentle and cold attitude makes her more curious at him. And just as she thought those two things had made her feelings flare up, Ethan showed another side of him ... His courage and firmness showed that he was not a man to be underestimated.

Even though she was disappointed after Ethan said that he could not be bound in a relationship but it could not extinguish her feelings, instead her feelings became even more turbulent.

She let go of her hug and returned to her feet, her hand moving to rub his face as her virgin blood flowed down her thighs.

"Ethan ... you are the only man who can make me like this." And a kiss landed on his lips again.-

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