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The Incubus System 57 Chapter 56. Punishment Game 18

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Diamond ducked down and passed under my arm, trying to escape once more. Quickly, I caught her from behind and hugged her tightly.

"Where are you going Wasn't it you who asked me to come over" I whispered in a seductive voice.

"Ethan, let me remind you one more time. We're still at the college." Even though she tried to threaten me but I caught a trace of fear in her voice.

Slowly, my hand reached the side of her face and stroked it gently.

"Do you think I care" I licked behind her ear and she trembled upon it.

"I will make you obey me," I whispered.

Without further ado, I pulled her and pressed her upper body onto the desk with her back facing me.

"Ah!" she yelped in surprise. I leaned behind her, while my hands moved to take off her skirt and panties.

"Ethan!" Her tentacles moved in my way but I caught one of them and licked it.

"Ahh ~!" An erotic moan escaped her mouth as my tongue licked the tip of her tentacle and sucked it hard. My other hand moved between her legs and rubbed her entrance with my thumb.

"Ahnn ... Ethan ..." She bit her lips, holding back the pleasure that I gave her. Her tentacles weakened and even spread out on their own, giving me more access to her entrance.

"If - if you want to punish me in this way ... I don't mind ~"

A 'plop' sound could be heard as I pulled out her tentacle from my mouth.

"You don't mind about this" I teased her.

"Punish me, Ethan ... Punish me until you're satisfied ~" she challenged in a spoiled tone. My hand rubbed and squeezed her butt.

Without warning, I threw a hard slap on her butt.

- Plaakk !!

"Ahh!" she yelped. Even though I controlled my strength, but it left a faint red mark on her skin.

A seductive smile bloomed on her lips.

"So ... You want to play rough, hm"

A short chuckle came out of my mouth.

"Yes. I don't want to be a gentleman today." Even though I looked like I was seducing her, but I'm pretty sure this punishment will make her beg me.

Without further ado, I plugged two of my fingers into her heat.

"Ahh!" she twitched in surprise.

My fingers moved skillfully, played and explored her inside, tickling her warm inner wall. My other hand opened her mouth forcefully, slipping my fingers in and moved it inside her mouth.

"Do you like being violated by a student Hm Miss chairwoman," I said sarcastically. Wet saliva dripped out of her mouth and covered my palm.

"Ah ... haah ..." She could only respond with a muffled voice since my fingers were still in her mouth.

She gasped as I touched her sweet spot.

"Ahhhn ~ Ang ... ~ Ang ..." At my touch, prickly goosebumps erupted on her skin. Her body was getting hotter by every second. Her face flushed red and her breathing grew heavier.

"Does it feel good" I whispered. I could feel her heat loosened and her liquid dripping down to my fingers even started to wet her entrance.

"Ahhh ~ ahnn ... yes ... It's fewl ho gwod ..." she replied in a ragged breath.

I pulled my fingers out of her heat and mouth. Then threw another slap on her butt again.

- Plaakk !!

"Let's continue to the main course." An evil smirk adorned my face as Diamond looked impatient waiting for my punishment. My hands pulled down my zipper and jeans before I turned her over and laid her on the desk. I leaned forward, pulled both of her hands over her head and held it against the desk with one of my hands. I rubbed my half-awake cock to her entrance, moistening it with her lubricant.

"Do you want it" I teased her again. Every friction made my cock even harder as my mating desire grew stronger.

"Yes ..." She bit her lip impatiently, her eyes fixed on me filled with lust.

"Ah ... Ethan ..."

Feeling her gaze, I smirked and pushed my cock inside her.

"Aggghhh ~!" she moaned loudly as I penetrated her heat in one push. My hot flesh filled her entire heat, while her inner wall clamped and covered my cock perfectly.

Just after I plugged in, I moved back and forth, hammering and thrusting her. The sound of loud banging flesh mixed with heavy breathing and loud moans filled the room.

Yes-- ahhhh ... Ethan --- Oh ~ Ethan ... Ahh ... Hahhh ... more ... more --- aaanghhh! " she begged with a seductive expression. I knew she was already in high pleasure just like me.

After a while, I could feel she was close to reaching her peak climax. When I felt her getting closer, I pulled out my cock and climbed up onto the desk as I spread my legs, locking her upper body with my weight, placing her head between my thighs.

"Ethan" She seemed confused by what I was doing.

One of my hands pulled the back of her head closer to my hard rock cock. While my other hand shook it in front of her face.

"Ahh --- ahhh !! No! Ethan !! Please, no!" she begged as she began to understand what I was going to do. Her panic was clearly visible on her face.

I responded with a devious smile on my face as my eyes fixed on her. My hand shook my cock faster.

"Ughhhh!" A moan out of my mouth as my head bent in the mid-air. My semen soaked all over her face, dripping down to her hair, neck and desk.

I looked at her disappointed face and gave her a devious smile once again.

"Ah ... Ah ... Why take it out outside" Her dissatisfaction clearly sounded from her voice. I pulled out my cock before she cum, of course, she wasn't satisfied.

I brought my face closer to hers, my hands restrained her hands on the desk once more.

"If you can break the contract, why can't I"


Before she complained, I used my charm skill on her.


A sweet erotic fragrance wafted. Her face was getting redder, her eyes looked at me in extraordinary thirst.

"Ethan --- ahh ... Ahh ... Please, satisfy me ... Please," she begged as she struggled. Some of her tentacles moved quickly, clinging to my neck and body, trying to pull me closer but I didn't budge.

I responded to her with a slight evil chuckle.

"Didn't I say I would discipline you" I replied in an indifferent tone. I believed she was tormented. Moreover, my charm skill made things worse.

"Ethan ... Please ..." she pleaded once again. Her body slithered slowly like a snake, trying to hold back a wave of desire within her.

I remained silent as I enjoyed her expression. I shifted her hands over her head and held it with one of mine. While my other hand crept down and rubbed her entrance which was already wet once again. I could feel her heat throbbing hard as if begging me to thrust her

"Ahh ... Hahh ... Ah ... Ethan ..." she begged again.

Another evil chuckle came out of my mouth.

"Say it that you are a bad girl." This time I will strip down all of her pride.

"Ah ... I'm a bad girl," she said in a low voice.

"Louder," I demanded.

"I'm a bad girl!" she said in a louder voice.


"I'm a bad girl!" she shouted.

"Good ..." I shifted my hand from her heat to her face. Without prompting, her head raised up slightly and licked my fingers passionately, replacing her lubricant that covered my fingers with her saliva.

"Ethan ... Please ... I can't take it anymore," she pleaded again, her eyes looked at me with tears.

"I will let you go if you admit your mistake."

"I was wrong! I'm sorry, I won't do it again," she said quickly.

"Fine." I released her and she just looked relieved that her suffering was over but I turned her around and pulled her laptop in front of her.

"I want you to send your apology now."

"Ethan ... I promise I'll do it later. Please satisfy me first ..." Her liquid that dripped from her heat was getting more and more. I knew she had reached her limit.

I approached behind her ear and whispered.

"Obey me ... Or I won't touch you anymore," I threatened.

She paused for a moment as she swallowed her pride before she put her hand on her laptop and started typing. My gaze shifted to her laptop screen, making sure she typed all the email addresses correctly. While my fingers continued to play at her entrance.

"Nggghh ..." A soft moan came out of her mouth as she endured the burning desire in her body. But despite her condition, she still obeyed and her fingers kept typing on her keyboard.


She pressed the 'enter' key hard, signalling that she had finished.

"Ethan ... I've finished it ..." she said in a ragged breath.

"Good girl." My hand stroked the side of her face slowly as my tongue licked the other side of her face. She smiled sweetly at my compliment.

"Now I'll give your reward."

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