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The Incubus System 6 Chapter 6. Strange Feeling

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The Incubus System Chapter 6. Strange Feeling

Time flies, I've accompanied her for two hours.

"Thank you for accompanying me today, Damian," Camila said while giving me a sweet smile, her eyes looking at me gently.

'No, no. I should be the one to thank you. If it wasn't you saved me, I would have been at the police station now. '

"It is my job, Camila," I replied.

She took her cellphone from her bag.

"What is your virtual account number" she said while swiping her cellphone screen. Virtual accounts are commonly used to make payments on any transaction and this number is usually the same as the user's phone number.

I just opened my mouth to tell her my number, but I remembered that my virtual account was registered with my real name 'Ethan'.

'I can't say it...'

"I'm sorry. I just lost my cellphone today. For the time being, I can only accept cash."

"Ah ... Alright." She opened her bag, took the money and gave it to me.

"2,000 creds. Like our agreement."

Actually, I was quite surprised since there are rarely people who carry that much cash these day. I took it awkwardly.

"Thank you," I said as I put it in my bag. It feels very strange receiving the money to do something like this.

"Once again, Thank you for using my services. I'll take my leave." Then I stood up from my seat.

"Wait." She took a pen from her bag and wrote something on the napkin paper.

"After you buy a new cellphone, you can contact me at this number," she said as she gave it to me.

I took it, skimmed it out and put it in my pocket. "I'll definitely contact you." Then I gave her a slight bow, turned and left.

Camila looked at me walking away and out of the restaurant, a smile growing on her face.

Her marriage is arranged by her parents, her marriage life is a mere farce. She fulfilled her obligations as a good wife, without ever falling in love before. She always thought this was a normal thing, something she should have done. Until finally she caught her husband having an affair a year ago. But instead of regret, her husband even said things that hurt her even more.

"Our parents are gone. Their agreement is outdated, rather than maintaining this stupid marriage play, isn't it time for us to look for our own happiness"

His words struck her heart like lightning during the day. But no matter how hurt she was, she tried to keep it to herself, until finally, she saw her husband making love with his affair before her eyes. Her patience runs out, she's fed up!

She took some cash from her account and planned to rent a prostitute without wanting to engage in further relations with them. But her mind changed after meeting Damian, she felt something she had never felt before. Her heart was pounding and she wanted to spend more time with him, she even was determined to give her phone number to him.

Camila looked at the pen that was still in her grasp.

"What have I done" she muttered.


* Bib *

I placed my MRT card on the scanner at the station entrance and the door before me opened. My feet stepped into the station as a smile developed on my face. I have been struggling with my financial problems for several months and suddenly my problem is resolved in just a few hours.

My steps stopped at a payment machine inside the station.

'Instead of carrying this much cash, I'd better deposit it to my account.'

I took out my cellphone to check the clock.

09.03 PM

'I still have 7 minutes before my train arrives.'

I approached the machine, touched the screen, entered my account number and my pin.


I stood in front of my house, my bag on one shoulder and my hand holding a plastic bag containing snacks from the mini-market. I looked left and right to make sure there was no one else around me, currently, I was still in my form as Damian. I want to change back to Ethan but I'm not sure I will succeed.

'Incubus Form deactivated!'

[You have deactivated your Incubus Form.]

A second later, a dark aura covered my body, I closed my eyes tightly as the sound of bones rattled with a strange hiss in my ears. It sounded like the sound of broken bones from all over my body but I felt no pain at all. After the sound disappeared, I opened my eyes slowly. I glanced at my feet and realized my height had returned to normal. My hands move to touch my body and my face. A smile of relief soon developed on my face. I have returned! I'm not Damian now, I'm Ethan!

I opened the door and moved my feet. But just when I entered, Celia's scream came from inside the house.


My eyes were fixed on a man who pinned my sister's body on the living room sofa. I know him, that guy named Bern, my sister's ex-boyfriend and I never liked him. I dropped my bag and groceries as my feet rushed toward them. Without thinking twice, I immediately pulled him and punched him in the face.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a human for 30 HP.]

In one blow, he fell to the floor. He looked at me with a surprised expression, not expecting he would fall in one hit, so did I and Celia.

Bern is a big and muscular man, he's a martial artist who often wins matches. While my body is completely average and a little thin, I rarely exercise and spend more time at the desk. Taking him down in one hit was almost impossible for me.

'Is all this due to the strange system'-

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