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The Incubus System 59 Chapter 58. A Guest 18

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The sound of our loud banging flesh echoed throughout the room. The chair where I sat now shook violently as Diamond sat on my lap, shaking her waist up and down, pushing my cock deeper into her heat, warming her inner wall and my cock with every rough friction she made. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, her ripe breasts shook up and down in front of me. Drops of sweat dripped down her neck down her breast and dripped off her pink tip.

Her face flushed, her eyes tightly closed, her head tilted slightly backwards enjoying my big cock stimulating her inner wall.

"Ahh --- ahh --- ahh --- hahh," moan after moan escaped her mouth as she continued to move her body.

While I sat leisurely, my back was leaning against the back of the chair and my hands resting on the armrests, a smirk adorned my lips. Not a single piece of clothes covered my body.

"Harder," I demanded.

Obediently, she rocked her waist even harder.

"Agh ... Ahhh ... Ah ..." her moans grew louder.


She shook her waist even harder than before, banging our flesh even rougher.

"Ah --- ahh --- ahh ... Ethan ... I can't take it anymore," she said in a ragged breath.

"Not yet, I still want more."

She bit her lower lip, holding back the extraordinary pleasure that was drowning her mind and body. Her body continued to move up and down without resting.

My smirk widened when I saw her expression desperately holding back the pleasure within her.

"Ethan - ah - hahh - ah ... I really can't - ah - hold it anymore ..." she begged.

"Cum with me." My hands gripped her waist tightly and pulled her body down, pushing my cock deeper into her heat.

"Ohhhh !!!" she moaned loudly. Her head bent in mid-air, her hands scratched my neck to my back as we cum together.

"Nggghhh" I grunted. My hands hugged her hips tightly, making sure she could not move from her position before all my hot liquid came out in hers.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP!]

Her body was wet with sweat. One of my hands pulled her closer to my bare chest. She leaned to me without resistance, placing her head on my shoulder.

"Ethan, you cum so much. Do you like it" she asked in a soft voice. Her breath was panting after that hard exercise. Her hand moved gently down from my neck to my chest.

I grabbed her chin and raised it, making her face me.

"Yes, you did well," I complimented her.

She smiled shyly at my compliment.

"Kiss me," she asked.

"I didn't know you were such a spoiled girl," I teased.

"Ethan ~" she sulked in a spoiled tone, her brows furrowed.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her at me. Our lips crashed into each other as well as our tongues. A long passionate kiss followed.

The telephone on the desk rang, interrupting our kiss.

We released our kiss and she leaned to the desk. She cleared her throat before reaching out to press the loudspeaker button.

"Yes" she replied.

"Good afternoon, Miss Diamond. I'm sorry for bothering you but you have a guest. She said she had something important to discuss with you." A male voice answered.

"Tell her I'm busy right now," she replied curtly.

After hearing her answer, suddenly a rowdy noise was heard from there.


"Give me the phone!" A woman's voice was heard from there.

"Crekk --- krekk - creck"

Both of us frowned in confusion and exchanged glances before returning our gaze to the telephone on the desk.

"Hey, sis! It's me Pearl! I have to discuss something important with you," Pearl's voice sounded irritated.

Diamond gasped in surprise as soon as she heard Pearl's voice, she quickly got off my lap and approached the desk. Both of her hands were placed on it.

"Pearl, what are you doing here !" she said in half shocked tone.

"I want to discuss what I said this morning with you," Pearl replied.

"Ah ... Um ..." Diamond glanced at me and I responded with a nod. She returned her gaze to the telephone.

"I'll see you in 10 minutes," she said.

"Okay." Then she hung up the phone.

"I think we should end our meeting here," I said as I stood up and picked up my clothes that were scattered on the floor. Even though I was no longer afraid about my identity, based on Pearl's words she seemed to want to discuss something with Diamond privately.

"It's okay, she's my sister. She already knows about you. How about I introduce her to you"

I stopped and turned towards her.

"As long as both of you two don't mind," I replied in a relaxed tone.


"What took you so long" complained Pearl as she stepped into the room.

"Why did you come without any appointment anyway" replied Diamond, closing the door behind her.

I got up from the sofa.

"Good Afternoon, Miss," I greeted her. Currently Diamond and I had our clothes on. She also washed her face and sprayed dry shampoo on her hair since I cum so much on her face earlier.

Pearl stopped in front of me, folded her hands in front of her breasts and sighed in annoyance.

"No wonder, it took you so long to let me in." Then she shifted her gaze to Diamond who had just arrived beside her.

"You know, before, everyone looked at me as if I'm a freak. How annoying!" she complained again.

I could guess all of that because Pearl was wearing a sexy mini dress with a deep neckline that showed her cleavage clearly, coupled with high heels. It was definitely not common college clothes.

"It's because your dress," replied Diamond, pointing at Pearl's clothes with her eyes. Pearl just snorted as she looked away in annoyance.

Diamond approached me.

"Ethan, this is my sister, Pearl."

I extended my hand to Pearl.

"I'm Ethan, nice to meet you."

Pearl observed me from bottom to top before taking my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Ethan." She released her hand from me and threw herself onto the single sofa nearby nonchalantly. While I and Diamond were also sitting side by side on the long sofa.

Pearl's eyes were still locked onto mine, her brows furrowed.

"Sis, are you serious with him"

"Of course I'm serious, he already signed my contract," replied Diamond without hesitation.

Pearl leaned forward, her eyes still fixed on mine.

"Is there something wrong" I asked in confusion.

"You're not wrong but I think my sister's brain is wrong." Pearl shook her head side to side with a sigh once again, but her eyes didn't leave mine. Looks like she didn't believe Diamond could choose me.

"Pearl, watch your words," said Diamond in exasperation.

While I could understand Pearl's words, Damian's appearance was very different from mine. After all, she was already attached to Damian, so I considered her disinterest in me as a normal reaction.

"All right, all right," Pearl said in an indifferent tone as she threw her back on the sofa again.

"What brings you here" asked Diamond.

"As I said earlier I want to talk about what I said this morning," Pearl said, starting their conversation.

Diamond sighed.

"You've heard my words earlier, right I'm serious with him and he has signed my contract," she replied.

Pearl frowned in dissatisfaction with Diamond's answer.

"At least you should see him first. I'm sure you will change your mind after you meet him," she insisted.

'Does Pearl want to make Diamond to meet Damian' I guessed.

Meanwhile, after hearing Pearl's words, Diamond turned her face away unhappily.

"I told you I had no interest in your man," she flatly refused.

Okay ... From Diamond's words, I could guess Pearl was not just asking Diamond to meet Damian but more than that.

'Is Pearl planning to share Damian with her' Actually that was good news for me. Instead of doing it separately like this, wouldn't it be better to do it all at once But before I could admit Damian and Ethan were the same person, I had to increase their love meter to 6/10. After all, I would rather use my Demon's Rule skill than my Demon's Contract skill, unless I have to. Because the Demon's Contract skill would turn them into demons like me. forever.

"Oh---Come on!" Pearl sulked.

"No, absolutely not," Diamond reaffirmed.

Pearl looked at Diamond in annoyance.

"Why are you so annoying You know, even your high--" Pearl's words stopped as she covered her mouth with her hand.

I pressed my lips, trying to hold back my laughter, I could guess Pearl almost blurted out about Mia.

Diamond turned her gaze to Pearl in curiosity.

"Your Highness"

Pearl glanced at me while I returned my expression to normal.

"Do you want to have a private discussion with Miss Diamond" I offered.

Pearl's hand opened her mouth.

"Yes, I want to talk to my sister in private."

"Is that really important" asked Diamond in disbelief.

Pearl nodded.

Hearing her answer, I took my bag and turned my gaze to Diamond as I stood up from my seat.

"Then I'll excuse myself."

"See ya tomorrow," replied Diamond.

I turned my gaze to Pearl and smiled at her as a goodbye. She replied with another smile. Then I walked towards the exit.-

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