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The Incubus System 60 Chapter 59. What Is She Afraid Of?

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Diamond and Pearl's PoV

"Who do you mean by your highness" asked Diamond in curiosity, as soon as her office door closed.

"Princess Mia Ashelis. I met her last night," Pearl replied.

Diamond's eyes widened in shock and confusion.

"What is she doing here"

"She's in an exile period. That's why she's disguised herself as a commoner."

Diamond frowned.

"This is the first time I have heard of it."

"I also just found it out last night." Pearl leaned herself to Diamond and stared at her.

"And do you know what's crazier than that She also knows Damian, even both of us just made love with him last night."

Diamond chuckled.

"So both of you just tortured that poor man And you still asked me to join you" She shook her head side to side in confusion at her sister's request.

"Do you still want to torture him even more " Kraken's descendant had so many 'legs' that could be used to bind and stimulate their partner, making them as a toy, even could make them cum so many times without having to do any intercourse. While Lamia had a strong tail and a wild sex habit. That's why she could imagine how Pearl and Mia teased Damian as their toy all night.

Pearl frowned as she remembered what happened last night.

"What do you mean by torture him Last night he was able to defeat us without a single drop of sweat on his face," Pearl said in an annoyed tone. She was still upset over her failure. Damian didn't fight back at all, they tied him up, playing with his body in hopes that they could hear a plea from his mouth. But the result was the opposite ... Damian made them drown in pleasure and made them forget themselves even succeed to make them plead.

Diamond leaned forward as a sign that she was really interested.

"Are you serious" her curiosity was clearly visible on her face.

"I'm not lying to you," Pearl assured her.

"That's why I need your help to tame him," she said pleadingly. Somehow she wanted to see Damian's sharp eyes staring at her with a pleading look, saw his handsome face turn red from holding the incredible pleasure in his body, heard his panting breath and trembling voice begging to her. That's the reason why she decided to invite her sisters to join them.

Diamond was silent, Pearl's invitation was very tempting for her since a man who could handle a Kraken's descendant and a Lamia at the same time was rare. This applied not only to the human race but also to other races.

Her curiosity to join Pearl bugged her but suddenly Ethan's voice rang in her head.

'I'll remind you once again ... Don't ever try to break your contract like before or you will regret it.'

Since Diamond didn't answer her, Pearl grabbed her hand and broke Diamond's thought.

"You will help me, right" Pearl emphasized.

Diamond took Pearl's hand off hers.

"Too bad I'm not interested in it," she said casually, turning her face to the other way.

Pearl frowned in annoyance, she could have guessed it all because of Ethan.

"I do not understand what you see from that man. You can find a man like him anywhere." Pearl held Diamond's hand again and looked at her.

"But Damian is different. At least you should try it first."

Diamond withdrew her hand once again and gave Pearl an annoyed look.

"No," she said firmly. She couldn't imagine if Ethan got angry and didn't want to touch her anymore.

Pearl snorted and scowled.

"Sis ... Do you remember, we once hoped to serve the same man"

"I remember," Pearl replied. But of course, their hope was almost impossible because no one could do it with them at the same time.

"And Damian has those criteria! Don't you want to make our dreams come true" Pearl insisted.

Diamond was silent for a moment and bit her lower lips. She hesitated but no matter what Pearl said, her heart was attached to Ethan, she didn't want any other men to 'touch' her beside Ethan. But seeing Pearl still insist, she finally decided to meet Damian but of course only as an introduction since she had no interest in breaking her contract again.

"I'll meet him."

Pearl's face brightened, a smile immediately bloomed on her face.

"Alright, how about ---"

"Not today and I will meet him just to introduce myself, just like you met Ethan earlier," Diamond interrupted. Besides, even though she still could keep her composure, but actually, she was tired after doing it with Ethan.

"I'll arrange my schedule before going to your place," she added.

Pearl sighed in resignation. But at least Diamond agreed to see Damian. She was pretty sure that Damian would definitely catch her sister's heart easily.



Ethan's PoV

I stepped slowly down the college corridor. My eyes fixed on the screen in front of me.

[Demonic Erection skill will make Incubus' sperm contain a hypnotic effect that can increase pleasure and calming effect for his woman. This skill will also make an Incubus increase his partner's love meter easily.]

After hearing Pearl wanted to make Diamond meet Damian earlier, I started looking for a way how I could increase my partner's love meter quickly. And after analyzing from the previous events, I guessed maybe I could use my Demonic Erection skill to do it. I came to this conclusion because usually after I do it with that skill, my partner love meter increased by itself.But I confirmed it once again since I remembered when I did it with Mia for the first time and did it with Camila yesterday, their love meter didn't go up. But I thought it might have something to do with their unstable state at that time.

'I thought this skill is only used to satisfy my lust but it turns out to be an important skill.' But I didn't stop there, I decided to find out more.

'What is the difference between ordinary demons and incubus' servants'

[Ordinary demons have to eat humans to fill their DP while incubus' servants only need to have sex with their master to fill their DP.]

I stopped my steps after seeing this information. Previously I had thought, if there was a good demon who had the same fate as me I would be happy to be friends with him, but I was wrong. All the demons who fled to the human world, even if they were good, they would definitely kill other humans to eat, to fill up their DP. The only 'good' demons were demons like me and Lilieth, the demons who ate by doing intercourse. Well, I couldn't really say I was good. Ever since I turned into a demon I had sex with lots of women and more selfish than the old me. Even I could make my partner give herself up to me willingly.

'What is the difference between Partner, Servant and Slave'

[Partner, the women on this list still have their own desires and personalities. But their hearts are already tied to the incubus and cannot turn away to the others.

Servant, the women on this list still have their own desires and personalities. But they can't disobey their master's words or orders even if it goes against their will.

Slave, the women/men in this list don't have their own desires and personalities. They will act like empty puppets who follow all of their master's orders.]

As my eyes were still moving from side to side to read it, suddenly I could smell the stinking stench. An announcement with a red box appeared in front of me.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Another Demon detected!]

My eyes widened. I turned around and tried to locate the demon in shock. Right now, I was still in college, there were thousands of people here! If the demons attacked, there would be so many casualties before the demon hunters could reach this place. And if I had to use my devil space skill, I had to use it carefully since Emma was still here, beside there might be other demon hunters except her.

* Bump *

A girl bumped into me accidentally. Without stopping, she kept running past me.

[A demon has been found.]

As soon as I saw the announcement, I quickly chased after her. My eyes fixed on a girl who was running in front of me. Her body was a little short, her hair was blonde and her movements were very fast.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Two Tail Fox Demon]

[Level 12]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 241/241]

[DP: 92/92]

[Skills: Hiding lv 3, Shape-shifting lv 3, Tail whip lv 2.]

[Emotion: In fear]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Chest and Ears]

[Talent: Fast Movement. ]

As soon as I saw her emotions I frowned in confusion.

'Fear What is she afraid of '-

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