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The Incubus System 8 Chapter 8. Daily Quest or Lewd Quest?!

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The Incubus System chapter 8. Daily Quest or Lewd Quest!

I took a shower and changed my clothes to sleepwear.

"I'm so tired ..." I muttered as I dropped into bed.

Actually, I'm not really tired but my mind is tired. Everything changes quickly in the blink of an eye. I almost died, turning into a demon with a strange system in my head, making love with a random woman and won a fight with Bern. But I also feel relieved, at least with this system my problem is solved. I can protect my sister from Bern and solve our financial problems. I don't think it's bad to be a demon either.

I remembered I haven't checked my status after I levelled up.



[Name: Damian Lucio] [Age: 18]

[Level 2] [Exp: 92.08%]

[Race: Demon-Incubus] [Title: Newbie Fighter]

[HP: 209/210] [DP: 90/110]

[STR: 21] [VIT: 21]

[AGI: 26] [LUK: 16]

[INT: 21] [WIS: 11]

[Partners - 1]

[Camila Creststream - Human (35)]

[Unused stat - 5]

I stared at my status for a while to decide which stat points I should add.

'Maybe I need to add it in STR since I might meet other demons. But I think WIS is also good, with more DP I can cast more skills. ' I thought for a moment. 'Looks like I have to try using other skills before deciding.' But I immediately dismissed my thoughts, if my DP runs out it means I have to find a woman to make love to fill it.

Suddenly I remembered my curiosity. Why the partner announcement came after I chatted with Camila not after I made love with her.

'How to get partners'

[Partners obtained after you succeed to conquer her heart and make love with her.]

'Wait! Does it mean Camila is in love with me But why ... 'I tried to remember what I said to her before the announcement appeared, but as far as I remember I just chatted with her.

'It's strange...'

* Tuk *

I heard a strange sound inside my head. I turned from side to side looking for the origin of the sound and did not find it. Finally, I turned my attention back to my status screen. I focused my attention on my DP number.

[DP: 89/110]

I'm sure when I checked earlier my DP was still 90.

'Why does my DP decrease by itself'

[To maintain its existence in the human world, a demon will consume 1 point DP every 30 minutes.]

'Huh ! What ! '

My brain calculated and converted my DP to find out when I have to fill it.

'Two days ... I have to make love every two days ...' I ruffled my own hair in frustration as I screamed internally.

'Arggg !!! Does this system really turn me into a pervert ! '


The afternoon sun shines brightly in the sky. I just finished my class and I sat on a bench in the Diamond collage's yard while chewing a sandwich in my hand, my eyes staring at a crowd of other students who were chatting not far from me but my mind wasn't there.

'There is no other way, I have to work as a prostitute to fill my DP.'

I've considered a lot of things since last night. With Damian's handsome face, I can be a host or even a model to make money easily. The problem is ... Damian doesn't have an ID! There is no legal job that does not require an ID. I can't even work in a brothel. The only way out is I have to become a freelance prostitute. I have to find my own customers, in other words, I have to be a women hunter. Well, that's not that bad, at least I can adjust my work hours.

A tap on my shoulder interrupted my thoughts.

"Aren't you tired of eating sandwiches every day" A male voice accompanied the tap.

"What's wrong with the sandwich" I replied without looking at him.

A black-haired man with a crew cut sat next to me. Larry Grandroar, he has been my best friend since childhood.

"You should eat something more nutritious, not just a sandwich."

I opened my sandwich and showed him the ham and cheese in the middle of it.

"More nutritious, right" Then I closed it and took another bite.

"Wow! Congratulations Ethan! Finally, you broke up with jam!" he teased.

I continued to bite my sandwich, ignoring his teasing. I usually only eat jam sandwiches, but not because I like them. I have to save my expenses. Since yesterday I just got more money, I decided to reward myself with more delicious food.

He raised one eyebrow and looked at where I was staring.

"Ahh ... Our protagonist is staring at his beloved princess."

"Huh" I replied in a stupid voice, not understanding what he meant.

"Aren't you watching her" he said, pointing to a female elf in the crowd with his chin.

My face turned red as my attention was on her. I didn't pay attention because I was too busy sinking in my own thoughts. The elf named Emma Lunaspark. She has a sweet face, gorgeous body, long silver hair and she comes from a rich family. She was kind and popular. She is like a perfect goddess to me.

Larry put his arm around my shoulder.

"It's about time for you to approach her. How long do you keep looking at her from afar like this"

I stared at her amazingly beautiful figure. She was surrounded by other students, occasionally she laughed and smiled between their chats. But our status is like heaven and earth. Besides, now I'm not a human anymore and work as a prostitute . No woman from a high-status family wants to be with a man like me.

I released Larry's arms.

"Don't tease me," I replied. She was someone I would never get and I realized that.

Suddenly an announcement appeared before my eyes.

[You have received a daily quest!]

[Squeezing a woman's breast.]

[Target: Emma Lunaspark.]

[Reward: Title and EXP.]

[Punishment: Losing your DP randomly.]

[Time limit: 3:59:54]

* Cough * * Cough * * Cough *

I choked as soon as I read it and Larry immediately patted my back.

"What is wrong with you"

"I'm fine," I said after I could make my voice.

'What the hell !!! I didn't even dare to say hello and you told me to squeeze her breast !! Screw this system !!!!! '

Note: 1 point VIT / WIS = 10 HP / DP.

When his DP is fully charged, his WIS is still 10 points (he gets 1 point after winning the fight). So he actually only lost 10 DP: 2 DP for Observation skill and 8 DP since it's already 4 hours have passed after he **ed Camila.-

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