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I released Emma from my embrace as my feet landed on the rooftop of an abandoned building.

She immediately let go of her hands and retreated awkwardly.

"Why did you bring me here"

"Because I want to eat you ..." I teased with a smirk. My feet stepped closer to her slowly, while she stepped back. Her eyes were on me. At least I wanted to teach her a little lesson so she wouldn't trust a person she just met easily, just like that kid.

"Y - you ... Want to eat me I thought you didn't eat humans." Traces of fear in her voice could be heard clearly. Her hand was pointing towards me, I could already guess she wanted to use her Holy Chain skill out of fear.

But before the chain came out of her hand, her back hit the high parapet. Quickly, I approached her, pinned her hands on the side of her head and spread my wings, covering us. My face drew closer to her while she trembled in fear. But then I stopped at her ear.

"Just kidding. I don't eat humans," I whispered in a casual tone.

I pulled my face away and stared at her face, which was still tense. A second later, a chuckle leaked out of my mouth as I removed my hands from hers and folded my wings. I didn't expect her to be this scared, since she was so fierce when she defended the kid. I even thought she wanted to kill me.

"Yo - you are so annoying!" she scowled in a stammering voice.

"I brought you here because I'm sure you want to ask me a lot of things," I said with a smile.

"You really don't eat humans" her eyes stared at me in doubt.

"Should I prove it" I opened my mouth and pretended to bite her neck like a fangless vampire.

But she pushed my face away with her hands.

"No --- there's no need. I trust you," she said quickly.

I pulled my face away. While she lowered her hands and took a glance at me.

"Why are you helping us" she asked curiously.

"Because I was once a human," I replied lightly.

She frowned in confusion, her eyes stared at me in seriousness.

"You were once a human" she said in disbelief.

I smiled dryly. A human who turned into a demon certainly sounded like nonsense

"I'll tell you a story. Do you mind listening to it"

She nodded her head.

"Then" She asked me to continue my story.

"After that incident, his whole world collapsed. His sister blamed him for their father's death and began to distance herself away. Meanwhile, his mother disappeared after his father's funeral was over. Later he found his mother moved to a new house in another city which he did not know where it is even now. The boy was very depressed, but he didn't want to give up, he knew he had a responsibility to raise his sister. He worked as a private tutor, while his mother sent him money every month. But it only lasted a few months before things got worse again, he lost his income along with his mother reducing the money she gave. And when he decided to apply for a job, it turned out to be demons' trap. " Even though I was a demon now,but remembering that unpleasant experience still made me shudder in horror.

"Then What happened to the boy" Emma asked impatiently.

"He died."

After hearing my words, Emma bent her head down in sadness and regret.

"But then he came back to life," I continued.

She lifted her head again.

My eyes locked on her.

"But not as a human, but as a lust demon."

Her eyes widened, her surprise was visible on her face.

"When he found out his new identity, he had a hard time accepting it, but for him, the important thing was that he was still alive and could take care of his sister. And since he had to eat by having sex, he decided to work as a prostitute under his incubus name, Damian. While maintaining his normal life as his old self, Ethan. "

"Wait ! What !" she said half screaming in disbelief.

"Ethan Strongheart, that is my real name," I declared.

Her confusion was clear on her face and her eyes stared at me in disbelief.

"You are Ethan Strongheart"


"Ethan, Diamond College's model student" she made sure.

"Yeah, that's me."

"But--" She pressed her temple and shifted her head from side to side in confusion.

"That's impossible! Both of you are completely different!"

I knew I could not be explained in words. That's why I decided to show it.

'Demonic Form deactivated. Incubus Form deactivated. '

[You have deactivated your Demonic Form.]

[You have deactivated your Incubus Form.]

My wings, horns and tail disappeared as I returned to my human form before her eyes. While she could only stun in shock.

"I never knew that my father was a demon hunter. Thank you for telling me," I said with an honest smile.

"You ..." She said a word, but then she pressed her lips. She was speechless and didn't know what to say anymore.

"Emma ... I am so happy you are not afraid of me even after seeing my true form. That's why I want to tell you my feelings." I lifted my hand slowly and touched her face. And she didn't avoid me. Our eyes that were glued to each other trembled with emotion. My heart was beating even faster.

"I love you ... You are the first to accept me as I am."

She lowered her head in confusion and awkwardness. Her flushed cheeks were clearly visible. Her eyes trembled in bewilderment.

"Are - are you not afraid I'll report you to the association"

I knew she tried to divert our conversation in embarrassment, but she didn't refuse me or say anything about Olivia like this afternoon, which means she also had the same feelings as me.

"I'm not afraid. Didn't you say that during your suspension period the association would ignore your report" After all, reporting a human who came back to life as a demon was even more absurd than yesterday's incident.

"Tha- that's ..." she stammered, I could see her face getting flushed clearly.

My smile came back. But a second later my smile disappeared as the stinking stench pierced my nose along with an announcement in a red box in front of me.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Another Demon detected!]

I gasped in shock. How could I forget With so many demons like that, of course, there was a crack around here!

With swiftness, I shifted my hand, grabbed hers and pulled her to hide behind a large, semi-finished pillar with concrete wires still rising upward.

"What is wrong" she said in confusion.

"Shhh, there is another demon nearby," I said in a low voice.

I turned and peeked from behind the pillar, my eyes sweeping around me in caution as well as hers.

"Where" she whispered.

I didn't answer, my eyes searched for the demon's location. Shortly, I could see a dark purple Imp flying beside the building. His two large red eyes protruded like frog's. The tip of his tail shaped like a sharp trident and his mouth was closed as if it had been sewn with wire thread. As a replacement, another large mouth with sharp teeth on his chest.

As soon as I saw him I knew he was bad news because he had the same advantage in aerial combat as me.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Nefarious Imp]

[Level 38]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 1012/1012]

[DP: 259/259]

[Skills: Venom Spike lv 3, Acid Bomb lv 3, Demonic Claw lv 3.]

[Emotion: Excited.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Purple orb inside the mouth.]

[Talent: Poison Skin.]

From his skills, I could predict that he was a good long-range fighter, besides that, his critical point was also difficult to reach.

"Wait here. I will take care of him."

"Please be careful." She realized that she could not face him.

I nodded and stretched out my hand, my palm facing upwards.

'Devil Space! '

A black cube came out of my palm, a second later it expanded rapidly and covered the place.

[Devil Space has been activated.]

When my Devil Space was active, the Imp looked around in all directions as if he was looking for something.

While Emma leaned her back against the pillar, clutching her chest and grimaced in pain. I knew she was in the Demonic Curse. My hands grabbed her shoulders and looked at her worriedly.

"Please bear it for a while," I whispered.

She nodded her head to answer me.

I let go of my hands as I activated my Demonic Form again.

Two horns appeared above my head along with a pair of bat wings growing behind my back. A tail grew behind me and slipped out of my trousers, while my eyes turned red and my face changed to Damian.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

'Raise Demonic Spike skill by 1 point.'

[Demonic Spike lv 2 - (Requires 5 DP) - Skill used by the demons to create twenty black lances composed entirely from Demonic Power. The number of lances increases with higher levels of the skill.]

And I turned to the Imp.

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