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The Incubus System 88 Chapter 86. Three In One Bed

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"Bro-brother, how could you be so bold" she said in a stammering voice. She pulled her hand awkwardly and she blushed.

"Bold" Previously, I kissed her hand because she rubbed my lips, why did she call me bold for it

"I mean ... You aren't as bold as this before."

I chuckled.

"You aren't this bold either," I replied. When our father was alive, she never rubbed my lips like this, she even rarely hugged or held my hand since middle school.

Celia pressed her lips in embarrassment.

I sighed.

"If you don't like it, I won't do this again." I knew her feelings had deepened but I thought something was bothering her or maybe she wasn't ready to accept my change.

"Don't ... I like you this way." She lowered her head, hiding her flushed face.

"It's just ..." Her words stopped and I noticed a trace of regret from her face.

I patted her head.

"Are you still feeling guilty about what happened"

"I know I've crossed my limits as a sister..." she said in a low voice.

My hands clasped both sides of her face and lifted it, making her look at me.

"It's okay. I don't mind that." My eyes stared at her gently, showing my sincerity clearly.

Suddenly, she stood up from her seat and hugged me tightly.

"Brother, promise me. Whatever happens, don't leave me."

I hugged her in response.

"I promise ..." I was glad that Foxy had cleaned me earlier, otherwise I was sure Celia would have recognized the blood smell if we were this close.

The silence between us. What we could hear was our hearts beating's sounds in rhythm. A few moments later, I released my hands and lifted her head, my forehead gently pressed against her forehead.

"Let's continue our dinner, or the stew will turn cold."

She nodded and returned to her seat. I could see her regret disappearing from her face.

After that, we began to take our spoons and continue our dinner. Occasionally, we chatted about our activities and events. With enthusiasm, she told me about her new college, as well as how her progress for her final exams.

"Want to go shopping tomorrow" I asked out of blue. She would be busy studying next week and I might be busy with my schedule. At least I wanted to spend more time together tomorrow.

"Do you have to buy something" She knew that I rarely went shopping unless I had to buy something really important.

"I need some formal clothes for my work. We also need to buy some groceries for a week."

"At what time"

"How about around 09.00 AM"

"Are you going somewhere else tomorrow"

"I have promised Larry to help him with his paper." Indeed, shopping at 09.00 AM was too early.

"Yes, and that is our final assignment." Then I popped my stew into my mouth.

"When is the deadline"

"Next Monday."

Celia cringed.

"Is he still irresponsible with his study How long will he acts like that"

I shrugged.

"I don't know. I already gave up on him." He even didn't change after becoming a Demon Hunter.

A minute later, we had finished our dinner. Celia started tidying up our bowls and plates and I was about to help her but she stopped me.

"I can take care of it."

"But if we do it together, it will finish faster," I insisted. She already cooked for me. At least I wanted to help her tidy it up.

"It's okay. It's getting late, you should take a shower now," she lectured.

"This won't take more than 5 minutes." I tried to pick up the empty bowl again.

"Brother ---" she frowned in annoyance.

Seeing her face that began to turn sour, I released my hand.

"Okay. I'm going to take a shower now," I gave up.

She continued to tidy up the table while I went up the stairs to my room. As my bedroom door opened, I could see Foxy was reading a book on my desk. Her legs swayed casually.

"Foxy, what are you reading" I walked towards Foxy.

She turned to me and stood up, her hands showing my old fairy tales book.

"This book is very interesting, master."

I read the title.

'Three little piggies.'

"Do you like this book"

She nodded and pointed to the bad wolf picture in the book.

"That ugly creature looks just like the Hound and I'm glad he lost."

A breath came out of my mouth. Of course, her situation was not far from the little pig in the story, where she could only hide from the other demons but the difference was that her story wasn't as beautiful as the fairy tale.

She put the book on the desk, took my torn clothes and gave it to me.

"Master, I have folded your clothes."

"Thank you." I took it from her hand and looked for a plastic bag to store it for a while. I planned to throw it away but I couldn't do it now I was afraid Celia would be suspicious of me. I hid the plastic bag filled with my bloodied clothes under my desk. Then I took the towel that was used to clean my body earlier.

"I'm going to take a shower."

Foxy nodded and I walked out of my room to the bathroom. I took a shower and cleaned my towel.

A few minutes later, I returned to my room. I put on my sleepwear and went to my bag to check my cellphones while Foxy was still flipping through the book happily, even though she didn't understand the letter but it looked like she liked the picture.

'I'll buy her some fairy tale books tomorrow.'

I checked my cellphone and found a message from Diamond.

Diamond: You haven't given me any news. When should we meet

I replied to her message.

Me: How about around noon

She immediately replied to my message. Looks like she had been waiting for my message.

Diamond: Okay, let's meet in front of the Cherrias Plaza station.

Me: See you tomorrow.

Then I typed a message to Larry.

Me: I'll come to your house at 02.00 PM. Don't forget your paper.

He didn't reply or read my message. I could only guess that he was either playing a game or on patrol. Even though the first choice made him look like an irresponsible person but after what happened to Theo today, I would rather Larry playing games than on patrol.

Curious with Theo's condition, I took my other cellphone and sent a message to Emma.

Me: Emma, are you still awake

And she immediately replied to my message.

Emma: Yes, what's wrong

Me: How is Theo

Emma: They said he is in critical condition. I hope he will be alright.

Considering his wounds and the rest of his HP, of course, his condition was that bad. Unfortunately, I couldn't use my Dark Healing skill on other races.

Me: Did the association tell you anything about him

Emma: They didn't. That's why I could only wait for his news from his family.

I sighed. Of course, she couldn't just go to the hospital to see Theo because she was in suspension. After all, they would suspect her if she could find out about Theo's condition without any information.

Me: Please let me know if there is any news about him.

Emma: Okay. Nite, Ethan.

The strong wind and the rainwater knocking sounds on the window turned my attention there. Dark clouds covered the sky and several flashes of lightning cut through the darkness, reminding me of the day when my father died.

'I hope he can get through this.' Even though I didn't like him, but I also didn't want him to end up like my father.

I put away my two cellphones and turned to Foxy.

"Let's go to sleep, Foxy."

Obediently, Foxy closed the book and climbed into bed. I turned off the lights, pulled my blanket and Foxy snuggled comfortably by my side.

"Nite, Foxy," I said as I closed my eyes.

But before Foxy answered me, the sound of the door being opened was heard.

- Clek!

Hearing that, I opened my eyes while Foxy turned into a pillow.

- Puff!

I turned to the door.

"Celia, what's wrong"

"Can I sleep here again" Celia looked at me with a pleading look, her hands hugging her favourite pillow.

"Sure." Ever since our father's death, I knew the sound of thunder and heavy rain reminded her of those bad memories.

She came up to me, snuck into my bed and snuggled closer to me.

"Good Night, Celia."

"Nite, brother."

As I closed my eyes, Foxy whispered.

"Nite, master."-

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