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The Incubus System 89 Chapter 87. Curiosity

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Something that tickled my thighs began to wake me up from my sleep.

"Ng ..." I flinched. That tingling sensation disappeared and I went back to sleep. A few seconds later that tingling sensation came again.

"Ng..." And this time to my crotch.

"Nggh ..." I let out a soft moan as I opened my eyes and glanced down, finding out that tingling came from Foxy who had returned to her original form. She was asleep on my feet, her tail occasionally swayed around my thighs, legs and groin. While my cock was half hard.

"Foxy, Foxy, wake up," I tried to wake her up in a low voice, my hand gripping her shoulder and shaking her. Celia was still sleeping next to me. She would be surprised if she found Foxy was sleeping with us.

Foxy yawned and sat on the bed with half sleepy eyes, her hand rubbing against one of them.

"Good morning, master," she said.

I put my index finger in front of my lips, asked her to be quiet and pointed at Celia who was still fast asleep beside me.

She immediately closed her mouth and nodded.

"Ngggh," Celia's voice accompanied by a movement beside me startled us.

- Puff!

Reflexivety, Foxy turned to a pillow again as Celia woke up from her sleep.

"Morning, brother," she said in a half sleepy tone.

"Morning, Celia." I glanced at the clock.

08.06 AM.

"I think we should wake up now."

She turned to the clock.

"You're right, I haven't prepared our breakfast yet," she said as she got out of bed and walked to the door.

"Celia," I called out her name.

She stopped her steps and turned to me.

"Let's have breakfast outside. It's been awhile since you ate your favourite pancakes," I said. She liked pancakes at a small cafe nearby and we hadn't been there since our father's death.

A smile appeared on her lips.

"Okay, then I'll get ready," she said excitedly.

As soon as Celia came out of my room, Foxy returned to her original form.

- Puff!

"Pancakes What's that" she asked.

"It's a soft flat cake. Usually eaten with sweet maple syrup," I said as I got out of bed.

Foxy also got out of bed and stood on the other side of the bed. While I was tidying it up.

"Can I have one" Her tail started wagging in excitement. Her eyes glinted with curiosity.

"I'll let you taste it, but I'm not sure you'll like it."

Foxy nodded.

I walked to my bag and checked my cellphone, hoping for good news from Emma. Two messages were on my cellphone and one of them was from Emma.

Emma: Ethan, I just got good news. Theo has passed his critical condition. He has been transferred to the treatment room.

Me: Thank goodness. Can I visit him

I made sure there wouldn't be any problems with the association if I visited him.

Me: Alright, I'll wait for your news.

Then I opened another message.

Larry: Okay.

I sighed since Larry only replied to my message with one word, also that message was just sent at dawn.

'Was he on patrol again last night ' It rained heavily last night plus I knew his MP was low, that's why I was quite worried about him. But seeing him still replying to my message at least I knew he was fine. I put down my cellphone and decided not to bother him anymore since I guessed he was sleeping due to exhaustion now.

"I'll take a shower," I said to Foxy who was sitting, reading another fairy tale book next to me.

As I walked towards the exit, I noticed Celia's pillow was still in my room and decided to return it to her room before going to the bathroom.

I walked to her room and opened the door.

"Kyaaaaa ----! Brother what are you doing!" Celia covered her naked body by hiding behind the wardrobe door.

"Ah!" I was just as shocked as her but not because she was naked but because of her screams.

"I just want to return this." I gave her the pillow and she took it. Her eyes stared at me in annoyance.

"You should have knocked first!" she complained.

"But you also didn't knock last night," I replied.

"You're a man. No one wants to see your body," she pouted.

"Ho ~ Really" I teased with a smirk.

Her face flushed in embarrassment.

"You ..." she paused for a moment while I started chuckling at her expression.

She threw her pillow at me but I immediately lowered my head to dodge it.

"Get out!" she screamed.

"Geez. Don't mad at me," I said in a half-joking tone. I left the room and headed for the bathroom.


I had finished showering and changing my clothes. While Foxy had turned into a yellow cap over my head. My feet stepped down the stairs and approached Celia who was waiting for me in the living room, watching TV. The TV news' sounds came into my ears.

"Today in Aeros Celebrity News. The feud between the Nightbough.corp owner couple is getting worse. Cheating scandal-- "

As soon as she saw me approaching her, she turned off the TV and got up from her seat.

"What do you think" she turned around slowly. I remembered that was the dress that I gave her two years ago. She never wore it because she said she was afraid that her friends would call her a copycat.

"That dress suits you," I complimented her. She did look cute wearing that simple soft pink dress.

"Thank you." she looked happy with my compliment. Her feet walked over to me and her hand grabbed me.

"Come on, let's start our date," she said excitedly. Her face looked so happy.

"Isn't this too early to be called a date" Our feet stepped toward the front of the exit and put on our shoes.

She scowled.

"It still counts as a date." After she finished putting on her shoes, she pulled me excitedly.

"Come on."

"Wait." I tied my shoelaces quickly and stood up.

After locking the door, we walked down the street in front of our house to Peace Blossom Square, a shopping district in our town. I glanced at Celia who walked happily next to me.

'Too bad, I can't take her with my portal skill.' Then I turned my gaze to the clear morning sky.

'But thank goodness the weather is perfect for a walk.'

Meanwhile, I could feel Foxy occasionally moving over my head. I was guessing she was too excited because it was her first time walking around in the human world.

When we passed Mrs Clea's house, my gaze turned to it, wishing I could see her from the window, but unfortunately I didn't. My wild guess bothered me a lot but I couldn't confirm it before checking her with my observation skill. Considering that Celia also talked to her a lot, I decided to ask her.

"Celia, have you met Mrs Clea recently"

She shook her head.

"She's been at her house more often lately. I rarely meet her when I go to the market."

"Have you seen anything unusual about her"

"What do you mean" she frowned.

"Like ... people in weird uniforms or demon hunters"

"Why are the demon hunters going to her house" she was even more confused. But suddenly she remembered something.

"I remember, a few days ago I saw her get out from a car wearing a black mourning dress."

'Mourning dress Did her husband die '

"When did you see it" I asked again.

Celia lowered her head to hide her face that was flushed with embarrassment.

"It was the same day when you saved me from Bern."

My heart started beating fast, since I could remember it was the day when I died and also my father's memorial day. My suspicions were rising but still I couldn't accuse her of anything before I checked her, it could be just a coincidence.

"- ther! Brother!" Celia's voice broke my thoughts.

I turned to her.


"What's wrong with you Why do you look confused" She looked at me worriedly.

"I'm just thinking about something." I gave her a reassuring smile.

"We haven't visited Dad's grave again. Shall we go there next week"

"That is a good idea." She drew close to me and smiled.

"Besides, I have a lot of things to tell him."-

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