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The Incubus System 9 Chapter 9. This Soft Feeling ~

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The Incubus System chapter 9. This Soft Feeling ~

My eyes took turns looking between the announcement before me and Emma. My mind is full of consideration, the punishment is quite heavy. Losing my DP randomly is not a good thing, it could be triggering my Incubus Rage like yesterday. While I haven't been able to get back to Ledred today. At least I want to buy a cellphone and register a new virtual account before it. On the other side, squeezing Emma's breast is also not that easy, although I can use manipulation skills but she is always surrounded by so many people.

Amid my doubts, Larry's voice cut through my thoughts.

"How long do you want to keep looking at her You never know the results before you try it," he teased again.

His words slapped me. He was right, I wouldn't know the results if I didn't try it. A smile developed on my lips.

"Thank you for your encouragement, Larry."

"So, do you want to say hi" he said excitedly.

I bit the last piece of my sandwich and stood up.

"No, I want to go home."

"Haaahhhhh !" he said in disappointment.

"See you tomorrow," I said, grabbing my bag and leaving.


I walked back into the building and went into the empty toilet. I checked around to make sure there wasn't anyone before entering a stall and taking off my outer sweater. I always wear a sweater or hoodie especially if I go to college since I'm not confident with my thin body.

'Incubus Form Activated.'

[You have activated your Incubus Form.]

A dark aura covered my body as the sound of bones rattled with a strange hiss in my ears. After the sound disappeared, I checked myself. Damian's muscular body transformed my loose t-shirt into a slim fit that fit with my body. I put my sweater in my bag, came out and checked myself in the mirror.

'I'm not Ethan, but Damian.' I convinced myself.

I ruffled my hair, made it half messy and looked at my own reflection once again.

'I can do it!'

I walked out to the college yard past some people who turned their attention to me and looked for Emma. I found her still sitting on the same bench as before while chatting with her friends.

I sat on a bench opposite to her while waiting for my chance. My heart was beating fast, and my adrenalin was racing. I never had the courage to say hello but now I'm determined to carry out this lewd quest.

'She is surrounded by so many people, I need to do it as smoothly as possible. And I have to do it quickly, If she goes home then my chance is gone. I don't want to follow her like a stalker. '

About 5 minutes later, she realized I was watching her. She turned to me and I responded with a smile. She looked away awkwardly while occasionally stealing her gaze and smiled shyly at me. Then our eyes met, I didn't waste my chance.


A second later Emma's eyes looked empty.

[Manipulation skill succeeded.]

'Gotcha!' I shouted internally. I moved my index finger towards me repeatedly, asking her to come closer. She stood up and walked towards me, while her friends could only be confused by her act.

I immediately stood up and walked toward her while holding a book in my hand, my eyes were fixed on the book.

* Bump *

We bumped into each other, one of my hands caught her waist to prevent her from falling while my other hand that was covered in the book squeezed her breast. The soft and elastic mound covered in a thin foam of bra greeted my hand. It was a heavenly feeling... but I could only feel it for a moment, I quickly let go of my hand before she realized it.

It's very cliché but this is the only way that comes to my mind since I have no experience approaching women at all.


[Congratulations! You have completed your first quest!]

[Level Up!]

[You are now Level 3.]

[You have 10 unused stat points.]

[You have 2 unused skill points.]

[You have earned a new title: Breast Squeezer. This soft feeling ~ AGI 1 VIT 1.]

'Breast Squeezer Seriously! Can't this system give me a better title'

The bump woke her from my manipulation skills.

[Manipulation skill has been cancelled.]

I flashed my smile at her while praying she didn't realize what I had done.

"Are you okay"

She looked at me in a daze a few moments before answering.

"I am okay."

I could see her cheeks turning red as our eyes locked at each other. I noticed her beautiful purple eyes, her delicate skin, her soft lips, her smooth hair that shining in the sunlight. Looking at her this close made my heart beat faster, even I forgot to take my hand off of her waist. I really want the time to stop...

"What are you doing!" A woman's shout restored our sense. I quickly released my hand while Emma looked down awkwardly. A woman with short brown hair walked up to us with a displeased expression and stood between us, separating me from Emma. I know her, her name is Olivia. She is a good friend of Emma. Well, I think she is more suitable as a fierce bodyguard who always chases away every man who tries to approach Emma than a good friend. Our commotion made other students attention shifted to us.

"I'm sorry. I really didn't mean it."

"You pretended to hit her to take the chance to approach her, right! " Olivia snapped again.

Surprised by her words, I quickly defended myself.

"I really didn't mean it."

'Oh **! Does she realize what I did' I panicked internally.

Emma grabbed Olivia's hand to calm her down.

"It's fine. He didn't do it on purpose," Emma said, stealing glances at me.

Emma's respond reduced my panic, I replied her glance with a sweet smile. My gaze still locked at her. Now, she really looks like my savior goddess.

But suddenly Olivia covered Emma's face with her wry face while glaring at me.

"I forgive you since Emma asked me, but don't ever dare to repeat it again!"

'This is my first time I can talk to Emma. Should you have to destroy it!' But I could only swallow my complaint, I don't want to create trouble here. "I won't repeat it again," I said while giving her a forced smile. Well... At least she didn't realize what I had done. Otherwise, she won't forgive me this easily.

"Excuse me," I added, turning and leaving, splitting the student crowd.-

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