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The Incubus System 91 Chapter 89. Puyi puyi~ Love love~ Ethan!

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"What's your name, master" Ruby's voice broke my thoughts. A cute smile was already on her lips even though she had just experienced that shocking incident. Well, since she was a demon hunter, I bet she wasn't surprised by a small incident like that, so maybe it was rather annoying than surprising.

"For what" I asked suspiciously. She was a Demon Hunter. I couldn't give my name to her recklessly. Besides, I noticed that her emotion status was curious and interested, even though I hoped that status was for the man who helped her before but it could be for me. She could have realized that it was my doing.

She took my omurice plate which was shaped like a cute couple covered in an omelette blanket.

" I need your name to finish this dish, master."

"Huh" I had never heard anything like this before.

"Brother ..." Celia whispered as she pulled at the tip of my sleeve. I turned to her and she pointed to the table across from us. The guest also ordered the same omurice as me and the maid wrote the guest's name with ketchup on top of the omelette.

'Now I understand.'

"Ethan," I told her my name.

"Thank you, master." She put my plate on the table and started to write using the ketchup bottle in her hand.

'Ruby Love Ethan' that was what she wrote.

"For the final touch, I will read a love spell so master will always remember me."

"Puyi, puyi ~ Love, love ~ Ethan," she started making cute girly gestures which ended with a love sign shaped by her fingers.

"Follow me, but you have changed your name to mine," said Ruby with a friendly tone.

"No, no, no. There's no way I'm gonna follow ---" I glanced at Celia who was sitting across me and realized she was looking at me in excitement, waiting for my action.

"Come on ~" Celia said in a spoiled tone.

A breath of surrender escaped my mouth.

"Now follow me. Puyi, puyi ~ Love, love ~ Ethan!" Ruby said excitedly.

"Puyi, puyi. Love, love. Ruby." Even though I imitated all her movements correctly but my tone sounded flat like a dead person who just woke up from his sleep.

"Yay!" She clapped her hands with a sweet smile to praise me while I replied with an awkward grin. Celia laughed at me since I had never done anything like that before.

Ruby turned to Celia and asked the same thing.

"What's your name, master"


Ruby took Celia's plate and started to write using a chocolate sauce bottle.

'Love Celia' That's what she wrote. It was actually quite strange that she didn't write her name down like mine. But I was guessing because we ordered different foods.

I smirked, since I could guess after this, it was Celia's turn to do that strange 'spell' but I was wrong.

"Wait. Why she doesn't need to dance like me"

"That only applies to 'A lover in a blanket', master," Ruby explained.

"Oh okay ..." I said in disappointment. While Celia giggled at my expression.

Ruby lowered her head and left.

I looked at Celia who was still giggling at me in annoyance.

"Are you happy after making fun of your brother"

"Okay, I'll stop." She tried to hold back her laughter.

"Let's start eating."

We took our cutlery and started eating, occasionally Celia asked me to feed her and vice versa. I also didn't forget my promise to Foxy and gave her some pancakes after I moved her to the chair next to me to avoid people's suspicion. A mouth appeared on my cap and swallowed a piece of pancake, but as I thought, she didn't like it, since I could see her sticking out her tongue in disgust before her mouth completely disappeared.

As we almost finished our meal, I could feel someone was watching us and I knew who it was. I glanced with the corner of my eyes and caught Ruby staring and watching me.

'This is bad ...' I could only guess that she already knew I knocked out that guy. Of course, it made clear that her emotion status was for me. But even so, she had no reason to arrest me or do anything because her Demon Compass didn't react to me.

I quickly finished my food so we could get out of there early.

"Why are you eating so fast" Celia stared at my empty plate in confusion, her mouth still busy chewing her food.

"I'm so hungry, so I can't help it," I reasoned.

Seeing that I had finished, Celia finally finished her meal faster.

"Take your time. I'll pay for our bill." I got up from my seat and walked towards the cashier.

As usual, I paid with my virtual account application. And as I walked back to my seat, I checked my balance in my account. My steps stopped and my eyes widened in surprise.

Account Balance: 5,003,685 Creds.

'What !' I frowned in confusion and disbelief. There was no way I had that much money. Most of my money was already spent on Celia's tuition fees and her allowance. Meanwhile, Pearl transferred my money to Damian's Virtual Account which was separate from this account. Also, the amount they gave me wasn't this much. I logged out and logged in again to make sure, and the numbers didn't change.

'Did someone make a wrong transfer' I thought as I sat back in my seat.

I checked the source but there was no explanation at all, not even the sender name.

'Seriously' Even though the amount was really tempting to me, it could be a crime result or money laundering.

"Brother, what's wrong" asked Celia.

"It is nothing." My hand put my cellphone into my pocket, I decided to go to the virtual account office tomorrow morning to clear this up.

My eyes glanced at Ruby once again and caught her delivering food to a guest. Even though her hands placed the food on the table deftly, her eyes occasionally turned to me.

"Have you done" I returned my gaze to Celia.

"Yes." She stood up and took her bag.

"Let's go."

I put on Foxy and walked out of the cafe.

"Thank you, master!" said the maids.

"Where are we going now" asked Celia.

"Let's go to dad's regular suit shop."


"What do you think" I said as I came out of the changing room and showed the suit I was wearing to Celia who was busy looking at the clothes hanging on the hanger stand.

Celia turned to me, her forehead creased.

"The style and colour suits you but you have to take a smaller size."

I turned and looked at my reflection in a nearby mirror, making sure the suit looked good on me.

"It's okay, I'll get bigger anyway," I said confidently. I bought this for Damian, that's why I took the bigger size.

"Pfftt! Brother, you've tried really hard to get bigger every year and never succeeded," she teased.

"Whatever you say," I replied in an indifferent tone.

"Give me two of these suits," I told the shopkeeper. At least I needed a spare if my suit got ripped like yesterday.

The shopkeeper prepared my order while I returned into the changing room and put my clothes back on. Celia was still browsing the shelves and hanger stands inside the shop, when I finished my payment.

"Thank you." The shopkeeper gave me my shopping bag and I took it.

I swept my gaze into the shop looking for Celia but I couldn't find her. This shop was small, so I should be able to find her easily. My gaze shifted to the large window and my eyes caught Celia who was chatting with Ruby outside the shop, occasionally they laughed happily.

My feet stepped towards them and Celia's voice was heard as soon as I opened the shop door.

"- he's my brother, not my boyfriend," said Celia with an awkward smile.

"You shouldn't disappear like that," I complained as I approached them. I could guess Ruby didn't mean badly to Celia but I couldn't ensure her true intention yet.

They turned their eyes on me.

"Brother, Ruby wants to talk to you for a moment," said Celia.

"Go ahead," I said nonchalantly. I didn't know what she wanted to say but since we were talking in a public place like this, I was sure she didn't want to fight me or accuse me as a demon.

Celia took my shopping bag.

"I'll be waiting there," she said as she pointed to an empty bench near us.


As Celia left us, Ruby started our conversation.

"I don't know how to say this, but... I just want to say thank you for your help," she said shyly. Her eyes took a glance at me several times and her cheeks blushed.

'She's sharp. Is she one of the advanced level demon hunters that Emma was referring to '

Since I didn't answer her, she added again.

"I know you didn't want anyone to find out about this, that's why you helped me secretly. But I still have to say thank you."

"It's just a trivial matter. There's no need to think about it," I said simply.

She nodded and gave me a sweet smile.

"All right. Since there's nothing we need to talk about anymore, I will excuse myself." I quickly ended our conversation because I did not want to talk with her for too long. After all, she was a demon hunter, I had to be careful with her.

"Ethan," she called my name when I was about to turn around.


"I hope we'll meet again," she said in a friendly tone.

I simply nodded and flashed a smile at her before approaching Celia.-

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