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I rubbed her cheek with the back of two my fingers, slowly down to her neck and lowered her strap. Our eyes were on each other. While her legs turned into tentacles and tried to sneak into my t-shirt, I grabbed one of it, stopping her.

"Why" she asked in confusion. Normally, I didn't refuse it.

"I still want to play more," I replied with a naughty smirk as I gave her a kiss on the tip of her tentacle.

Quickly, my hands moved to remove all of her clothes and mine. She was naked, her pale skin clearly visible in front of me. My hands touched her neck down to her breasts and waist, our eyes fixed on each other in an alluring gaze.

Without warning, I turned her over and pulled her, making her sit on my lap. Her soft skin touched mine and our temperature warmed each other's bodies. My hand clamped both sides of her face and made her face towards the window.

The busy street view was clearly visible from the window. Several bikers and people who were walking on the sidewalk turned to us in amazement. I knew they couldn't see us and they turned their heads because this car wasn't just an ordinary luxury car.

"Do you want this Do you want all of them to see us" I brought my lips behind her ear.

"Do you want to show how dirty you are" I could guess she got this idea after I told her what would happen if another student saw what we did in her office. But of course, since we had to maintain our reputation, she could only do this by using a special car window.

She took my hand away from her, leaned her head over my shoulder and tilted it to the side. Her hands hugged my neck

"Yes ... I want to show them how dirty Diamond Seabloom is. And how wild Ethan Strongheart is..." she whispered in a sweet voice. Her legs spread out, showing her heat clearly to the front as if she was challenging the people outside our car. Perhaps, no one believed that a chairwoman from a famous college would allow herself to be teased by her student. And more than that, what we were doing did not show our status as a chairwoman and model student. We were like a shameless couple who could do it anywhere.

I chuckled.

"I didn't expect this." My hand that was holding the empty wine glass moved to her.

"Give me more," I demanded.

One of her tentacles took my glass while another picked up a wine bottle on the cooler. She opened the bottle and poured it in front of me. After the glass was almost full, she gave it to me.

"Thank you." I took the glass but I didn't drink it, instead, I brought the glass to her mouth.

"Drink it," I whispered in a sweet voice.

"More," I demanded with a smirk.

She poured the wine into my glass. Again, I brought my glass to her mouth and she drank it. This time my other hand came down and started playing with her heat. My fingers tickled her entrance and rubbed her soft skin around it. She flinched as she held back the tingling sensation from her lower part but she still drank and finished my wine.

I pulled my empty wine glass away, brought my face close to her ear and kissed her on the cheek.

"More ..." I whispered in a seductive voice. My fingers continued to play at her entrance without a pause.

She refilled my glass.

Like earlier, after she filled it, I brought it close to her mouth and she drank it. But before she finished it, I pulled my glass and took my other hand away from her entrance, shifted it behind her head and tilted it towards me.

I finished my remaining wine before my lips bumped into hers. Our lips moved in sync, our tongues twisted, exploring each other's mouths feeling the wine taste that remained in our mouths.

My hand slowly dropped from the back of her head to her neck, chest, waist, thighs and returned to her heat. This time I didn't just play at her entrance but I plunged my fingers on her heat.

"Mphhhhh!" she flinched.

Then I released my kiss and brought my wine glass in front of her.

"More ..." I demanded with a naughty smirk. My fingers kept moving tickled her inner wall, feeling her warmth. I could feel her wall starting to twitch and getting loosened. Her liquid started to wet it.

She filled my glass as she endured the delicious tingles at her lower part.

A little different from before, after she finished, I poured my wine into her mouth impatiently. The wine flowed from her mouth to her neck and soaked her body. After the wine glass was empty, I pulled it away.

"Miss chairwoman, you are a mess. Now I have to clean it," I said in a friendly and sweet voice, my hand put my glass on the car table tray near me.

I pushed her onto the sofa. My lips approached her mouth, licked the wine drops that wetted her skin from her neck to her breast. The taste of the wine that was left on her skin greeted my tongue. As my lips were in front of her breast, I kissed it and sucked it gently, especially her tip.

"Ahh ..." A soft moan came out of her mouth as her tentacles began to creep, spread throughout my body and her favourite toy, my cock. Its suckers kissed me, gave me a gentle stimulation to my skin, wet me with her liquid. Some of them were wiggling on my crotch, playing with my balls and one of its suckers kissing the tip of my cock.

Her chest heaved with impatience. While I rubbed my cock to her entrance. The sound of our ragged breath was getting louder, her heat was getting wetter and soaking my cock, but I didn't put it in.

After I was satisfied exploring her body, I moved my face away. I could see her flushed face, her pleading gaze and her upper body lying completely in submission.

"Ethan ..." she whispered. I knew what she wanted but I didn't want to end our foreplay yet.

I crawled up and put her head between my thighs. My fully awake cock in front of her face.

"You know what you have to do, don't you" I said with a seductive smirk.

She stared at my cock in doubt before returning her gaze to me.

"You aren't going to take it outside like yesterday, are you" Her worries was clear from her tone.

"You've done your job well. Why should I punish you" A second later my seductive smirk changed to a sly smirk.

"But if you want it, I don't mind doing it again." I needed to admit, even though my mating urge was not satisfied if I took it outside, seeing her face covered with my semen made me happy since I could show my dominance clearly.

"No ... Don't spend it outside. I want to feel your warm semen," she pleaded.

"Fine." I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock to her face.

"Now, lick it," I demanded.

She licked my cock from the bottom to the tip and swirled it. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed it.

"Yes ... That's it," I whispered in a sweet voice. My eyes stared at her, not wanting to miss a single movement while she was enjoying my cock. The tickling sensation travelled from my lower part to my whole body.

I could feel my cock getting bigger and throbbing inside her mouth, while she shook her head back and forth impatiently, occasionally she sucked it hard. Her tongue did not stop swirling my tip, making the pleasure even higher.

"Ughhh ... You really like it, don't you" My voice mixed with my ragged breath and small moans. My mating urge got stronger. My breath got heavier, my eyes remained fixed on Diamond who looked enjoying my cock.

Suddenly, I pushed my cock deeper into her throat. Then my waist moved back and forth in tune with her. And she replied by hugging my waist.

"Ohhh ..." I tilted my head backwards as I **ed her mouth. My face was flushed red and from my expression, it was clear I really enjoy it.

As I sped up my pace, I glanced around me. We were currently on one of Cherrias Plaza's busiest streets, our car had to move slowly. The people who were turning to our car were clearly visible and that gave me a wild idea.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. Her remaining saliva still connected my cock with her tongue as she gasped for some air.

"Let's give them a good show, Miss chairwoman," I said with a smirk. Slowly, I crawled backwards and she sat back down.

"Who do you mean" she asked.

I pulled her and made her sit on my lap. My hard rock cock touched her ass. My hand clamped both sides of her face and made her look out the window. My other hand hugged her waist.


Diamond's eyes stared at the bustling street view with some people turning their heads and staring at us. Some pointed at us in amazement and smiled. Her naughty smile started to appear.

"Yes, we have to give them a good show."-

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