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Feeling my hard rock cock, she swayed, rubbing it between her ass.

"Spread your legs wider. Show them how your hole swallows my fingers," I whispered in a teasing voice.

She smiled and spread her legs, showing her heat clearly.

"You naughty model student ~" she teased.

I chuckled.

"If I'm not, I won't be able to tame you, Miss Chairwoman." My hand crept to her heat which was already wet and plunged my fingers one by one to it. My other hand squeezed her breast and played her tip between my fingers.

One finger ...

"Mphh ..." A soft moan came out of her mouth as my fingers started moving, tickling her warm inner wall.

"Yes ... You really tamed me well," she whispered in a spoiled voice.

I gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"Of course, I need to tame you well. You are my woman after all ..." My lips drew closer to her ears.

"And I want my woman to obey me," I whispered in a seductive voice.

Two fingers ...

"Ahh ..." This time her moan sounded louder than before and her breathing was getting heavier.

"I will obey you ... I will always obey you, Ethan. You're the only man who made me like this."

"Good. That's why I'll reward you today," I whispered again.

Three fingers ...

"Nghh ... ahh - hah-hah ..." Her moans grew louder as I added my fingers in and she flinched in pleasure.

"Reward" she licked her lips in temptation.

"Yes. I will give you more pleasure."

Upon hearing my words, her breathing grew heavier. While I moved my fingers wildly.

"Ohhh!" She startled and moaned in a lustful voice. Looks like I got her sweet spot.

"Is it here" I whispered in a sweet voice. My fingers tickled her sweet spot and smirked.

"Ohhh ~ Ohhh ~!" Her moans grew louder. She leaned her head against my shoulder, her breathing heavier, her face even redder.

"More ... Give me more ..."

My hand movements were getting wild.

"Ohh ~!" And her moan grew louder.

Her hand dropped down and her fingers participated with mine in her heat. Her liquid soaked our fingers and dripped between her tentacles onto the carpet. Her other hand squeezed her other breast. Her head rested in submission, letting me play with her body until I was satisfied.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh ..." She was immersed in pleasure, I could feel her inner wall continue to twitch.

Feeling that she was about to reach her limit, I took my hand off her. Slowly, I pushed her against the window across us, put her hands at the bottom of it. My hand clamped both sides of her face, turned her face forward and my other hand hugged her waist.

Without further ado, I put my cock into hers in one push and her heat swallowed it greedily.

My waist started moving back and forth.

"C'mon, give them a good show. Show them how much you enjoyed it," I whispered in a ragged breath. My eyes also turned to the window before me. It was clear, they didn't know what we were doing. But since they kept seeing us, it felt like we were being watched by everyone. If it were the old me, maybe I wouldn't dare do this. But now, My demonic instinct made my self-confidence increase and as an incubus, my dominance was so strong, especially after I turned into a High Incubus. That's why I didn't feel embarrassed at all, instead, I felt excited about this since this was a new experience for me.

"Ahhh --- ahh - hah - hah ..." Her moans mixed with ragged breath was clearly in my ear. But it wasn't enough, I wanted her to enjoy it even more.

'Demonic Erection lv 1.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock enlarged and extended inside her.

"Ohhh!" She moaned as her body jolted in pleasure. While I continued to move my waist.

"Ahh - ahh-- Ethan, you're the best!" I could feel her inner wall getting tighter.

"That's not all." My ragged breath mingled between my voice.

'Demonic Erection lv 2.'

Again, my cock was enlarged and extended inside her. The frictions between my cock and her inner wall were getting rough. I could feel her wall getting narrower.

"Agghhh!" She yelped. Her body tensed as she tilted her head slightly. While I held her waist tightly, making sure she couldn't escape from me.

I chuckled and leaned over her, my lips approached her ear.

"I know you like it ..." I whispered in a sweet voice.

"Ah ... - hahah-hahah. I can feel it ... It's so big ..." Her saliva and sweat started to drip. I knew she was in high pleasure.

A kiss landed on her cheek.

"Do you want more" I tempted her. Actually, I was not sure she could withstand my Demonic Erection lv 3, that's why I let her choose.

"Yes ... Ah- ah- hah - I want more. Give me more, Ethan," Again, she begged in a lustful voice.

"Then, don't blame me for this," I whispered with a smirk.

'Demonic Erection lv 3.'

"Aggghhhh!" She screamed as she tilted her head backwards. Her eyes turned upside down, her mouth formed an 'O', her sweat soaked her body.

I stopped my waist movements as I gritted my teeth, holding back the pleasure from my cock.

"Nggghh ..." I grunted and closed my eyes. She was very narrow now and since I didn't want to make her pass out like Mia and Pearl yesterday, I held myself and let her get used to my cock.

She took a quick breath. Sweat from her temples flowed and dripped to her chin. I tilted her head to the side and gave her a kiss to soothe her. After I felt she was getting used to it, I broke my kiss.

"Restrain yourself," I warned her.

She nodded

My waist started moving at a slow pace. While she gritted her teeth. My lips fell to kiss the back of her ear, cheek and lips, trying to comfort her. She responded by moving her tongue wildly in my mouth.

"Ethan ... Give me more - hah - hah -... Satisfy me ..." She mumbled without releasing her kiss. Then she deepened it again.

I was quite shocked by her request since I knew she was holding my Demonic Erection lv 3. But from my skill description earlier, I could guess this because she was in high pleasure, this was also why Mia and Pearl insisted on riding my cock yesterday.

Upon her request, I sped up my pace little by little and let her get used to it until I could finally hear the sound of our clashing flesh every time I thrust my cock into her.

"Ahh ... - hahah - Ethan ..." she moaned loudly. Her eyes were tightly closed, feeling the pleasure mixed with pain spreading through her body.

"Open your eyes and look at your audience," I demanded.

She opened her eyes and looked at the window. Her face flushed in embarrassment and pleasure.

"Uhhh ... - hah - hah -" Moan after moan came out of her mouth.

Meanwhile, I lifted my head in the mid-air as I continued to move my waist. I was completely immersed in high pleasure, my mind felt blank. I really enjoyed it.

The sound of clashing flesh mixed with our moan was clearly heard in the car. Her Tentacles weakened as she could no longer support her body.

I stopped my movements and took her to the sofa without releasing my cock. She lay on her stomach, while I thrust her from behind. My hands pinned hers onto the sofa.

"Ohh --- Ohhh --- Ethan ... I want to ah ... - hah - cum."

I sped up my pace.

"Ahhh --- Aghhh!" She moaned loudly. A great satisfaction swept across my mind as we reached our climax.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

[Congratulations! You have raised your partner's Love meter.]

[Diamond Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Love Meter 4/10 - Can't get you out of my mind.]

She took a quick breath, her sweat dripped down on the sofa and her head lay limp on it. My hands brushed her sweaty hair from her cheek, exposed her tired face and gave her another kiss.

"Ethan ..." She called my name in a weak voice.


"How could you be so good at this" She whispered again.

Well, I was an incubus, a lust demon, of course, I was good at this.

"Because I was born for this," I whispered. I was not lying about this, since I knew she could detect if I lied to her. After all, wasn't a human named Ethan Strongheart already dead And actually, I was a demon named Damian Lucio It was just ... I still wanted to maintain my human life, my old self.

"You have a crazy talent for this ..." she whispered again.

"I know," I said with a smile. I pulled out my cock, my liquid came out of her heat and dripped from there. I lay my body beside her and hugged her from behind, warmed her body with mine.

"Take a rest. I know you are tired," I whispered.

"Um ..." After that short mumble, she snuggled closer and closed her eyes slowly.

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