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Ahibalt questioned, and he continued.

“He was never raised to not keep in mind that the tea might be poisonous.”

Maybe, it’s because the First Master has some tolerance to poison.”


I guess that’s possible.”

It was essential to develop some tolerance to poisons to some extent to grow up in Lavrenti though Rodion was almost impervious to them.

Of course, he was also the creation of Edith.


So, he would have been careless, and it must have been easy to poison his drink.

In a sense, Charlotte had chosen her target well.

Had she been aiming for Ahibalt, he certainly would not have been able to bring Edith a satisfactory sample.

Nonetheless, the sudden uproar took much time.

Ahibalt strode across the mansion, pondering about the pushed schedule in his mind.

Amer, who was following him, opened his mouth.

“Well then, Master, may I leave”

“Yes, and don’t let Charlotte Eunice get hurt anymore.”

At his command, Amer tilted his head.

“Isn’t she someone who’ll die either way anyway Is there any need to treat her kindly The Master told me to squeeze everything I can out.”

“It doesn’t seem like there’s much to find out for now.

Besides, there’s someone who’ll visit her later.”

“Someone who would visit Oh, the Second Master”

“Otis Has Otis returned from the arena already”

“Yes… I saw the Second Master went to the room the First Master came out of earlier.

Have you not met him”

Ahibalt’s footsteps, which were ahead of Amer’s question, stopped abruptly.


“When It’s been a while.

The Second Master was going up around the time I left so it’s probably just before the moon’s eclipse, maybe.”

…Just before the moon’s eclipse.

The moon climbed to the ceiling behind him as he held Irene, who was panting heavily from her excessive breathing.

Ahibalt stopped his steps and turned his head to look at the window beyond the hallway.

The moon tilted to the west and the sky as black as paper flushed with ink.

The ordinary suddenly seemed unfamiliar.

It was a bad omen.



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚




The door closed, and the footsteps were completely gone.

Irene waited for the heavy footsteps above the hallway to cross the stairs and start to fade, then she took a light breath.

‘That was close.’

She was lying on her back on the bed.

On top of her, Rodion held her and buried his face in the nape of her neck.

As soon as Ahibalt left, he begged for the affection from the person he was holding.

He wanted Irene’s hand to stroke him, and he wanted to feel her cool body temperature against his hot body.

Perhaps, it was Rodion’s complete desire, which he had not shown before because he was wary of Ahibalt.

Irene was the first to notice it before it came to the surface.

Suddenly, she remembered what happened during Rodion’s Love ending.

He had reached a point where her simple hug could not calm him, though with the help of Louise, he managed to overcome it.

Even then, Rodion had a high fever, and with a red, ripe face, he whispered to Louise, breathing in short breaths.


“Louise, my body is too hot.”


As a reminder at this point, 〈 Love or Die 〉 was an adult-only game.

That meant some episodes were designed to do such a thing.

‘Rather than a few… it’s most of the time, though.’

When it is sad, it is sad and when it is good, it is good.

The rule of this game was to make you cursorily ponder about going to bed once you play it.

So, Rodion’s berserk was also a factor in many cases.

What was noteworthy here is that Rodion escaped the berserk state after spending the night with Louise.

The reason was simple.

He lacked affection, and by the time he lost his reason, he instinctively craved affection.

And, there were more acts of intimacy that a full-blooded adult male could wish for from an adult woman than any age group could express.

Yes, that was all.

If there was a problem, it was that the scene from that time overlapped when Irene faced Rodion a while ago.

As expected, as soon as Ahibalt left, Rodion began to seek her touch.

Although he did not know exactly what he wanted, he began to crave Irene’s touch.

‘He won’t get better easily in this state.’

The breath that touched the back of her neck was feverish.

The quickest way to cool his excitement was to follow the original storyline.

Because of that, Irene thought about whether she should bring Louise in the first place.

It seemed that Louise was also starting to fall in love, so if she put the two in the same room as the original story unfolded, would it not develop naturally

However, the conversation they had last night was still on Irene’s mind.


“I don’t know… Is this what love feels like”

“I feel that way more when I think of Miss Irene than him!”

“Should we make a distinction I really like Miss Irene, too.”


Louise’s love had only just begun.

She does not have the courage or enough feelings to be convinced of what this feeling is yet.

After that, she went on to say,


“More than anything else, I’m afraid of such feelings.”


“I think the experience of being rejected is enough when you get fired.”

After saying that, Louise laughed and started talking about how terrifying an old lady she had been with at her last job was and how much she had been scolded.

How difficult it was for her, who likes to talk, because the arduous old lady wanted everything to be in silence.


“Even if it wasn’t there, I didn’t feel comfortable wherever I was.

I don’t think I would have liked it very much.”


A colleague who does not do their job well does not look good.

If the new employee does not do their job properly, the job would be passed on to someone else.

Louise was looked upon wherever she went.


“…So, I’m really happy now that I can talk to my heart’s content.

I don’t want to spoil it with useless greed.”


For that reason, Louise’s affection for the Lavrenti mansion was special.

Nevertheless, on the contrary, it became a red flag for her love.

Of course, this was a story that was not much different from the other episodes so far.

The problem was that the progress of the game was too fast for Louise’s mind.

If Rodion’s incident had also happened later, Irene would not have been so upset.

By the time Louise’s heart began to ripen in the mid-to-late part at the most, the things that should have been done were going too early.

‘…So, I can’t bring Louise now.’

In such a situation, if she hastily tried to connect Louise and Rodion, she could have entered the Die ending route.

Still, she also could not just leave Rodion alone.

He was already in a state where it was difficult to distinguish between pure contact and sexual contact.

Rodion, who was absorbed in inhaling Irene’s scent by rubbing the tip of his nose against the nape of her white neck, turned his head and bit near her carotid artery.

The tip of his heated tongue brushed her skin.

As Irene groaned softly at the alien sensation, Rodion’s hand grabbed her left arm and pressed it onto the bed as if not to let go.

A sense of crisis of the same weight overcame Irene.

‘His temperature is getting worse.’

Whether she left Rodion alone, and he would lose his reason and go on a rampage, or she had to go on with the original development.

‘…I can’t help it.’

“Young Master.”

At her familiar call, Rodion gazed up at her with his dark eyes, which had lost its reason, turned towards her.

‘Should I be satisfied that he still has this level of reason’

Thinking that, Irene let out a sigh of relief and she kissed Rodion.


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