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As they kissed, Rodion looked perplexed.

He even seemed a little surprised.

However, lust overcame reason.

He coveted Irene’s breath as if castrated at the very thought of rejecting her.

It was his first time, so it was obvious that he was clumsy.

Still, there was no time for embarrassment over that fact.

It was because it was only for a moment that he covered his inexperience with desperation and pushed it away.

Rodion’s hand, which was holding her hand, turned toward her head.

He buried his hands deep in Irene’s messy hair over her bed, wrapped the back of her head, and held it tightly to his side.

As her chest rose and fell sharply at the exhilarating breath, Rodion slightly tilted his head at an angle to widen the gap.

The next moment, their lips overlapped again as the cold air took her breath away.

Was it because he was born to be a male protagonist, or was it hereditary…

As she thought it was unknown, a dry hand was placed over her.

When Irene gazed up, she made eye contact with the black eyes that were already staring at her.

Thankfully, his black eyes were not as blurry as before.


It was thanks to the fact that the reason had returned as soon as the heat that had seized him dissipated to some extent.

Regardless, even if he had regained his sanity, he seemed a little confused because of what had just happened.

He still looked a little tired and annoyed.


Rodion struggled to call out her name.

It sounded a little tired, mixed with a plead.

His hand dug into the crevice of her hand and interlocked.

Seeing that he had calmed down a little, Irene tried to call for Ahibalt.

However, the next moment.

“Don’t go.”

Irene stopped at the words that came out of Rodion’s mouth.

His red, flushed face seemed to hold back tears.

At the same time, his sharp cat-like eyes were slightly distorted, and tears were wilting from the corners of his eyes.

It was not known whether it was because of physical suffering or other reasons.

Nonetheless, it was clear that his current state was now unconscious, which was usually not revealed much.

“Stay with me… Rea.”

A slow, unsteady voice.

Irene reached out and wrapped her hand around Rodion’s cheek as her thumb brushed against his eyes.

His reddish-brown eyelashes dripping with tears opened and fell like a mimosa in her hand.

But, the pampering did not last long.

It was because Rodion, who had been weeping while rubbing his cheek against her hand, soon passed out.

This was a common occurrence when the momentary agitation before the berserk subsided.

Since Irene had experienced it a few times, she was also quite familiar with it.


As he hugged her, Rodion then laid his head on the bed.

Irene glanced down at the arms around her waist as if he could not let go of her even when he lost her mind.

Rarely was his arm bare.

In addition, it was only natural as he took off his top to cool off the heat of the agitation.

Though, why does it feel so foreign…

Irene found her answer without difficulty.

‘Come to think of it, the Youngest Master always wore long sleeves…’

Rodion was always wearing long sleeves in the house regardless of the season.

Because of this, Irene realized that it was the first time she had seen his bare arms.

His white arms, pale from not seeing the sun, were all covered with scars.

Although most were stab wounds, there were also significant scars that were not.

…It was a trace of Edith’s experiment.


It felt like she was suddenly dragged down to reality when she thought of that name.

Irene quietly grazed the scars with her fingertips, which were contrary to Rodion’s youthful face, before releasing her hand from the embrace and leaving the room.

It was time to meet Charlotte.



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



Charlotte said that the medicine that Edith gave her was a ‘love potion.’

Of course, she could not fully believe that, but the moment she heard Charlotte’s testimony, there was a story that crossed Irene’s mind.

This was her life’s work.

This was shortly after Irene became a chambermaid and the three Lavrenti brothers returned from Lichpen.

At that time, the mansion was lively in many ways.

The male protagonists who returned to Lichpen after the death of the former Lavrenti family immediately achieved a generational change of power.

Ahibalt thinned all those who were loyal to his father.

Not everyone picks up a guillotine during a generational change, though it was an inevitable choice because people from the former Lavrenti state were more followers of Veronica rather than Ahibalt, who would become the new head of the organization.

The first thing Ahibalt did was to organize the servants and his subordinates before getting the three women of the present Lichpen out of the mansion.

Therefore, Irene had a hard time organizing and moving their luggage.

The problem was that Edith strictly prohibited other people from entering the annex that was used as a laboratory at the time.

She even had an argument with Ahibalt on this matter.

“If my research materials are lost or damaged, who will be held responsible I’d rather incinerate all of them, but I would never allow people to enter the lab.”

“So, you’re saying you can move all of this by yourself”

“I’ll only move the necessary stuff.

My projects aren’t that great anyway, and most of them are in my head, so I just need to pick out what’s absolutely necessary.

I just need one person to help.”

It was Irene that Edith picked out like that.

“That maid does her job well, and she gets along well with you guys, so wouldn’t she be trustworthy if it was that maid”

“If it’s Irene, of course, she can be trusted.

I believe she’ll do a good job.”

Ahibalt agreed with a smile.

It was also because he thought that there was no one better than Irene.

In addition, she was also one of the few remaining servants of the mansion at the time of the generation change.

Nevertheless, this was a bit unusual.

While Irene has lived in this game seven times, she never once went into her lab to help Edith organize her luggage.

Cleaning was usually the housemaid’s job, and Edith was always on the side of keeping outsiders out.

‘…But, she’s picking me on the spot.’

She must have been that trusted.

Irene thought Edith might be pleased with this, and she cleared her lab.

As all sorts of unknown liquids were scattered everywhere, hundreds of medicine vials were displayed in a decorative cabinet, and below them were plates of unknown purpose stuffed like butterflies stuck in pins.

Even the experienced Irene was a bit frantic in this space.

Her job here was to organize the research materials that were scattered around her according to the topic.

Among those things were, of course, Elios, and there were also studies of various drugs as well.

Since they aroused her interest, Irene did something she would never normally do.

…She stopped her hand as she was organizing and began to read through the research material.

Edith’s research material was shown in her seven lives, and she had never peeked at it, so Irene suddenly became curious about its contents.


A few sheets of paper fell into Irene’s hand.

The research materials were obviously encrypted, but somehow, she was able to decipher them.

In retrospect, she wondered if it was the aftermath because the characters here, which she had not learned since being possessed in the game, were read like her mother tongue.

The first thing she picked up was Edith’s lab log.

‘Experimental records for the preparation of invisible luminescent substances.’

It was because it was difficult to make the eye drops to visualize the invisible luminous material since the eyedrops are harmful to the human body.

‘SQ7 complains of severe hallucinations.

SJ5, which was added with a drug to relieve it, complained of nausea and dizziness though there were no hallucinations.

Further research is needed on this…’

It was very intriguing to know that drugs unheard of outside were being studied in Edith’s lab.

Unconsciously, Irene read everything she had in her hand and then reached out for the study material.

Of course, she thought it would be talking about another drug, but surprisingly, it had a different topic.

However, it was not something to read as pleasantly as she was a while ago.


「 Research record of the relationship between favorability and fate.


Because it was about the truth of this world that no one but Irene should know.


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