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Unfortunately, Charlotte was inherently short-lived.

If there was anything to be blamed for, it was that this game was not rated for viewing by teenagers in terms of the level of violence.

Was it not natural that the end of the villain who tormented the female protagonist was death

Charlotte died in a variety of ways.

Sometimes, she dies at the hands of the protagonist, sometimes in an accident, and sometimes by Lichpen.

…A character that was often used and thrown away.

In the first place, the characters without power in this mansion were destined to be consumed by getting caught up in this.

So, on the same principle, it was only natural.

‘It’s normal for me, too.’


The lingering taste inside Irene’s mouth was bitter, though she did not have time to immerse herself in the thought.

It was because Charlotte, who wanted to get out of here quickly, rushed the story with her impatience.

“What, what are you talking about I can tell you everything!”

“The story about the love potion.”

“You don’t believe that either I’m only telling the truth! I’m sure Madam Edith’s—”

“You’ve only said that it was a love potion, I know.

However, was that all there was to explain”

Irene’s words cut off Charlotte.

Ahibalt sneered at her from the part where she had explained to him that it was a ‘love potion.’ He thought Edith must have lied.

After all, it would not have been too difficult for Edith to deceive a foolish noble girl.

However, Irene had a different idea.

‘…Edith was doing research on the relationship between favorability and fate.’

Only a handful of people know about it, but if you know it, it was not that difficult to relate this sudden ‘love potion’ to the study.

There was also speculation that Edith may have tried to use the ‘love potion’ to create favorable feelings and furthermore, to carve out fate.

“I don’t know more, I don’t! I’ve told you everything I know! Madam Edith said she needs a sample of the person you’re in love with.

If I feed it to someone I like, they’re sure to like me…”

“Is the explanation really all that”

“There really wasn’t a single word of poison!”

“I’m not asking that kind of question, so please get a hold of yourself and answer honestly.

Didn’t she tell you in great detail how the drug works Not a word”

As Irene asked the questions repeatedly, Charlotte had a slightly confused look on her face as if it was the first time someone had asked so seriously about the ‘love potion’ she was talking about.

“That, I don’t know… that I’m the best sample, and the effect is different for each person… Ah!”

Confused and weeping, Charlotte raised her upper body as though she had suddenly remembered something.

“I remembered.”

“What is it”

“I can’t remember the details, although she said it was a drug that would make people misunderstand their feelings.”

…A drug that disturbs nerves and creates the illusion of affection for someone.

Charlotte, who explained so, was full of confidence like she had never been before.

That fact reassured Irene as well.

It was not really poison that she got into Rodion’s tea.

It was really a love potion.

‘I’ll have to find out more about why Rodion had such an effect.’

What was clear was that the conversation she had just had with Charlotte had convinced Irene of Edith’s purpose.

It was because Charlotte’s testimony perfectly penetrated her conjecture.

‘Now, I know what Edith is trying to do.’

Irene was convinced that Edith was going to change this damn fate.

Under that proposition, her heart raced.

‘…Maybe, I can get out of this game.’

To change fate, the game system.

She never thought it would be possible.

In addition, she presumably would not have dared to dream if she had noticed Edith’s plans like this any other time.

Because no matter what happened, the game worked the same.


‘The game has already changed a lot.’

Progress has changed, and variables are taking over.

Up until now, Irene had only been thinking about getting the variables back to normal, but what if these variables were the beacon that opened the way for her to return home If only ruining the game and twisting fate were the only way to end this tedious regression.


‘…What will happen to the remaining characters here’

Her thoughts gradually slowed down.

Irene’s heart, which was beating rapidly with ecstasy, also stopped.

Irene’s gaze turned to the broken Charlotte.

Then, the path where she had come in.

The faces of those who would be left were all painted over in the air.



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



Irene thought she would be happy if she could just get out of this game completely.

Apparently, it seemed that she had spent too much time in the game.

‘Still, I’ve already decided the first thing to do.’

Meeting Edith.


It was never too late to figure out how far she knew, what she could do, and then think about what she was going to do.

As Irene thought for a moment, she got up as if to leave the dungeon.

At that, Charlotte called her urgently.

“You, you!”

Irene, who was caught in the foot, looked back at her with a slight frown.

“What’s going on”

“You… do you believe me”

“Of course.

You’re scared and reticent.

Most of all, you aren’t a resonant person, so you’re obsequious.”

It would not be easy to find someone who was as honest as those who grovel in the face of hardship.

Charlotte wept as Irene’s sword-like words were quite painful.

Nonetheless, she still did not stop protesting to save her life.

“No matter how much you swear, I have a good reason!”

“There’s no tomb without excuses*.”

[ T/N: It’s an idiom which means, “Even a person who makes big mistakes has his/her own excuses or reasons.


“No, listen to me until the end.

I didn’t say this because I thought I’d be tortured even more though there were things I couldn’t say.”

Restless, she finally finished her words.

“Young, Young Master Rodion knew I put something in the tea.”



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



Irene’s steps strode across the hallway.

Upon leaving the basement, the stone steps quickly turned into wooden floors.

It seemed as though the sullen subterranean chill had stuck to her shoulders as well, and Irene lightly brushed her shoulders.

However, as if facing her gaze in the air and a wretched feeling, her cold expression remained the same.

In her head, Charlotte’s words were constantly being played back.

“Young Master Rodion was away for a while.

At that time, I took the drug, but I was conflicted until just before that.

Because of that, I missed the time to completely hide the potion.

As soon as I poured the drug, Young Master Rodion returned.

I was surprised that I missed the cap of the bottle.”

Charlotte protested that the sound was clearly ringing in the greenhouse because of the fallen bottle cap.

“If I think about it now, I’m sure Young Master Rodion must have seen it, too.

Still, he didn’t say anything, so I was relieved to think that he might not have seen it.



Although Irene immediately asked back, Charlotte still looked hesitant and reluctant.

The reason soon became apparent.

“I still don’t know if I’ve seen it wrong or not.

But, when Young Master Rodion fell down… I think I saw him smile.”

“…I beg your pardon”

I, I heard him calling you.

Rea, Rea… It’s because I heard him calling you Rea before.”

“Did Madam Henrietta tell you that”

“Yes! Madam Henrietta cares about me!”

Charlotte uttered, almost wailing.

“Anyway, I know she was brought in by Madam Henrietta to be used.

Even so, if I go back alive, I’m sure they’ll write to you.

Irene, you’re trusted by the men here.

If you speak well, I might be freed.

Please… I want to go back…”

It was only then that Irene realized why Charlotte had grabbed her and continued this wretched story.

She hoped that she might be able to relieve herself of her own responsibilities for Rodion’s issue as much as she could, if a person as trusted as Irene was, believed in her.

Irene was a little fed up with her blatant and obtuse thoughts.

“If you live while being taken advantage of by others, don’t you think that there will be another day like today someday again You’re going to beg someone else for your life then.”

“I’m doing this, so I won’t get hurt like that again! Me, I want to be like Madam Henrietta—! What do you know…”

Charlotte could not finish her words and burst into tears.

Even though she was screaming at her in depravity, it was because she realized how far her own wish had become from reality as she continued to speak.

At the same time, despair flashed and filled her eyes.

Irene was able to read her feelings like passages in an open book.

She had such a pathetic and sad heart that anyone could not help but look at her with a sympathetic gaze.

Nevertheless, Irene’s face did not even move.

It was because her sympathy was not cheap enough to be used in such a place.


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