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Dou Tianyi opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he suddenly started coughing violently.

Wen Jingping jumped in fright.

She hurriedly reached out to pat his back to soothe his breath, but Li Yue, who was the first to react, beat her to it.

Dou Tianyi coughed like this for about a minute.

When he stopped, it was as if he had just experienced a great battle.

He collapsed weakly on the wheelchair.

His originally pale face was stained with blood because of the intense coughing.

He looked miserable and terrifying.

Wen Jingping was one step ahead of him.

She was stunned for a moment before she thought of going forward to express her concern for Dou Tianyi.

However, she was pushed aside by Dou Tianyi, who had already recovered.

“Miss Su has also seen that my condition has deteriorated to a very serious extent.

I have no choice but to bring you here in this way.

I hope that in the future, Miss Su can cooperate with my familys private doctor to treat me and alleviate my pain.”

“In the future” Su Yayan frowned and her heart skipped a beat.

“You want to imprison me Didnt you think that if someone found out…”

“No one will find out.”


Dou Tianyi looked at her deeply, he smiled faintly and said, “I know what youre thinking.

Your grandfather is connected to the research institute, and Huo Chenhuans uncle is also connected to the Special Ops.

If you and your baby are missing, they will definitely search for you at all costs.

If youre in the country, Im not sure if they will find you, but what if youre abroad”

Su Yayans expression changed slightly.


Dou Tianyi saw the change in her expression and turned to look at the clock not far away.

“40 minutes.”

“40 minutes What 40 minutes”

“40 minutes more and I will bring you out of the country.”

Su Yayans eyes narrowed slightly.

The ominous premonition in her heart was finally verified.

“You cant be…”

“Nothing is impossible.”

The moment Su Yayan stepped into the villa with her baby, a large group of people had set out according to plan.

These people would bring a substitute disguised as Su Yayan and set out from different places at different times to confuse the people who were looking for Su Yayan.

The purpose of these peoples existence was to stall for time.

When Huo Chenhuan and the others realized that something was wrong, he would have long taken Su Yayan away.

Even if they wanted to find her, they did not know where to find her in the short term.

Dou Tianyi thought that his plan was flawless, but he would never have thought that everything he had worked so hard to plan would be destroyed by an invisible camera in the end.

Wen Jingping was stunned for a while when she heard that Dou Tianyi was going to take Su Yayan out of the country.

When she came back to her senses, her expression changed drastically.

She said anxiously, “If you want to go out of the country, then I…” What should she do

Before she could finish speaking, Dou Tianyis cold and stern gaze swept over her, causing her to swallow the second half of her sentence.

At the same time, Wen Jingping felt a chill rise from behind her back, instantly engulfing her limbs and bones.

She knew very well that she was about to be abandoned by Dou Tianyi.

But, why

She was clearly the winner of the female protagonists script.

She was following the original trajectory of the world.

She and Dou Tianyi were destined to be together.

She was the only one who could alleviate his illness and hang on to his life.

Why would this man choose a married woman who had given birth to a child over her On what basis would he choose her!


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