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The Ninth Sister is a Prodigious Beast Master Chapter 30

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True Warrior

Beiting Huang let out a cold laugh and stepped out diagonally. No one knew what kind of strange footwork she was using, but in a flash, there was no one in front of Huang Bin. He was surprised, but on the battlefield, life and death were instantly determined. A strong gust of wind attacked, and Huang Bin quickly raised his sword to resist it. However, a heavy kick hit his wrist, and the sword he was holding with both hands flew out.

He flew towards the door.


The crowd at the door was stunned and quickly dodged to the sides. They saw the sword spin in the air and the hilt hit the door frame heavily. Clang! The sword did not fall but flew back with the force of hitting the door frame. Huang Bin had just turned around when the sword stabbed into his back.

One move, just one move. Was he still a swordsman Huang Bin was a level 2 swordmaster. Beiting Huang did not know the difference between the levels, but Huang Bin did. There was a difference of one level, but she ended his life with one move.

He was a little confused and looked at Beiting Huang with a pair of frightened eyes. However, Beiting Huang narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “Do you know I hate it when people point their weapons at me!”

After she finished speaking, she ignored Huang Bin, who was slowly falling to the ground and had no more life left in him. She turned around and asked the receptionist who was standing at the side, who was so shocked that she could not close her mouth, “May I ask how my procedures are”

She had just killed a challenger, and everyone in the hall was still in a daze. It was as if nothing had happened, and she was still thinking about her mercenary registration procedures.

Was she still the good-for-nothing ninth young master The mercenaries in the hall had been living on the edge of a knife all year round. They had been in and out of life and death situations. They were still a little shocked to see a person die. However, the ninth young master had a calm expression and his eyes were calm. Killing someone seemed to be a normal thing for him.

When the receptionist saw that Beiting Huang was no longer a handsome young man, but a demon-like person, she was so frightened that her face turned pale. “Okay, okay, okay!”

She respectfully handed the Mercenary Certificate to Beiting Huang with both hands and said eagerly, “Please take it!”

With that, she ran back behind the counter and hid, afraid of attracting the attention of Beiting Huang.

“Hahaha, good!”

A voice of praise rang out in the quiet hall. The crowd parted, and a young man in a light brown warrior suit walked out from behind. He was about twenty-five or twenty-six years old. He was very handsome and had a strong body. He looked at Beiting Huang with a pair of burning eyes. “Young warrior, Im Qin Yu, the young leader of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group. Please allow me to pay my respects to you!”

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The young man was exceptionally polite. There was a rare sense of respect in his eyes when he looked at her. Beiting Huang did not know him, but when she heard the discussions about him in the crowd, she could not help but be stunned.

“Oh my god, its actually the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group. Oh my god, its the number one mercenary group on the continent!”

“Ah! Its actually Young Master Qin Yu. Oh my god, hes a Great Phantom Master!”

Seeing that Beiting Huang was paying attention to other peoples discussions about him, Qin Yu smiled and said, “Ninth Young Master, I believe youve heard about the A-level plan issued by the Night Kings Mansion to find the egg. Can I invite you, brave warrior, to join my mercenary group so that we can fight side by side”

“The number one mercenary group on the continent actually invited the ninth young master!”

“To be able to fight alongside Young Master Qin Yu Oh my god, Im going to faint. Why not me”

Beiting Huang looked at the young man in front of her without saying a word. His sincere eyes and gentle smile were not fake. However, Beiting Huang did not respond. Qin Yu could not help but think more highly of this young man. He was so calm, wise, and extraordinary. “A true warrior deserves everyones respect!”



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