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Chapter 30: Mother Said That Baby Nuo Is Still Young

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Wanxuan carried Nuoer and returned to the Qiushui Palace.

However, the strange thing was that there were a few more imperial guards on duty outside the Qiushui Palace.

This was something that had never happened before.

Wanxuan was a little puzzled.

Gu Nuoer didnt think much about it and leaned on Wanxuans shoulder, giving each of the handsome older brothers a flying kiss.

Wanxuan brought her into the palace and chanced upon Wanyin, who was about to head out.

Wanyin said, “I was just about to go look for you and the princess. Her Highness gave instructions for us not to bring the princess out by ourselves recently.

“If theres really a need to go out, there must be guards following us.”

Wanxuan was a little perplexed. “I saw that there were also imperial guards on watch outside when we came back. What happened”

Wanyin took a look at Gu Nuoer, who was in Wanxuans arms.

The child was playing with Wanxuans hair as if she wasnt paying attention to their conversation.

Wanyin said in a soft voice, “Qinghe was executed today and it was a horrifying sight. All the consorts and concubines had seen it.

“However, this Qinghe was vicious. Before she died, she shouted loudly and said that she had been discovered by the little princess.


“Her Highness and His Majesty felt that Qinghe must be trying to notify the person behind the poisoning incident. There must still be things that Qinghe hadnt confessed.

“Now that the mastermind had heard this, they might come looking for the princesss trouble! We have to be more wary.”

Wanxuan gritted her teeth. “These damned people. They were the ones who were discovered when they were trying to harm someone, but now theyre blaming it on our princess.”

Wanyin consoled her and said, “Lets not talk about this anymore. Hurry up and carry the princess inside. Her Highness is waiting.”

When Gu Nuoer was brought into the inner room, Noble Consort Qiao was dressed gorgeously and did not look worried at all.

She was leaning against the chaise lounge, looking through the palaces accounting records.

“Mother~” Gu Nuoer called out in a soft voice.

Noble Consort Qiao raised her head and her red lips instantly curled into a doting smile.

“Baby Nuo, come over to Mother. What did you play with Wanxuan earlier”

At this moment, Wanyin handed over a wet handkerchief. Noble Consort Qiao took it and wiped Gu Nuoers small hands for her.

After Gu Nuoers chubby hands were cleaned, she picked up the plum blossom pastries on the table and started eating.

Her cheeks were puffed up from the food and she said, “We went to see the bear bear~ Mother, is the matter with Empress Mother resolved”

The child was still thinking about this matter.

Noble Consort Qiao explained to her gently, “Weve already found the person who gave the poison and had the imperial physician look for the antidote. I believe that it wont be long before your Empress Mother gets well.

“The reason it wasnt detected that the poison was given through tea was because Qinghe and Cailuan usually drugged the tea at the last moment and then theyd be the ones to wash up. Therefore, no one discovered it.”

She carried Gu Nuoer up and placed her on her knees.

“Baby Nuo, youre Mothers lucky star and have been smart since young. Youve done very well in this incident.

“When you encounter something strange, dont make a fuss first but come to tell Mother first when youre back. Leave the rest for Mother to take care of.”

Gu Nuoer nodded. “En! Mother said that Baby Nuo is still young. There are things that Mother has to go do.

“But after Baby Nuo grows up, itll be my turn to protect Mother!”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled, feeling satisfied. She tapped one of her fingers, with nails that had been dyed red, onto Gu Nuoers small nose.

Since Gu Nuoer was born, this was how the mother and daughter had gotten along.

Noble Consort Qiao had never coaxed and lied to Gu Nuoer like how others would treat children. Shed talk reason with Gu Nuoer and teach her slowly.

Although some of the things that Gu Nuoer liked were a little childish, Noble Consort Qiao would show her support as long as it was something that wouldnt hurt her.

Therefore, Gu Nuoer was very sensible and knew when to be squeamish and when to be obedient.

At this moment, Wanxuan entered and reported, “Your Highness, the Second Prince has come.”


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