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Chapter 115: The sky is very blue


A green light flew out and the summoner’s Water Arrow fell onto the head of the Scarlet Eyed Sand Alligator.


The only 100 points of damage made Summer complain.  She held her small chest as she said in an unconvinced voice, “Why is the summoner’s attack power so weak”

I turned and asked, “What did you add your points in”

“Four points in agility and one in intelligence, what about it”  Summer asked with an innocent look.

I was silent for a bit before saying, “Summer, you idiot, how can you add your points this wrong.  The summoners depend on summoning their pets to fight, so they mainly lack the ability to keep themselves safe.  The other summoners add three points in vitality, but you, you’re adding this many points in agility, do you think you’re an archer”

Summer pursed her lips, “I thought that with higher agility, I could run faster!”

I was speechless.  Ling Yue was also helpless as she gave me a shrug and said with a smile, “Is there a use in saying anything, what do you want to do”

I looked at Ling Xue beside me and saw her beautiful form quickly move, dodging the attack of a Scarlet Eyed Sand Alligator.  The Light Flow Sword left a deep mark on the head of the Sand Alligator, dealing over 1000 points of damage.  Damn, this difference really was too much.

Ling Xue looked at my level and revealed a smile, “Little fool, just level here today.  Perhaps you can reach level 42 when it’s time to log off.  Once you reach level 45, we should start moving against Fated and Bloodthirsty again!”

Bing Cha on the side was surprised as she asked, “What do we do”

I knew what she meant in my heart and said with a smile, “We do have to take revenge, we did all die by their hands……”

Ling Yue laughed before saying, “Xue Yue has been quiet recently, so they must think that we’ve retreated.  It’s a good thing since we’ll give them a big surprise next time we see them, humph, humph!”

I looked at my own equipment and said with a smile, “Just wait another two or three days, we’ll talk after I reach level 45!”

Ling Yue nodded with a smile, “Un, there will definitely be a good chance to attack.”

At this time, Quiet Rain Fall’s arrow took care of a Scarlet Eyed Sand Alligator.  That Elite Monster fell with a roar and dropped a pile of gold coins which Ling Xue quickly picked up.

I gave the Golden Bow to Zi Yue and said, “Here, this is for archers.  Don’t just keep drawing back, fire arrows with Rain Fall!”

Zi Yue was surprised, “But I am an assassin, can assassins use bows”

I couldn’t help smiling, “Idiot girl, won’t you know after equipping!”

Two seconds later, Zi Yue gave a pleasantly surprised smile, “I really can equip it!”

I rolled my eyes at her, “In the future, don’t just walk around in your pyjamas after logging off, read the forums more!”

Zi Yue accepted this advice, nodding with a smile, “Un, I got it!”

It seemed like she was quite obedient.

At this time, there was a team that appeared not far from us.  This team was made up of all males that all had bald heads.  We looked at each other and they saw the beauties of our Xue Yue, so they immediately came over.

I looked at them, the other side had two level 42 berserkers, one level 45 mage, one level 40 cleric, and a level 44 archer.  The rest were all players between level 38 to level 40 with equipment that were considered decent since each person had one piece of Bronze Equipment.

The mage that led them came over and his small eyes looked over the beauties of Xue Yue, looking quite disgusting.  Ling Xue put down her Light Flow Sword and moved towards them.

I grabbed her in surprise, “What are you doing”

Ling Xue said in a small voice, “The way these people are looking, they really are disgusting!”

The mage said with a laugh at this time, “I never thought that we would meet the beauties of Xue Yue here.  Ze, ze, you really are all of the highest quality.  Since this place is desolate, how about we team up and level together”

Ling Yue raised her Roaring Flame Staff and coldly said, “We have our own team, you can go to the west sea coast over there.  There’s no need for conflict, otherwise if something does start, it wouldn’t be good.”

The other side’s archer immediately said in a dark voice, “Don’t be unappreciative!  Our boss is inviting you to level which means he admires you.  What’s so great about Xue Yue, aren’t you suppressed by Fated in Sunset City!”

Ling Xue’s face turned cold and she gritted her teeth, “What did you say”

That archer gave a laugh, “Humph!  Is a beauty that incredible  Stop acting so proud, no matter how beautiful you are, don’t you still have to serve a man  Acting like this, father really can’t stand it!  Today we want to see if the legendary Xue Yue is powerful or if our Popular Hall is powerful!”

Ling Xue and I looked at each other and the little beauty said in a low voice with a smile, “This group, it seems like they’re trying to pick a fight…..”

Indeed, the other side’s archer had turned on the recording function, it seemed like he really wanted to use PK to raise the fame of his own team.  This really was a good method, if they could really defeat the popular Xue Yue Studio, perhaps they might be able to bloom in Sunset City.

Ling Yue was a bit nervous, but she had a happy look on her face as she asked in a soft voice, “What should we do”

I said in a low voice in the team chat, “Zi Yue, stop being in a daze, quickly move back!  Ling Yue and Summer will fall back, Ling Xue and Bing Cha will break through their team with me.  Rain Fall will slow their berserkers with ice arrows!”

The girls from Xue Yue all agreed at the same time.

So I raised my Bloodthirsty Spear and took a step back.  I pointed my spear at the enemy’s mage and archer as I said with a smile, “A bunch of clowns, come if you have the skills!”

That mage was a bit surprised before saying with a laugh, “So it’s Easily Angered Bookworm!  I heard that you were cut down to level zero by Fated and now you’re acting up again!”

I didn’t reply as I charged right at that mage!

My actions became the spark that started the war.  The other side’s mage and archers all called out, as they sent ice arrows flying out at my chest.  When they hit, my HP had dropped by a third!

“Ha, ha, only at this level!”

I wildly laughed as half the names of the players on the other side turned grey.  Two beautiful figures flew out from beside me as Ling Xue and Bing Cha started their attack!

I ran right at the level 45 mage.  Although the other side’s ice skills had slowed my down, my Frozen Heart skill had greatly reduced the debuff, so I wasn’t that slow.

The mage was surprised and looked up to send a fireball at me!


There was a pain that came from my chest and I lost around 500 points of HP, but my Bloodthirsty Spear hit the other side’s chest with the light of the Ice Wind Thorn!


I thought that I could instant kill the other side with an Ice Wind Thorn, but it only took around a third of the mage’s HP.  I saw that there was a faint barrier of light around him, it was the mage’s high grade barrier skill!

Seeing this, the mage immediately broke out in a laugh, “Ha, ha!  I thought that you were some expert, but your attack power is this bad!”

I also smiled and with a step, I moved to the right.  The Bloodthirsty Spear lit up again and there was a dazzling golden glow at the point of the spear.

The mage was shocked, but he didn’t have time to move as I swept out with the Shield Break Slash.  The Bloodthirsty Spear broke the other side’s shield with an unstoppable force and at that moment, the golden light cut right through the weak body of the mage!


Combat notification: You’ve killed player Famous Person, you have received 0 sin points!


Ha, ha, killing grey named players didn’t increase PK points, this group really underestimated us too much!

On the other side Ling Xue using her sword sent the level 40 cleric back to the city before they even had a chance to blink.  Bing Cha also began fighting with a berserker with her sword, but it was clear that that berserker’s reactions were worse than Bing Cha.  When he swept out with his axe, Bing Cha had already moved behind him to sweep out with her sword, taking away the berserker’s HP.

Ling Yue raised her staff and sent out a fire dragon.  A berserker who didn’t know his own strength charged forward and was swallowed by the fire dragon, turning into white light in an instant and dropping potions on the ground.

At this time, several figures appeared around us!  The assassins of the other side had begun moving!

Ling Yue didn’t dare be negligent, immediately moving back, but the summoner summer with her cloth armour wasn’t as smart.  When she was stunned, two assassins already came over and attacked her, slashing out with daggers covered in a red glow!

I quickly charged over and without time to think, I pushed Summer aside.  There was a pain that came from my arm as the assassins had taken close to a thousand HP from me!

Summer was shocked before quickly giving me a grateful smile.

I didn’t have time to turn and I swallowed a HP potion.  I swept out with the Bloodthirsty Spear at one of the assassins, using the Whirlwind Slash to attack.  My spear released a gust of wind which not only killed the assassin that attacked me, even the other assassin was affected by the shockwave and was thrown away by the Whirlwind Slash!

“Bastard, I want your life!”

There was a look of hatred in the assassin’s eyes.  His comrade had died in front of him, he suddenly wanted to attack.

I gave a cold snort and before he could even attack, I had charged to his side.  My Bloodthirsty Spear used a Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers and emptied the assassin’s HP bar!


Summer used an ice arrow and dealt 243 damage, emptying the assassin’s HP!

“So bold, daring to sneak attack this big sister!”  Summer gave an arrogant smile.

I immediately said in a loud voice, “Dumb girl, there’s still an assassin behind you!”

“Chi la!”

With a red glow, when the other side’s skill combination was about to instant kill Summer, Quiet Rain Fall used an ice arrow to decrease the speed of the assassin.  Ling Yue also sent out two fireballs which killed the assassin!

When I looked over, I found that Ling Xue had already killed two players, among which were two magicians.  Bing Cha had also played with another berserker to death.

Although the people of Popular Hall didn’t have low levels, they really weren’t organized in PKing at all.  There was only a single player left who was the level 44 archer, the person who really didn’t know when to stop speaking.

Ling Xue raised her Light Flow Sword and looked over with a provocative smile, “The people of Popular Hall really are powerful, they die so quickly, they really live up to their reputation!”

The archer’s face was as red as pig liver as he angrily said, “You just wait, Popular Hall couldn’t kill you this time, but next time…..you won’t be as lucky!  Humph, don’t you just have more people  Come and duel me if you have the skills!”

I revealed a faint smile, “Duel  Alright, I’ll play with you!”

But Ling Xue quickly pulled my sleeve and said with a faint smile, “Little fool, let me, let me!”

I was naturally confident in Ling Xue’s level of PKing.  The little beauty was very smart and she was very sharp, it could be said that Ling Xue was one of the strongest among Xue Yue.

So I took a step back and said to the archer with a smile, “So you won’t say that we’re bullying me, do you see this beauty  We won’t make a move, as long as you can beat her, you can leave!”

The archer was filled with joy and almost broke out in laughter, but when he was about to go all out, his expression quickly changed!

“You were the one who said this!  Humph, humph, not knowing the heights of heavens and earth!”

When the other side was acting arrogant, Ling Xue couldn’t take it as she impatiently said, “Stop wasting words, let’s begin!”

When she said this, Ling Xue already flew out with the dark blue cloak fluttering in the wind.  The archer quickly moved back when he saw this, shooting out an ice arrow!


Although this couldn’t do much damage to Ling Xue, Ling Xue was covered in a layer of frost and she slowed down.

The archer did have some skills.  He immediately ran around the shrubs and using the obstacles, he attacked Ling Xue from afar, but Ling Xue couldn’t reach the archer at all with her speed decreased!

Ling Xue was very frustrated and immediately turned to run back.  She angrily shouted, “Truly shameless!”

The archer said with a wide smile, “It’s tactics!”

At this time, Ling Xue suddenly looked up and said, “The sky really is blue……”

The archer was surprised and also looked up, “Really blue”

I gave a sigh, “You idiot, it’s night right now, how could you fall for this……”

When the archer realized this, he found that there was a girl in front of him and a glowing sword falling down at him!

“Pa, pa!”




The Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers emptied the archer’s HP bar.  He was instantly scared off, but when he wanted to retreat, he found that Ling Yue was already attacking him with a blue wave skill!


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