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Chapter 117: Great Earth Staff

When our group passed through the woods to the south of Sunset City, there was no doubt that we released a large wave of shock in this Sunset Forest.  The girls of Xueyue were all beauties, which was enough to instantly kill any man and being in the same party as them made me so happy that I could die.

There were several deers that passed by in front of us and I notched my bow.  When I was about to kill them for experience, Ling Xue grabbed my hand and said, “Don’t.  These little deers are this cute, how can you bear to kill them”

I said, “The skeletons in the Hero Memorial Park are also cute, why don’t I see you showing mercy”

Ling Xue angrily said, “That’s a problem with your sense of beauty!”

I said, “If there was a problem with my sense of beauty, I wouldn’t have brought you home back then……”

Ling Xue’s face turned red.

Bing Cha asked in a curious voice with a smile, “Yi  Bookworm brought Ling Xue home  Just what happened, quickly tell us about it!”

I said, “Let’s not.  Ling Xue can’t take it if I did……”

Ling Xue glared at me and said, “Why can’t I take it  Humph, humph, I can just get drunk again and someone else can take me…..”

I glared at her, “What  Then I’ll get drunk and let someone take me too!”

Ling Xue said with a proud smile, “Idiot, no one wants you~~”

Bing Cha heard this and understood, so she just smiled without saying anything.  Purple Rhyme looked at me before looking at Ling Xue and then saying with a smile, “There’s quite a few stories!”

Ling Xue was speechless as she said, “Can you two act properly  You can just get drunk and I’ll take you both home, then no one can say anything!”

The girls all laughed.  Ling Xue angrily glared at me before passing by me.

Half an hour later, when we arrived at Dead Wood Coast, we found that there was already a team leveling here.  It was actually the Popular Hall team from yesterday that we killed!

I immediately turned back and said, “Let’s hide in the woods.  We shouldn’t act rashly, we should see what these people want to do…..”

Purple Rhyme was surprised as she said, “Aren’t they just here to level”

Ling Xue explained what happened yesterday and Purple Rhyme immediately said with a smile, “Then…..should I have Heavenly Punisher lead some people over  They’ve just been leveling without PKing for several days, they are already getting sick of it……”

I said with a smile, “No need, we can take care of them ourselves.  As for PKing, he, he, in a few days, we will start some large scale PKing and bring some fun to Sunset City!”

Purple Rhyme nodded with a smile.

At this time, the Popular Hall’s team had already surrounded a single Elite Scarlet Eyed Sand Alligator not far away in front of us.  They were taking turns attacking it.

The attack of the Scarlet Eyed Sand Alligator wasn’t considered high, but it was still hard for the two level 41 berserkers of Popular Hall.  After spending quite a bit of effort, they were able to kill one at the price of a berserker.

The level 43 archer was very confused as he said, “Xue Yue’s people aren’t here today.  It was quite easy for them to level here yesterday, so why is it so hard for us now”

The mage leader said, “Their equipment is better and their levels are higher!  Moreover, their leader is a beauty, so the alligator can’t bear to bite them;.  How could they be like us brothers who are all so ugly.  It’s no wonder this alligator really wanted to swallow us all!”

The archer nodded before suddenly pointing forward, “Boss, look!  There’s a Gold Boss there!  I can see the level, should we fight it”

The mage’s face turned red, “Nonsense!  Don’t you know that riches come from danger, go!  Xue Yue’s people aren’t here today, so they must have been killed by the boss!  Brothers, let’s kill this boss and get some Gold Equipment!”

After saying this, Popular Hall’s players all charged forward!

After a while, there were pitiful cries that rang out.  When the close range players reached it, the Flame Alligator Beast released its power and bit three berserkers at once and swung out to kill an archer.  When the mage boss wanted to escape, the Flame Alligator Beast released a spit attack that had turned the mage completely to stone, turning him into a statue!

I was secretly surprised as I said in a low voice, “Petrifying attack, how powerful!”

In just a few minutes, the 17 players of Popular Hall had all been routed.  There was only a single cleric that ran away in fear.  Seeing his petrified boss being killed with a single slash, the cleric took out a City Return Scroll and headed back.

When the last Popular Hall player left, we came out of the trees.  Summer patted her chest as she said, “This battle really was a slaughter!”

I knew that those Popular Hall players did cause a bit of worry.  It would be bad if they had killed the boss, but now I can relax since they had been completely killed by the Gold Boss!

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile and waved her staff, “It should be our turn to shine now!”

Ling Xue immediately pulled me to the front to go first and I complained, “Ling Xue don’t, you should just go yourself.  My defense is much lower than yours, you can’t just see me send myself to death……”

Ling Xue angrily said, “Stop wasting words!  Didn’t big sister Purple Rhyme give you a Prepared Resurrection, what are you afraid of!”

The Flame Alligator Beast had already noticed us at this time and it charged forward with a low roar!


The Bloodthirsty Spear in my hand trembled as I shot out the Ice Wind Thorn.  A blue light appeared and the spear with the ice cone fell onto its head!


Seeing this pitiful damage, I couldn’t help being speechless.  With a high defense of 450, I already couldn’t rip apart its defenses.

Ling Xue gave a soft laugh before sweeping out with the Water Moon Slash.  There was a dull sound as she actually dealt 1402 damage!

It seems like before changing to the Roaring Flame Spear, my close range damage was still weaker than Ling Xue’s.

At this time, Ling Yue and Quiet Rain Fall had entered the attack range, sending out a flame dragon and a fireball at the boss.

Zi Yue was even more pitiful.  When she took a few steps forward, the Flame Alligator Beast spat at her.  Zi Yue was just standing there as she had been petrified!


System notification: Player Zi Yue had received the petrifying attack of the Flame Alligator Beast and has been petrified.  She is unable to move and her defense has been decreased by 300%.  This will last for 60 seconds.


I suddenly remembered something.  Normally speaking, this kind of long range debuff attack would target a player that had entered the range and didn’t attack yet.  This setting was a bit strange, but this gave us a chance.

After all, Zi Yue was someone who kited.  It was better for her to waste the boss’ attack since being petrified wouldn’t kill her.

So I shouted in team chat, “That…..Zi Yue and Summer, you two can just not worry about other things, just move around Ling Yue!”

Summer asked why, so I told her that her life was all about moving around.

Not long after, Summer was also petrified.  The cooldown for the boss’ petrifying attack was thirty seconds, so the two girls could keep being petrified around us.


The Flame Alligator Beast suddenly flew forward and raised its claw to swipe down on my chest.  There was a strong pain in my chest that felt like I was being torn apart.  When I looked at my HP, I was scared to the point of my soul flying out!

The Flame Alligator Beast’s attack had actually dealt 2768 damage which had almost instantly killed me!

It was a good thing that I had swept out with my spear to deal around a thousand damage.  With the effect of Blood Sucking Ring, I recovered 40 HP.  Then Purple Rhyme’s heal also fell onto me and restored over 1200 points of HP.  Such a strong healing spell really made one stunned.

Ling Yue was also surprised and she couldn’t help asking, “Purple Rhyme, how much healing effect does your equipment add  I remember that high grade heals only heal around 800 HP……”

Purple Rhyme revealed a smile, “I have two Silver Equipment with healing effects, the rest only add a bit…..”

“Oh, no wonder……”

I thought of the Mercy Plume in my warehouse with its 25% healing effect.  If Purple Rhyme were to equip it, wouldn’t she suddenly heal over 1500 HP

I suddenly felt hesitant.  If I were to sell this Gold Mercy Plume, I could earn no less than 10000 gold coins, which was equal to 20000 RMB!

Forget it, I shouldn’t think that much now!  I’ll wait until Purple Rhyme is level 45!

After almost being instantly killed, Ling Xue and Bing Cha became more discrete.  After all, when facing this boss with high defenses, the close range players weren’t the main damage.  The main damage was Ling Yue with her powerful magic attacks.  Ling Yue’s flame dragon dealt around 3000 damage to the boss, this was not something that we could compare to.  (The Flame Dragon spell is split into three attacks which all deal around 1000 damage.)

With this powerful attack, the Flame Alligator Beast couldn’t take it no matter how strong it was.  Although it had already killed Bing Cha once, with the Prepared Resurrection, she didn’t lose anything.  With just me and Ling Xue taking care of the boss, it was already enough.

Finally after ten minutes of wild attacks, the Flame Alligator Beast let out a low roar before suddenly falling to the ground, dropping a pile of gold coins and several pieces of equipment!

I looked at Ling Xue and said, “Girl, go and pick up the equipment and gold coins, what are you standing there in a daze for”

Ling Xue revealed a sweet smile and immediately put all the gold coins and equipment in her inventory.  I could see that the Flame Alligator Beast had dropped a staff, a necklace, and coat.

Ling Xue quickly shared the stats in the team chat, first was the staff.

[Great Earth Staff] (Silver Equipment)

Magic Attack: 80-120

Intelligence: 12

Vitality: 10

Additional: Increases healing by 60 points at most.

Required level: 40



Ling Yue and Purple Rhyme were both stunned.

Then Ling Yue said with a smile, “It adds quite a bit of healing.  Give this to Purple Rhyme, it’ll be her appearance fee today……”

Purple Rhyme hesitated a bit before saying, “After this staff is appraised, the magic damage shouldn’t be lacking.  Ling Yue, you need it more than me.”

Ling Yue shook her head with a smile, “Don’t be polite with me.  Of course I don’t want increased healing, otherwise I’ll be despised by Bookworm and Ling Xue!”

Purple Rhyme couldn’t help smiling before taking the Great Earth Staff from Ling Xue.

The second piece of equipment was a glowing necklace.

[Petrifying Necklace] (Silver Equipment - Necklace)

Strength: 15

Vitality: 10

Additional: When attacking, has a 5% chance to petrify target.

Required Level: 43



Ling Xue hesitated before saying to me, “I already have a Silver Necklace, so should this one be given to big sister Bing Cha or you”

I wanted to be generous, but the stats of the necklace made me drool over it!

Ling Yue said with a smile, “In order to be fair, how about Bookworm and Bing Cha roll for it!”

The system had a roll function.  Two people in the team could roll a random number between 1 to 100 and the person with the highest number would win.

Ling Yue’s suggestion was very fair.  Bing Cha and I looked at each other with smiles before nodding.

So the team leader Ling Yue opened the roll and I pressed it.  The points jumped several times before the number went against my wishes, landing on 4!

Damn, this was a super low number, I was basically finished!

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile, “Hee, hee, it seems like little fool’s luck is quite good…..”

I revealed a bitter smile, “Don’t tease me!”

Bing Cha revealed a smile and quickly pressed to roll.  The number quickly changed and it gradually came to a stop as everyone excitedly looked at it.




After rolling three times, the final number was left on 2!

I looked at Bing Cha and said with a certain look, “You’re letting me win…..”

Bing Cha was speechless, “I do want it.  Forget it, you’re getting off lucky today.  You should treat me to lunch…..”

“Alright!  I’ll help you fill a bowl of rice!”


I took the Petrifying Necklace from Ling Xue.  To be honest, the effect of this necklace really was good.  A 5% chance to petrify, this really was good for PKing!

Next was the third piece of equipment which was a glowing chestplate.

[Fearless Chestplate] (Gold Equipment - Armour)

Defense: 85

Strength: 15

Vitality: 10

Additional: Increase’s user’s defense by 20.

Required Level: 45



It was already this strong without being identified, I couldn’t help being stunned!

Ling Xue said, “I don’t want to trade out my Strong Gale Set, so which one of you wants it”

The balance was between me and Bing Cha once again.

This time I firmly said, “I can’t equip it with my level anyway, give it to Bing Cha!”


Bing Cha opened her mouth wide in surprise before saying after a long pause, “This is a piece of Gold Equipment, Bookworm, can you really casually give it up  Let’s roll for it!”


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