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No Bargaining, Pack It Up At The Original Price!

Luo Feng had no choice with Ai Tingyas insistance. He took the sweater from the bottom of the small mountain and handed it to the shop assistant.

“How much for this” Luo Feng asked.

The shop assistant happened to send off the last batch of customers. Her smile was brighter than the spring flowers in March. She picked up the blue sweater and looked at the price tag.

Ai Tingya had already peeked at the prices when she was trying on the clothes. 180 yuan was simply robbery!

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“Boss, look, weve helped you get so many businesses. Give us a discount.” She got the first word in.

Luo Feng wasnt happy when he heard that. He was not only here to buy things for Ai Tingya, he also wanted to confirm a theory— Whether the money in his card would increase with his expenditure.

Previously, he had spent 20 yuan on Ai Tingya, but there was suddenly 200 yuan in his card. If he could obtain 10 times what he paid then obviously the higher amount paid, the better.

He glanced at the shop assistant and realized that she looked a little troubled. He hurriedly said, “I brought enough money. Ill pay the original price.”

Ai Tingya knew that Luo Feng was not lacking in money, but she neither wanted to be a spendthrift, nor wanted to owe Luo Feng too much. She was afraid that it would be difficult for her to pay him back in the future.

“Well take it if its cheaper. Otherwise, well go somewhere else.” Ai Tingya insisted.

“No need, lets leave it at that.” Luo Feng forcefully joined the bargaining topic and stood on the shop assistants side.

“Luo Feng, dont cause trouble!”

“The original price!”

The two of them had their own thoughts and started arguing.

The shop assistant looked at the two of them awkwardly. She originally wanted to give the sweater to them directly for free. Ai Tingya had helped her to attract so many customers and her attitude towards her in the beginning was not so good after all.

Using a sweater to develop a relationship with two repeat customers with goods-carrying attributes wasnt a bad trade.

Who knew that they would argue over it.

“Stop arguing. Its not worth it for such a small matter.” The shop assistant tried to smooth things over. “How about this Ill take a loss and give it to you for free. Come back often in the future.”

She packed the sweater after saying that.

Ai Tingya seemed to have picked up a huge bargain. She took the bag eagerly and said sweetly. “Thank you, Auntie. Youre so nice!”

However, Luo Feng didnt relent. He grabbed the bag, took out the price tag, glanced at it, and stuffed the clothes back in. He casually took out two banknotes and placed them in the shop assistants hands.

“Im going to purchase it at the original price!” Luo Feng said calmly.

Ai Tingya puffed up her cheeks in anger. The shop assistant had already given it away readily, so why did he still have to pay He was a fool!

The shop assistant stared at the money in her hand in shock. She did not know whether to accept it or not. She said awkwardly, “Student, you…”

“This is the first item I bought for her, it has to be at the original price… Forget it, dont bother about the change.” Luo Feng said.

Ai Tingyas face immediately turned red hearing this.

Bargain Free gift

They were all squeezed out of her mind by Luo Fengs words. She buried her head and pursed her lips, the corners of her mouth unconsciously curling up.

Luo Feng was too overbearing! She couldnt refuse at all!

The 200 yuan in the bachelorette shop assistants hand instantly lost its allure as she looked at the lovey dovey couple in front of her.

She felt that young people were really rich nowadays. He gave her 200 yuan for a sweater that cost 45 yuan… Well, he was rich and was buying passion rather than the item itself.

The shop assistant put the money into her pocket with a clear conscience when she came back to her senses. “Miss, your boyfriend treats you so well!” She gave them a thumbs up.

Ai Tingya blushed and whispered, “He… Hes not…”

She did not see the need to explain herself to the stranger, so she grabbed Luo Fengs hand and left the clothing store.

Ai Tingyas hands were very fair, but they were not tender. The orphanage could only provide the bare essentials. Everything else required self-reliance. Her hands had many more cracks compared to high school students who only carried pens and did homework.

Luo Feng looked at Ai Tingyas hand in a daze and didnt notice when she stopped.

Ai Tingya stopped in her tracks and frowned angrily. She wanted to blame Luo Feng for spending money so extravagantly. She didnt know when she would be able to pay him back, but she couldnt get angry when she thought about how Luo Fengs domineeringness was beyond anything she could have done.

Ding ding—

The ringing of the phone interrupted their silence.

[The latest transaction of your savings card ending with 6688: Income: 2,000 yuan.]

Luo Feng smiled in surprise. It was just as he had guessed. He would get 10 times the amount he spent on Ai Tingya transferred into his bank card.

Luo Feng noticed the countless symbols above Ai Tingyas head again standing on the street.

The old man on the street was walking on crutches. The jade thumb ring on his thumb shone with a rich green light under the sunlight. The number above his head was only 10. The young man who jogged past him was wearing an old suit and was in a hurry. The number above his head was 90.

Luo Feng instantly understood when considered alongside Ai Tingyas situation— The numbers above everyones head represented their potential. No matter how rich an old man was, he couldnt compare to a young man with an uncertain future…

And Ai Tingya had endless potential for development!

Luo Fengs ambition began to grow. In his previous life, Ai Tingya became a female CEO and was already an elite among elites. However, it was far from enough. Luo Feng wanted her to be above everyone else since he was going to do it!

“Whats wrong” Ai Tingya saw Luo Fengs face full of joy and curiously looked at his phone. “Did auntie send you a message”

Luo Feng covered his phone and said. “No, its just a rubbish advertisement.”

He could not let Ai Tingya see his bank balance. After all, he was only an ordinary student who only had 100 yuan a week for living expenses. The 2,000 yuan balance was enough to cover his familys expenses for two to three months. It was very troublesome to explain.

Ai Tingya did not have the habit of prying into other peoples privacy. “Alright… No, you bought me such expensive clothes. How am I going to pay you back in the future!”

She composed herself and finally remembered to interrogate him.

“You have to obey me since you lost the competition. I said Ill buy this, so Ill buy it. You cant have any objections!” Luo Feng joked.

Ai Tingya stomped her feet in anger. “But you cant spend money recklessly!”

“Arent we classmates Why are you so concerned about me spending money” Luo Feng raised his eyebrows and asked the obvious. “Why are you in such a hurry to help me with my household expenses”


“You!” Ai Tingya was so embarrassed that she could not speak. She covered her face and turned around. “Anyway, youre the one who spent the money for nothing. I cant be bothered!”

Luo Feng looked at her red ears and felt that they were very cute. Ai Tingya was like a little hedgehog that was being teased. She had soft thorns all over her body that were not prickly. She would be fine after a few more words of coaxing.

“Lets buy two more sets of clothes and then grab some food. Do you like hotpot or stir-fry” Luo Feng laughed.

Ai Tingya was afraid that her small heart would not be able to take it anymore when she heard that he was going to continue spending money. She hurriedly stopped him and said. “Lets not shop anymore. Lets go back.”

“Then lets go and eat. Theres a shop in front…”

“I want to eat Aunties cooking.”

People always like to compromise. Ai Tingya definitely wouldnt agree if Luo Feng wanted to go home for dinner. However, Ai Tingya would rather go home with Luo Feng if he wanted to go to a restaurant.

“Lets go home then.” He grinned triumphantly.



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