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Closer Relationship, New Rewards Appear!

“Dad, Mom, were back.”

Luo Feng opened the door and saw the leftovers on the dining table. Father and Mother Luo had eaten their fill and were lying on the sofa watching TV.

Mother Luo jumped up from the sofa excitedly when she saw the two of them return.

“Why are you guys back so early Didnt I tell you to eat something good outside Xiao Feng, did you bully Tingya by being stingy again” Mother Luo walked over quickly with a bombardment of questions.

How refreshing, when have I ever been stingy

Luo Feng thought to himself.

He explained, “Mom, dont spread rumors about me. Tingya didnt want to eat outside, so we came back. Have you guys finished eating”

Mother Luo patted her stomach in satisfaction. “The side dishes Tingya brought are very fresh. We just had to finish them as soon as we could. Let me see the clothes you bought for Tingya.”

She really treated Ai Tingya like her own child. She naturally took the bag from Luo Fengs hand and shook out the blue sweater. “This sweater is really nice. The fabric is also very comfortable. I can tell at a glance that Tingyas taste is great. Little Feng likes black and white sweaters which arent energetic at all.” She praised non-stop.

Luo Feng helplessly rolled his eyes at Mother Luo upon hearing this.

Who is your biological child You side with Ai Tingya at every juncture. Youre stepping on me and holding her up. Do you think Im the b*stard child

“Yes yes yes, your Tingya has the best taste.” Luo Feng rubbed his stomach. “Is there anything to eat Were hungry.”

Mother Luo did not answer. Instead, she bent down and looked at their hands. She realized that there was really only one bag. “I asked you to buy clothes for Tingya, and you only bought this one piece”

At this moment, Ai Tingya was covering her mouth and laughing. She explained when she heard that Mother Luo had misunderstood the situation.

Mother Luo hugged Ai Tingyas arm and said. “Going shopping with a man is akin to killing him. Go with Auntie the next time round, I guarantee that the clothes you buy will be beautiful and affordable. Auntie can even get a staff price…”

She led Ai Tingya to the sofa and sat her down as she spoke. Ai Tingya was humble and gentle to her elders. She did whatever she was told to do. The two of them hit it off quite well when they chatted about discounts.

Luo Feng protested. “Mom, food…”

Ai Tingya was the first to react as a guest. She had owed the Luo family a lot and wanted to help with some housework.

Mother Luo pressed her back onto the sofa and said, “Tingya, youre tired too. Let Xiao Feng do the cooking.”

Then, she winked at Luo Feng, telling him to seize the chance to perform.

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Luo Fengs mothers double standards made him even more speechless. He only learned how to cook after graduation. His mother really dared to say anything even though he was a student who only knew how to boil water.

He sauntered into the kitchen. There was still some pork ribs soup left in the pot, and the other ingredients were only enough to make fried rice. However, Ai Tingya was not an outsider, so he decided to make do with it today.

Luo Fengbai placed all the ingredients on the table and picked up the carrot to cut it into evenly-sized particles, followed by smoked meat and onions.

The rhythmic sound of cutting vegetables came from the kitchen, interrupting the two people chatting happily on the sofa.

Father Luo put down the remote control and scratched his face as he asked Mother Luo. “Are you sure that Xiao Feng can cook Why do I seem to remember that he only knows how to cook instant noodles”

“Aiya!” Mother Luo slapped her forehead and said. “Dont cut your hand!”

Ai Tingya was also extremely worried. She would have persisted a little harder if she had known earlier. The food she cooked was edible at the very least, even though her culinary skills were not very good.

The three of them immediately ran to the kitchen door. The scene in the kitchen made their mouths drop open unconsciously.

Luo Feng was stirring the rice to make it easier to cook. The four side dishes had different colors and were neatly arranged on the plate. Mother Luo rubbed her eyes in shock. Her son learned how to cook without a teacher

Then, he set the pot on fire. The sizzling sound of the vegetables— Yellow egg fragments, purple diced onions, orange carrots, and green onions— being stirred. Just looking at them stimulated their appetite.

A handful of smoked meat was added to stir-fry, producing a strong fragrance. Finally, he added rice and stir-fried it twice. The entire room was filled with such a fragrance!

Luo Feng placed two servings of fried rice on the table and said. “Tingya, hurry up and eat. Ill go get you some soup.”

Mother Luo came over first. She stared at the fried rice and swallowed her saliva. “My sons fried rice is so fragrant. Give me a taste.”

Luo Feng glanced at his mother and proudly moved the plate away. “I cooked it specially for Tingya. Every bite you take means one less bite for her. Next time.”

After saying that, he pulled Ai Tingya to sit down and hummed a tune before entering the kitchen.

Mother Luo pursed her lips sadly when she heard that. She actually could not eat a single bite of the first meal her son made. However, on second thought, the person who ate it was Ai Tingya. This child was sensible, capable, and was someone to dote on.

She didnt seem so angry anymore.

“Tingya, hurry up and eat. Auntie and Uncle wont disturb you anymore.” Mother Luo wiped the corners of her mouth and sat back on the sofa reluctantly.

Ai Tingya was so touched that she could not speak. Her hand that was holding the spoon hung in the air and she did not eat it for a long time.

Her eyes burned as Luo Fengs words echoed in her ears. This was the first time someone specially cooked for her. She had only eaten in the cafeterias in school and in the orphanage ever since she could remember.

No one had ever cooked specially for her, not even a simple fried rice.

“Is it good” Luo Feng put down the soup and sat beside Ai Ting Ya.

“Delicious.” Ai Ting Ya lowered her head, scooped up a big spoonful and stuffed it into her mouth. She didnt want Luo Feng to see her wet eyes.

Luo Feng supported his face as he watched Ai Tingya eat happily. His heart filled with happiness. He didnt know if the food in the orphanage was too lousy or if Ai Tingya couldnt bear to eat. This beautiful girl was raised like a little chick.

Right at this time, Luo Feng heard the sound of tin foil in his bag.

He had this feeling before!

He turned his back towards Ai Tingya who was eating happily and took out the box. There was a simple name— Physical Body Enhancement Pill!

Given the previous experience, Luo Feng didnt hesitate to take out the pill and mix it into the rice, swallowing it in one gulp.

He felt a warm current spreading from his abdomen to his limbs immediately. It washed over every cell like a gentle wave. The fatigue of staying up late dissipated, and his breathing became much smoother.

“Phew…” Luo Feng let out a breath of relief. His eyes were like torches, and he was in high spirits!

Mother Luo, who was secretly observing, nudged Father Luo. “Look at our son. Why did he suddenly become so handsome”

“Isnt it just two bowls of fried rice Do you have to treat him like that Why didnt you say that Im handsome when I was serving you” Father Luo glanced at her in disdain and continued to immerse himself in the television.

The more Mother Luo looked at him, the more she felt that something was wrong. It was as if Luo Fengs face was suddenly covered with a layer of filter.

After thinking for a moment, Mother Luo concluded that it must be the nourishment from love!


She felt that all the explanations made sense at this thought. All the credit belonged to Ai Tingya! The more she looked at her, the more she liked this girl!



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