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Youre Xiao Yas Boyfriend Youre Quite Handsome!

On New Years Eve.

Mother Luo had already chased Luo Feng out of the house: “Dont make Ting Ya wait anymore, hurry up and leave!”

She was like a stepmother in a TV drama. She would ask her son to go somewhere else on her big day. If not for the fact that he had the birth certificate at home, Luo Feng really felt like he was picked up from the trash can.

Ai Tingya, who was waiting at the door, could not help but cover her mouth and laugh. She had completely gotten used to Mother Luos favoritism after spending a few months together.

“Lets go.” Luo Feng said angrily. “Youre not in a hurry right Accompany me to shop for something.”

Ai Tingya nodded and followed beside Luo Feng.

The two of them walked along the street in the direction of the orphanage. Most of the shops on the street were still open even though it was already New Years Eve. Luo Feng looked around as he walked, searching for what he wanted.

“Right, will you perform at the gala” Luo Feng suddenly asked.

“I… I will dance…” Ai Tingya shrank her head and whispered with a red face.

Luo Feng found opportunities to buy all kinds of things for Ai Tingya during the semester of tutoring. He didnt leave out any clothes or skincare products, including a card at the beauty salon.

The current Ai Tingya was no longer covered in dirt.

“You should prepare some clothes if you are going to dance, right Do you have any Lets go and buy one now.” Luo Feng seized every opportunity to spend on Ai Tingya. He already had a little over 20,000 yuan in his card after his tireless efforts.

He was already standing at the top of the pyramid in this era where he could do whatever he wanted.

Ai Tingya frowned and replied. “Theres no need. Ive already prepared it. When can you change your habit of spending money Its not easy for Uncle and Auntie to earn money!”

After a few months of getting used to it, Ai Tingya was no longer as fearful as she was in the beginning. Instead, she could turn around and lecture Luo Feng.

Luo Feng looked at her and laughed. “Alright, Ill listen to you, lets buy some food and leave.”

The two of them walked into a nearby supermarket. Luo Feng picked out many of the childrens favorite biscuits and candies. They only left the supermarket satisfied after buying so much that they could no longer carry anymore.

The old metal door of the orphanage was wrapped in ribbons. A few aunties were pasting spring festival couplets on it. They didnt greet Luo Feng and just smiled when they saw him.

Ai Tingya called out to them one by one, then led Luo Feng inside.

This orphanage had been established for 10 years. The white paint on the outer walls had fallen off, revealing the gray walls inside. There were traces of rain on the roof, and the entire house seemed to be covered in a layer of smog.

Fortunately, the childrens laughter added some color to the orphanages bleak atmosphere.

Luo Feng had just entered the gate when he saw a girl with a short bob standing under the eaves with her arms crossed. Her brows were tightly furrowed as she looked at him from top to bottom. Her little mouth was pouting in dissatisfaction.

More than ten children of different ages poked their heads out like the tail feathers of a peacock behind her.

The girl with a short bob walked towards Luo Feng with hostility. “Youre the person our Xiao Ya misses”

Ai Tingyas face turned red. She quickly covered the girls mouth. “Xiao Fei! Dont talk nonsense!”

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Luo Feng chuckled. “My name is Luo Feng, hello.”

Xiao Fei broke free from Ai Tingyas hand and said. “Were helping you to judge him, little ones! Bring Big Sister Xiao Ya away!”

The children left the group and held Ai Tingyas hand as they walked into the house after saying that. Ai Tingya looked back at Luo Feng worriedly. The other children seemed to have rehearsed this as they lined up in a row, blocking their line of sight.

Xiao Fei was like a feudal elder who strongly opposed her daughter being with a poor scholar, grounding her just because of a disagreement.

“How long have you known Xiao Ya” Xiao Fei asked with a crooked mouth.

“Tell me!”

“Did you bully our Big Sister Xiao Ya!”

“Were not to be trifled with!”

The children acting as fences chimed in, creating a huge commotion.

Luo Feng looked in the direction Ai Tingya left and asked: “Where did Tingya go”

“Shut up! Who said you can call Tingya by her name We havent admitted you into our midst yet!” Xiao Fei scolded loudly.

Luo Feng had no intention of fooling around with them. He waved the snacks in his hand and said, “This is a gift for you guys. Can you let me in to find Tingya”

The corners of Xiao Feis mouth curled up as she said confidently. “Do you think you can bribe us with this little favor Let me tell you, were doing this for Xiao Yas happiness…”

The children standing at the back swarmed up and surrounded Luo Feng, before he could finish speaking. “Big Brother, youre such a nice person!”

“Big Sister Xiao Ya is in the kitchen. Go find her quickly.”

“Well help you stop Big Sister Xiao Fei. Shes very fierce. Leave quickly!”

Luo Feng felt his hand lighten in the blink of an eye. He then bypassed the stunned Xiao Fei and headed straight for the kitchen. He heard another angry shout behind him just as he reached the roof.

“Leave some for me!”

The bribery was successful!

Luo Feng found Ai Tingya in the kitchen with a sly smile.

“Xiao Fei didnt make things difficult for you, right”

Ai Tingya was washing the pot when Luo Feng entered. She quickly wiped her hands and found a chair for him to sit on.

“Were all friendly and honest people, so they let me in without saying much.” Luo Feng sat down and stared at Ai Tingya who was wearing an apron.

“Its rare for them to have snacks at all. Could it be that youve thought about it before coming”

Ai Tingya smiled. The phone in Luo Fengs pocket would start vibrating as long as she was happy.

Luo Feng was very familiar with this commotion. The money he used to buy snacks would have been returned to his bank account in multiples. It would be recognized as an investment in Ai Tingya as long as he followed Ai Tingyas wishes.

“When does the party start” Luo Feng asked.

“Lets eat first. The people from the television station will only come at seven, and then well start.” Ai Tingya said.

Luo Feng looked at the dishes prepared on the stove. The sumptuous chicken, duck, and fish were as good as those in the restaurants outside. Most likely, they were sponsored by someone, so it was reasonable for them to film some promotional videos.


“Wouldnt your dance be seen by a lot of people then What if a talent scout signed you on” Luo Feng joked.

Ai Tingya was much more beautiful than those vases in the future even though he did not know if Ai Tingya was good at dancing. She would definitely be the face of an entertainment company if she were to join.

Ai Tingya also smiled. “Then Ill sign the contract. I happen to want to earn money as soon as possible.”

“Why are you thinking about earning money again Didnt I tell you to study hard”

An old voice interrupted the two of them right at this moment. Luo Feng turned around and saw a middle-aged woman with white hair and glasses walking in with her hands behind her back.

The wrinkles on the womans face seemed to be carved by a knife as she stared at Ai Tingya helplessly.

“Dean Du.” Ai Tingya smiled and shook the water in her hand in order to help her in. “I was just joking with my classmate. Its not like I dont study.”

Dean Dus legs werent good, so she got onto the stool slowly and sat opposite Luo Feng. She looked at Luo Feng and smiled: “Its so rare to see Xiao Ya bring her classmates back, are you Xiao Yas boyfriend Youre so handsome”



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