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The Celebrity Arrives, The Awkward Party Begins!

“Youre Xiao Yas boyfriend Youre so handsome.” Dean Du smiled and expressed a family-like approval.

Ai Tingya stomped her feet in embarrassment. “Dean! What are you talking about! Were just ordinary classmates!”

It seemed that everyone who was close to Ai Tingya liked to tease her. Dean Du laughed when she saw this. “Whats there to be shy about My family was already helping me arrange my marriage when I was your age.”

“Aiya, Im not talking to you anymore!” Ai Tingya snorted and went to help again with a red face.

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Luo Feng watched her every move and felt that Ai Tingyas shy appearance was exceptionally cute. He wondered how beautiful she would look when she danced.

Dean Du was chatting with Luo Feng while Ai Tingya was busy preparing dinner. She was very friendly and talkative, without the airs of an elder.

Luo Feng and Dean Du chatted happily, and before he knew it, it was time to eat.

There were not many children in the orphanage. They barely managed to fill up two tables together with the adults who took care of the children.

However, the atmosphere was still very lively. It was rare for the children to see so many dishes all year round. They were so happy that they almost flew to the table. Their eyes were shining, but they did not snatch the food.

Dean Dus taught them their table manners. The children were very modest.

“Luo Feng, have this.” Ai Tingya took the initiative to pick up a chicken drumstick and placed it in Luo Fengs bowl.

Luo Feng couldnt help but be a bit surprised. He thought that given Ai Tingyas personality, she would definitely give something as good as a chicken drumstick to the little ones below, yet the first thing she picked up was given to him.


He felt a resentful gaze from the sidelines!

Xiao Fei bit her chopsticks and stared at Luo Fengs drumstick, feeling wronged. She complained softly, “Xiao Ya would always give it to me in the past! Stupid Luo Feng, bad Luo Feng!”

Dean Du chuckled and said to Luo Feng, “In the past, whenever there was delicious food on the table, everyone tacitly agreed to leave them for the person who needed it the most. Xiao Ya consumed a lot of energy in her third year of high school, so it would be given to her. Shell then pass it to Xiao Fei. However, these are only distributed after the meal.”

So that was how it was. Ai Tingya gave everything she liked to him. No wonder Xiao Fei was hostile towards him.

Luo Feng felt his heart warm. He smiled and took a bite of the drumstick. “Its delicious. Thank you, Tingya.”

“As long as you like it!” Ai Tingya smiled blissfully.

Dean Du also revealed a loving smile, as if her cabbage had found a warm new nest seeing the two of them having fun.

Only Xiao Fei bared her teeth in hatred and said with dissatisfaction. “Stupid Luo Feng, youve taken all of Xiao Yas love! Xiao Ya, youre not allowed to look at him and smile. I havent agreed yet as a member of your family!”

They laughed out loud when everyone heard this. The atmosphere immediately became lively.

Two vans drove in from the courtyard while they were eating. Four or five people jumped down from the vans and set up sound racks and various tools.

Dean Du called out, “Everyone, finish your food quickly. The gala is about to begin.”

The children obediently lowered their heads and ate heartily, as if they were rushing for a mission. No one chatted or laughed.

Ai Tingya leaned close to Luo Fengs ear. “Theres a celebrity coming. They said that they would donate some of the furniture at home if we cooperate with them for charity work.”

Most of the funding received by the orphanage was used to feed and clothe the children. Tables, chairs, stools, broken legs, and nails had been repaired for several years. The beds they slept on were rusty, the dim light bulbs and wiring were old.

The cost of renovating any one of them was not a small sum for the orphanage.

Dean Du really needed the money even though cooperating with celebrities was disgusting.

Luo Feng looked out the window at the busy workers and nodded without saying anything.

The stage was set up after a while. The children put down their bowls and chopsticks and gathered in the courtyard. Luo Feng and Ai Tingya followed them.

A nanny van slowly drove over after standing in the freezing weather for 15 minutes. A man wearing sunglasses and a black down jacket alighted from it. He had a fashionable handsome mans long hair and a necklace that almost reached his navel.

Luo Feng couldnt find anyone like him in his memory of the future. Maybe he was only famous for a few years.

“Welcome, welcome.” Dean Du welcomed him warmly.

The starlet grinned, revealing a row of bright teeth. He held Dean Dus hands and said, “Dean, youve waited for a long time! Were here to visit the children!”

Luo Feng raised his eyebrows, thinking that this little celebrity dressed up so flamboyantly and seemed like a nice person.

In the next second, someone in the nanny van shouted. “Cut!”

The starlets smile instantly collapsed. He retracted his hand and said, “How was the scene just now”

“Perfect, perfect!” The cameraman carrying the camera jumped out of the car and gave him a thumbs up. “Qiu Liang and the Dean performed very well! There were alot of emotions put into it!”

“Then lets start quickly! Its so cold!” The little celebrity, Qiu Liang, complained and sat back in the car.

Dean Dus welcoming hand was left hanging awkwardly in the cold wind.

The little-known celebrity was obviously here to put on a show!

Luo Feng was furious and wanted to step forward to argue.

Ai Tingya quickly stopped him and advised upon seeing this. “Dont go! The new furniture still depends on him!”

Luo Feng said angrily. “Even I can help change new furniture given this amount of things!”

Renovating an orphanage wouldnt be a problem with the money in his card, so why would they need a collaboration show Also, Dean Du is a respectable person, so Luo Feng cant bear to see her suffer!

Wasnt a Dean who raised a child without a family more noble than a non-mainstream little-known celebrity

“Dont talk nonsense!” Ai Tingya advised. “The director knew that this would happen, so she willingly cooperated!”

Her words reminded Luo Feng that a little impatience would spoil great plans.

Indeed, there were so many orphanages in the world. Little-known celebrities donating things could also help increase their popularity and attract more social donations. For the current Dean Du, this was the only and best way.

Luo Feng gradually relaxed and accepted Ai Tingyas explanation.

At this moment, Dean Du had already sorted out her emotions. She still had a loving smile on her face as she clapped her hands and said, “Children, get ready. Its your turn to perform!”

“Okay!” The children said in unison and stood on the stage like ducklings.

Luo Feng asked curiously: “Whats the first program”


“The celebritys solo. But the kids are going to be the backdrop to look good.”

Ai Tingya did not like Qiu Liangs behavior either, but she had no choice. She did not have the ability to support the orphanage yet, so she could only rely on these shows. She stared at the stage unwillingly and sighed helplessly.

Qiu Liangs nanny van did not move for a long time even though the children were in position and the cameras were set up.

Then, a fatty jumped down from the front passenger seat of the minivan and walked around to Qiu Liangs side. He respectfully opened the car door and said a few words to the car with a smile.

Only then did Qiu Liang slowly walk down and take off the sunglasses on his nose bridge. “Kids, youre lucky to be on the same stage as me. Dont cause any trouble for me!”



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