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You Have to Give Us More Silencing Fees With This Performance Attitude!

The music started!

“I come from chance, like a speck of dust. Who sees my vulnerability”

“Where did I come from Where is my love Who will call on me in the next moment…”

The children closed their eyes and sang “Gratitude Heart” in their best state on the stage. Everyone who heard it felt sad coupled with the neat sign language. They must have rehearsed for a long time.

In the past few years, “Gratitude Heart” and sign language dance were the standard at every public event. Luo Feng used to find it boring, but he finally learned to appreciate it after coming into contact with Ai Tingyas life.

He was immersed in the song and silently applauded the children.

The beautiful singing stopped abruptly when it was Qiu Liangs turn to sing.

The shining star held the microphone. His beautiful face had a gentle smile, and one could see his white molars when he opened his mouth, but no sound could be heard.

Luo Feng thought that the equipment was malfunctioning, so he looked around and prepared to do something. Then he heard the childrens simple singing.

This repeated over and over again. Every time it was Qiu Liangs turn to sing, he would only open his mouth and not make a sound. The children who acted as the background had to pretend to be very intoxicated. Their bodies were like small waves, swaying left and right with the melody.

“You came here to lip-sync” Luo Feng said unhappily.

The 2000s era was still not yet the era where pretty young hunks and flower vases were in power. One could only rely on strength if one wanted to carve out a path in the music industry where immortals fought. Qiu Liang naturally had some singing skills since he was a little famous.

Ai Tingya pursed her lips and said nothing.

“Theres nothing we can do.” An unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded beside him. “He said that he wants to nourish his voice and wants us to record his singing later.”

Luo Feng turned his head and saw that the fatty who jumped out of the van was standing next to him. The meat on his face jiggled as he revealed an apologetic smile.

“Why are you telling us this” Luo Feng was confused.

He looked up and realized that the number above the fattys head was actually 1,000! It was much higher than normal people! This proved that this person had a lot of potential for development in the future. Luo Feng suddenly became interested in him.

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The fatty smiled sadly. “Little friend, youre so straightforward. Theres no need for me to beat around the bush with you. Pretend that you didnt see this. Well donate more things. How about that”

He looked at Luo Fengs clothes and knew that he wasnt a child from the orphanage. The other children would cooperate for donations, but this outsider needs to be taken care of.

Luo Feng feigned innocence and asked: “Uncle Fatty is really generous, but how much more do you mean when you said you will donate more”

He used to be a businessman, someone who fought his way to fame and fortune. This person would be able to get away with it if he doesnt give a specific number. Luo Feng has to get a clear understanding even if it was for free.

“Hahaha, little boy, youre really interesting.” The fatty stretched out two fingers and said, “How about adding another 20 sets of tables and chairs”

Ai Tingyas eyes lit up.

One of their rooms had the signboard of a library but it was empty. There were a few overturned books on the crooked bookshelves. The only two tables were ground to a pulp. They would have to sit on the ground to read if there were more people.

20 new sets of tables and chairs would be like a new library to them.

Luo Feng saw Ai Tingyas “satisfied” expression on her face and decided not to bargain with Fatty.

“Little classmate, youre quite smart,” The fatty praised. He felt that children these days were not easy to fool.

He pinched his chin and carefully examined Luo Fengs side profile. His eyes immediately lit up!

The boy in front of him was tall and straight like a pine tree. The corner of his chin was as sharp as a knife. His handsome face was still young, but there was a mature and steady aura between his eyebrows. His complicated temperament was blended nicely and he was born with a photogenic face!

The fatty took out a business card and handed it to Luo Feng as if he had found a treasure. “Student, my name is Yang Tianzhen. Im the manager of One Heart Entertainment. You have the potential to be a celebrity. Do you want to enter the entertainment industry”

“Not interested.” Luo Feng said calmly.

His goal was the sea of stars, and the entertainment industry was a little cramped.

Yang Tianzhen persisted and forcefully stuffed the business card into Luo Fengs pocket. “Theres no rush to answer. You can give me an answer after youve thought about it.”

He even gave Luo Feng two admiring winks after saying that.

At this moment, the intermittent singing on the stage finally stopped. Qiu Liang walked down with his shiny black leather shoes. His smug look was as if he had completed his fateful performance.

Yang Tianzhen sighed tiredly and squeezed out a smile to welcome him. “Thank you for your hard work. Todays work will be over as long as you show your face after the party!”

“We still have to wait until its over” Qiu Liang rolled his eyes and got into the nanny van angrily. Yang Tianzhen followed hurriedly with a smile and kept talking nicely.

Ai Tingya stared at this scene in a daze and said enviously, “Its so good to be coaxed at work…”

She had always treated being sensible as her motto. Most of the time, she had to suffer to help others. She got the rare pampering when she met Luo Feng. Yang Tianzhen still welcomed Qiu Liang with a smile even though he was being so willful. She couldnt understand this strange way of getting along, but she was still very envious.

“You can be it if you like it!” Luo Feng held the business card between his fingers. He would also support Ai Tingya if she chose to enter the entertainment industry.

Ai Tingya laughed. “Im not as good-looking as you. Forget it. Im going to change.”

Luo Feng stared at her fleeing figure and frowned helplessly. It seemed like his transformation of Ai Tingya wasnt thorough enough. Even though her appearance had changed a lot, it would still take a long time for her to abandon her inferiority complex and sensitivity.

“What are you still standing there for” Xiao Fei pushed Luo Feng, “Xiao Ya is going to dance. You wont have a good spot if you dont leave now.”

Luo Feng followed the direction she ran in and saw everyone from the orphanage squatting in front of the stage, all of them looking at her with anticipation like fangirls.

“Does Tingya dance well” Luo Feng had never heard Ai Tingya mention it before.

He followed Xiao Fei to Dean Dus side.

Dean Du was still amiable. She with a faint smile on her lips. “Xiao Ya is very talented in dancing. In the past, she was even fancied by a dance master, but she said that she couldnt bear to part with us, so she gave up on it.”

Dean Dus voice was filled with regret speaking of this. Ai Tingya was sensible and obedient. She had already started to think from the Deans perspective at the age when other children were still carefree. She could not bear to see the Dean worry about many things in the orphanage alone.

She would rather stay and live a poor life, bearing the pain and give up her bright future.

“So thats how it is” Luo Feng felt his heart empty. No wonder she looked so envious when she saw Qiu Liang just now. She was once very close to such a life.

“Look! Xiao Ya is on the stage!”

Xiao Feis exclamation pulled Luo Feng back to reality. Ai Tingya was standing on the stage dressed in green…



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