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You Become a Celebrity And Ill Be Your Background!

Ai Tingya wore a green ancient dress and stood like a green bamboo pavilion in the forest.

Melodious and soothing music sounded. Ai Tingyas figure was as ethereal as a shadow. She swayed with the music, as if she was flying or leaning sideways.

The courtyard became quiet. The staff, who had been chatting, stopped talking. They were attracted by the girls beautiful dance on the stage. The cigarette in their mouths almost burned their lips but they had yet to feel it.

Yang Tianzhen got out of the car as if his soul had been hooked. Qiu Liangs complaints were forgotten. He took out another business card after admiring the scene for a moment.

Luo Feng stared fixedly at Ai Tingya. His entire body was deeply immersed in her dance, and every beat struck his heart. Ai Tingyas emotions were fully conveyed even though her movements couldnt compare to someone who had training.

Her eyes furrowed, and her every move was filled with sorrow.

Luo Feng could clearly hear the weak breathing sounds around him. They were all amazed by Ai Tingyas dance regardless of whether they had seen it before or not.

There was thunderous applause at the scene after the dance. The cameraman grabbed the tail of the beautiful dance and recorded the enthusiastic reaction of the audience after he finally reacted. The prolonged applause alarmed the disdainful Qiu Liang in the car.

He slowly got out of the car and saw Yang Tianzhen pushing aside the layers of audience and rushed to the front like a rolling ball, clumsily climbing onto the stage.

He raised the business card like a flower and bowed 90 degrees. “Student, youre very talented in dancing. Come into the entertainment industry with me! I promise to find the most professional teacher for you. Youll definitely be successful!”

If Luo Feng was like a flower on a high mountain, then Ai Tingya was like a gem in a crevice. Yang Tianzhen felt like his luck had changed and he had found two potential talents at the same time.

He had been in the industry for a few years and was quite experienced. He had made Qiu Liang, a little-known celebrity, a little famous. He did not expect Qiu Liang to be a shallow person and had started to be arrogant before he became an A-lister. He would not have wanted to serve Qiu Liang anymore if not for the fact that he had not found a more suitable person.

Qiu Liang was so arrogant just because he had a good voice.Yang Tianzhen could not take it anymore!

Ai Tingya was flattered and didnt know what to do. She looked at Luo Feng for help, hoping that he would make a decision for her.

Luo Feng walked onto the stage and stood in front of Ai Tingya: “Uncle Fatty, youve affected the progress of the party.”

Yang Tianzhen scratched his chubby face in shame and said, “Im sorry, I was too excited and didnt see clearly just now. It turns out that youre beautiful and can dance well. With your qualifications, youll definitely be so popular that you can make waves in the industry!”

Ai Tingya nervously grabbed the corner of Luo Fengs shirt and lowered her head in silence.

Luo Feng used his hand to block Yang Tian Zhens business card and said. “At least let her change first.”

He took off his coat and draped it over Ai Tingyas shoulders. He then helped her leave the stage. Yang Tianzhen was very polite to his collaborators. He obediently made way and walked to the side of the stage to wait patiently.

Ai Tingyas body felt a little warmer when the two of them returned to the room. She grabbed Luo Fengs arm excitedly and said, “Did you hear that He said Im a good dancer!”

“Its indeed very good.” Luo Feng praised from the bottom of his heart. “Dont you want to be a celebrity”

Ai Tingya rolled her eyes and said, “I dont want to. Even though I earn a lot of money being a celebrity can and let everyone live a good life, the peak period of a celebrity is too short. Life is very long. We cant just look at the short 20 year span. Besides, do you know The entertainment industry is a fame and fortune fair. If I dont find a backer, Ill definitely be bullied… Besides, who knows if what he said is true”

“I can promise you that he will definitely keep his promise.” Luo Feng said sincerely.

Even though Yang Tianzhen was trying hard to please a small celebrity now, he would definitely be one of the best managers in the future with his potential. A manager with methods and foresight would definitely make everyone famous.

It was even more convincing since he picked Ai Tingya.

“How do you know” Ai Tingya was puzzled.

“I just know.” Luo Feng smiled mysteriously and pulled Ai Tingya, “Tingya, Ill tell you all the good and bad things. You can choose your future path, but I hope you understand that Ill support you no matter what your choice is!”

Luo Fengs heart ached after hearing Dean Du talk about Ai Tingyas dance experience. Luo Feng hopes that Ai Tingya wont have any regrets just because shes sensible now that theres another chance.

Moreover, he would become her backer if Ai Tingya needed it!

“I dont want to!” Ai Tingya shook her head firmly. “Even though I like to dance, I hope that my future will be more than dancing!”

As expected of the girl he had chosen!

Luo Feng pinched Ai Tingyas nose and pampered her. “Then what do you hope to do in the future Become a female CEO”

Ai Tingya, who was wearing a professional suit and high heels in his previous life, also looked flirtatious.

“The future is too far away. Im more interested in the present.” Ai Tingya raised her eyebrows proudly. “As for the present… Im not telling you!”

What she didnt say was that she hoped to welcome the future with Luo Feng.

“Alright, smart and weird girl.” Luo Feng shrugged, thinking to himself.

I know it even if you dont tell me.

Ai Tingya giggled as she tugged at Luo Fengs sleeve and said coquettishly. “Tell me honestly, how did I dance just now Did I look good”

“Even prettier than a fairy,” replied Luo Feng. “You invited me to watch a good dance, Ill give you a gift in return.”

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Ai Tingya instinctively felt that Luo Feng was going to start spending money again upon hearing that he wanted to give her a gift. She quickly let it go and pretended that she didnt hear him. This way, she could prevent Luo Feng from buying things for her.

Luo Feng was amused by her. He scanned his surroundings and realized that he didnt have a suitable instrument. “There is nothing I can use for the melody so Ill sing a cappella for you.”

He sat down against Ai Tingya and cleared his throat.

“My heart is empty. The sky is huge and the clouds are heavy. Im lonely, but I cant chase them away.”

“Carrying her name, her moods while moving forward. How long has it been”

“There is only one treasure in a persons heart. After a long time, she will become my tears…”

The corners of Ai Tingyas tiny mouth gradually fell, and her eyes shone with tears.

“The girl told me that I protected her dreams. She said that there werent many people who treated her like that in this world.”

“She gradually forgot about me, but she didnt know that I, who was hurt all over, had never loved anyone else again.”

Luo Fengs voice was low, as if he was telling his deepest secrets.

It was silent outside the window, as if the only sound in the world was the two of them looking at each other and the sad song.

“The girl told me that I was a thief, stealing her memories and stuffing them into my head.”

“I dont need freedom. I just want to carry her dream and walk forward step by step. The forever she has given me isnt heavy.”

The song gradually died down, and Ai Tingyas face was already covered in tears.

She had the illusion that Luo Feng had seen through her. The person in front of her understood her pain and weakness. He didnt feel any sympathy or pity for her, but he truly felt for her.


Ai Tingya timidly wondered if she could take this song as a promise



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