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The Song Is Not For Sale, Ill Show You The Way

Their eyes met in the simple changing room.

Ai Tingya gently leaned on Luo Fengs shoulder. Her soft hair scattered around Luo Fengs body, and the mint-flavored shampoo entered Luo Fengs nose.

“Do you like it” Luo Feng asked softly.

Ai Tingya nodded. She was extremely touched. No one had ever sung for her before. Luo Feng had really given her too much, so much that she didnt know how to repay him.

“Thats good,” Luo Feng laughed. Ai Tingya was finally happy after he practiced for a long time!


The door of the changing room, which had been left ajar, suddenly burst open. The wooden door bounced back, blocked by a pile of soft flesh.

Yang Tianzhen stood at the door with tears streaming down his face. Behind him was the shocked little-known celebrity, and behind them were Dean Du and Xiao Fei, who were gratified.

It turned out that they did not continue with the gala. Instead, they hid at the door and eavesdropped. Even though there wasnt any gentle confession, they received a nice song.

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Yang Tianzhen wanted to hug Luo Fengs leg and drag him into the van. He tried his best to control his excitement. “This song is so good! Is it your original song”

“Have you heard it anywhere else” Luo Feng proudly stole a glance at Ai Tingya.

Ai Tingyas skin was thin, and her face would turn pink if she was a little shy. In the past, she would always hide to the side and be too embarrassed to show it to others. After listening to Luo Fengs song, she stood next to Luo Feng and hooked her little finger around Luo Fengs hand.

“Come with me. You two are a perfect couple. You can definitely sweep the entertainment industry together!” Yang Tianzhen panted excitedly.

At this moment, Qiu Liang, who had followed behind said disdainfully, “His amateurish voice is everywhere on the streets.”

Luo Feng didnt undergo professional singing training. He was trying to make Xing Miaomiao happy when he seriously thought about becoming a singer. There was a certain gap between his standards and professional singers.

But what did it matter Yang Tianzhen could tell that Luo Fengs foundation wasnt bad. It wouldnt be a problem for him to beat Qiu Liang by a few streets with just a bit of training.

The more important thing was his originality!

Talent was talent. This was a gap that could not be made up for no matter how many teachers one had.

Yang Tianzhens expression darkened as he cursed. “Shut up! Put away your ugly face!”

Luo Feng was the only one who wasnt surprised by Yang Tianzhens sudden change of attitude. He could already tell that Yang Tianzhen was a person with very strong motives. Serving celebrities was his job as a manager. He would even be willing to become Yang Tianzhens grandson as long as he could complete his task.

Therefore, he could tolerate Qiu Liangs arrogance. Even if he was dissatisfied with Qiu Liangs lip-syncing, he would still try his best not to let the negative news leak out.

However, his tolerance for Qiu Liang ended here.

“What do you mean” Qiu Liangs face flushed red. “How dare you speak to me like that!”

Yang Tianzhen sneered. “Dont forget who made you famous. Youre an idiot who cant see reality. Do you think you can jump around without me”

Qiu Liang was speechless.

Yang Tianzhen continued. “Apologize now if you want to continue staying in the entertainment industry!”

“I…” Qiu Liang gritted his teeth and struggled for a moment before losing. He lowered his head and said, “Big Brother Yang, I was wrong. Im sorry. Ill definitely work hard in the future.”

“Did I ask you to apologize to me” Yang Tianzhen raised his eyes and glanced at him. “Apologize to this student!”

“Student, Im sorry! I spoke without thinking! Please forgive me!” Qiu Liang bowed 90 degrees. After saying that, he stood at the side as quiet as a chicken, completely different from the arrogant celebrity on the stage.

No wonder Yang Tianzhens potential index is so high. His judgment is so sharp. However, I might have to disappoint him.

Luo Feng thought to himself.

“Sorry, its still too early for us to enter the entertainment industry.” Luo Feng directly rejected Ai Tingyas suggestion.

Yang Tianzhen was not discouraged. He took a step back and said, “Then can you sell the copyright of the song to me”

He raised his hand and pointed at the Qiu Liang beside him, wanting to get him to sing it. However, he felt that it was inappropriate and changed his words after thinking for a moment. “Ill get our companys most popular singer to sing it. Name your price!”

His tone was very humble. Dean Du was secretly shocked. Xiao Ya actually had such a powerful classmate

Luo Feng saw how humble Yang Tianzhen was but his heart didnt waver at all, “Ive already given this song to her, shes the owner of it, why dont you ask her”

“Miss Can you sell it to me” Yang Tianzhen repeated.

Ai Tingya looked at Luo Feng in surprise. She didnt expect him to say that, so she was overjoyed. Luo Feng might have bought her a lot of things but this song was the best gift she ever received.

Then, she looked at Dean Du, whose face was full of vicissitudes. Dean Du would be much more relaxed if she sold this song.

Her conflicted heart was in a mess. Ai Tingya bit her lips and hesitated for a long time before saying slowly, “Sorry, Im not selling.”

Yang Tianzhen seemed to have a premonition. He smiled bitterly and said. “Alright, I wont force you. Come and find me anytime once you guys have thought it through!”

After saying that, he looked at Qiu Liang in disdain. Qiu Liang, who brought in mediocre results, looked like a fishs eye no matter how he looked at it after he saw the real pearl. Yang Tianzhen was so frustrated that he wanted to go back and find a new person to start a new account and train again.

The interlude quickly passed and the party continued.

This time, Qiu Liang seemed to be very cooperative. He went on stage and sang three songs in a row. He smiled warmly and got along well with the children. He almost used up all his skills to beg Yang Tianzhen to take another look at him.

Luo Feng had to admit that Qiu Liangs singing was pretty good. Luo Feng felt that he was much better than the singers with no talent in the future.

Yang Tianzhen held his head in a daze and did not look at the stage from the beginning to the end, unfortunately.

Luo Feng could understand Yang Tianzhens depression. Qiu Liangs strength wasnt enough to support his character after all so his future development was limited. However, its too troublesome to go back and find a newbie to train, and its not easy to find one just like that.

Luo Feng took the initiative to sit beside Yang Tian Zhen: “Uncle Fatty, thank you for your praise today, were all very grateful to you.”

Yang Tianzhen smiled bitterly. “Thank me If you really want to thank me, just be my artist.”

Luo Feng said, “I definitely cant be an artist, but I can recommend a few people to you. Why dont you try looking for them”

“Your classmate” Yang Tianzhen sneered. “It cant be that your entire class is filled with both beauty and skill, right”

Luo Feng subconsciously took out his phone and held it in his hand. Only then did he remember that this machine could only send text messages and make phone calls. Image function hasnt been developed yet.

“No.” Luo Feng shook his head and pinched his fingers, looking like a charlatan. “There are two girls named Bingbing who will become popular female stars in your circle, you can go and find them.”

“Bingbing” Yang Tianzhen frowned. “This name is too common. Where can I find them”


“I trust your eyesight. Youll understand when you see them.” Luo Feng smiled mysteriously.

There will be two popular international female celebrities in the entertainment industry in the future. One of them might have made a mistake and fell from grace, but her beauty and ability could not be doubted.

Yang Tianzhen stared at Luo Feng skeptically. This teenage boy actually had the aura of a strategist. For some reason, he believed him!

“Alright, Ill keep a lookout.” Yang Tianzhen licked his lips, feeling like he was being favored by the Gods.



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